The Renaissance – the Age of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci (1/2) | DW Documentary

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  1. Actually…they reverse engineered what they stole from the Egyptians…and still they got it wrong and it took them centuries…Neanderthals stole the fire and now the world is burning….lol…

  2. Not all scientific, mathematical, and engineering works came from the east, there were many ancient Roman and Greek works that were preserved by the west through its monastic orders.

  3. I think some of the scenes are from İstanbul. For instance, the sellers in the bazaar speak Turkish at 9:30.

  4. It’s good but the narrator needs some help from the Pronunciation Department.

    The T in “apostles” is silent.

    Buonarroti is pronounced as written (as Italian is)

  5. The muslims were building better buildings b4 n during the era in the east. U the west seem to think the world started in the 13 n 14 century.

  6. Rome did not rise on oppression and slavery. As it morphed into an Empire, they, interestingly enough had large numbers of immigrants, better known as captured. Those became slaves driving workers out of jobs. But Rome did not become great on the backs of slaves. Watch History of Rome Mick Duncan. You can get it on applepodcasts and others.

  7. Well the world going through a paradigm shift?, well yeah maybe, but only because of a small handful of people — and we still see this even today. Most of the time, most of the people, have been basically the same for thousands of years.

  8. The world has the advanced technology far superior to what Michelangelo had and yet we build building blocks? No personality sky scrappers? Modern art? The school system should be banned for not moving the human race forward, wasting years of time and putting us backwards as a culture while dumbing us all down into what the government wants us to believe. The new revolution is to stop using government programs.

  9. Good documentary…but it would have been so much better,if just Morgan Freeman would've narrated it..🤔🤔🤔

  10. Don't forget how the Irish educated everyone after the fall of the Roman Empire. There's a reason why Ireland is called the isle of saints and scholars.

  11. They never mention how limited these artists were, when it comes to drawing. They were making so many drawing mistakes, it's ridiculous.

  12. So the Latins in constantinople who live in the city for centuries befor the 4 crusade and befor 1453 never had had acces of the knowlige of the great city book and more ? Who believe that shit..
    The knowlige was always there it was the cash that was new. Buy plundering Constantinople and the crussaders rampage,plunder of the middle east that was the impuls for the great mother cash,gold,…not the new knowlige!.
    But you cant say that on national channals he!. The history was and is always of countries who parasate on other countries achivement then he get robed and so on, that is history of improwment,riches.

  13. “Leonardo Da Vinci was not afraid to acknowledge his homosexuality.” Actually, there is no record of him ever acknowledging it. We aren’t even sure that he was gay, it’s just speculation. The closest thing to him “acknowledging it” is a quote where he talks about a bird flying and getting its tale stuck in his mouth, which some people try to read metaphorically. I don’t like how this docu demonstrates a bias by acting like some things are historical fact

  14. Erm … 24:12 The death of Sardanapalus, painted by Eugène Delacroix in 1827. That's stretching the renaissance a tad I reckon.

  15. This documentary is unbelievable, clear and beautiful. Passing the channel to everyone I see interested in genuine culture.

  16. The atheist narrative is such a bloddy liar, they said the Catholic Church anti-science and destroy European civilization, in fact, it is the Catholic Church who build and shape the western civilization. The Catholic Church help brought out The Renaissance.

  17. Far cry hon. You are misinforming mankind. It sound as if Europe automatically sprang into the light out of the dark without the aid of the Muslim Moors. Let the truth be told that the Renaissance began with the Moors in Muslim Andalusia, (Spain). The now basking glory of this Europe you speak is founded on a civilization cradled by the Muslim Moors. Europe's history only began in 1492 when Queen Isabella and Ferdinand defeated the Moors. The Moors had long laid the ground work for the sciences and mathematics that is now use to catapult Europe out of the dark ages. Stop spreading lies to humanity through this vigorous whitewashing of the Moors from history and their well known acknowledged indomitable pass.

  18. Right away, I'm confident that the knowledge of Mathematics and Masonry was known before the construction of Saint Peter's. It's wrong to say that it didn't.

