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Hytale news blog post hey what’s going on guys my name is M4ximen and in today’s video I’ll be talking about the Outlanders
so the Outlanders are a hostile faction whose camp can be found throughout zone 3. They defensive and territorial and as such pose of threat to adventures and
settlers. Outlanders never welcome strangers in the territory and that include
passive creatures like those bison apparently the Outlanders have always seen the world differently to other elements of human civilization, and this difference combined with their particular connection to zone 3 – has led them to explore darker forms of magic than you may encounter elsewhere. Zone 3 has different types of Outlanders. For example, Outlanders ranger who roam further afield than most of their kind, venturing into the wilderness to hunt or to keep watch at the boundaries of Outlanders territory. They are Expert ambushers their bows make them dangerous at range to anyone that they perceive as a threat and that’s most people! Priests can also be found in zone 3 and they have a connection ancient magic make them uniquely
important figures and formidable foes. And They apparently act as the leaders of Outlander civilization. Some of those Outlander commit themselves fully to the esoteric path adorn their and their bodies with sacred symbols. At night, the campfires of these outlanders burn green as they perform mysterious rituals These mysterious rituals are performed by the priest and he has several guards to protect the ritual which make the place dangerous
and probably difficult to attack but there might be a lot of loot so these
camp might be a challenge for most of us so what I find interesting in this block
boss is the NPC behaviors imagine exploring through a forest and coming
across one of their camp then carefully looking over it from the top of the
nearby hill to see some creepy ritual going on completely on its own without
your interaction just imagining running in the forest and getting ambushed by an
NPC hiding behind a rock or a tree it makes the game much more realistic
and much more focused on survival and all these little thing of hytale make the game look amazing and I just can’t wait for it but yeah all right guys that was all for
me for today hoping that my English was good enough to be understandable because
English is not my first language but I try to do my best so It can be easily understandable but hope you guys enjoy and until the next one guys
take it easy and I have a good one peace

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