‘The ocean and us’ – BBC Earth, United Nations Ocean Conference

Our ocean defines
our planet.It sustains us… and it is home to more than half of all life on earth today. The presence of the ocean touches every living
thing… no matter where it lives… The air we breathe, and the water we consume, are
ultimately linked to the seas. The ocean drives our weather… and stabilises
our climate. Nowhere is more powerful and unforgiving… yet more
beautiful and endlessly fascinating. Yet for too long, we have taken the ocean
for granted. Our actions have pushed species to the brink… And impacted on every ocean habitat… no
matter how remote… or how deep. We haven’t understood what the ocean does for us. The effects of climate change have been softened
by the ocean. But now we are facing the consequences: the
seas are warming… rising… and becoming more acidic. It’s a sobering thought, that coral reefs
may be lost within the next century. We all need a healthy ocean, so we must change
our ways.Together, with the right management, we can re-populate the seas… We can reduce marine pollution… and minimise
the impact of ocean acidification. The ocean’s power of regeneration is remarkable…
if we just offer it the chance. It’s not too late. We are in reach of a whole new relationship
with the ocean… a wiser, more sustainable relationship. The choice lies with us.

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