  19. To be fair, Gutenberg didn't invent the printing press. The Chinese invented it several centuries before him. But true, it was a game-changer when it made it to Europe.

  20. Big part of the content of the film is made up history. A lot that was mentioned is not true. Go read the old history books written before the 30’s of the last century and will find out what I mean. The production quality of the movie is good tho, wished it told the real history.

  21. The history is a lie and faked. 1000 thousand years has been inserted so the world went from roman empire to renaissance. The time model is a hoax.

  22. Good documentary. A pity that the editors felt the need to 'spice up' the footage by digitally rotating and zooming old paintings and such, so that the real content is obscured by the superficial effects. Please stop using the available box with tricks. Moderation is key.

  23. This is geared to ward adolescence with the ridiculous reenactments and repeating of the same subject matter over and over. Lots of misinformation…typical corporate produced ignorance. Read , Will Durant's , History of Civilization in 20 volumes for accurate information and unless you decide to re-read the same page 20 times you won't be subject to this repeating over and over of the same particulars..All of these made for TV documentaries are designed for those with the comprehension of a Gnat !

  24. He is not a new type of man. You got that totally wrong. He is an archytypical being. There are known modern rennaissance persons such as Stark, Hadid, Bowie and Gaudi and unknown ones such as Christolides (see website). I have written extensively on the generalist genius whereas you are clutching at common straws.

  25. I understand that our population has few people who are genius and less that ate concerned with the betterment of the human experience. Thanks for the enlightenment. I'm inspired to encourage myself and family to think, explore, and understand the big ole world.

  26. eu sou maçom e sei a historia toda de jesus com outro semblante vivemos e aprendemos a estudar o proprio corpo de jesus seremos eu novamente jesus ressucito novamente no colo de leonardo da vinci e os dois foram no jardim do edem estudou tudo novamente a psica da mente humana e entendeu tudo trocado novamente ate inverter as ondas magneticas de jesus e elaboramos uma mente fria com olhar para leonardo da vinci como homossessual para todos olhar para ele como homossessual para vim energia na mente dele e de jesus para intender a psica de um homossessual para ver e intender a mente humana tão complexo fui de ser eu novamente humana então tira essa mente de leonardo da vici como homossessual e veja com outros olhos que ele foi jesus novamente com energias trocadas invertidas no amor da tristeza humana.

  27. Dear DW Documentary team. I wonder why you used the sound of a Turkish man at a bazaar of ancient Rome between 9:25 and 9:35 ?:))))))

  28. I'm sorry but the opening just sounds dumb. There were pyramids aligned with stars all across the globe years before and she says no one had the knowledge of mathematics, physics, and structural engineering before…

  29. Italians are under appreciated. Jersey shore and goodfellas is what Hollywood shows you. Sad. Also, the French can’t hold a candle to them, I don’t know why they think they’re better.

  30. There never was no Michaelangelo or Leonardo. It's all bull shit. They were placed in history to make pale faces look powerful when it was actually the people of color that painted these beautiful painting.

  31. this video was shared by my teacher and I was not interested to watch it although after sometime I started loving the video as fall of Western Roman empire is my favourite topic and this video helped me understand more about reniassance

  32. This is what happens when the advancement of innovation, technology, and the culmination of art & science are allowed to flourish first b4 the greed of man or corporations intrude. Our Green New Deal will be our new Renaissance. 4get the morons and naysayers they are the heretics of this age.

  33. Well if you don't understend me well..I don't want to reach the top…I just want to live my and up to normal speed

  34. Artists that where so scared of what brutality was going on in their surrounding they still had the balls to secretly tell the story in/thru their art

  35. I guess the lesson is to read, and view as many of these documentaries as possible. Leonardo, in another documentary, when a very close friend saw the Mona Lisa his eyes filled up with tears…because he knew he had a problem with love or something to do with the loss of his mother, have to find that documentary again to compare.

  36. If the printing press became a way for more to learn and grow, the computer, Google and the internet have pushed us far beyond.

  37. i certainly don't think that silicon valley is the correct analogy to a meeting place for "THE RENAESSANCE" artists… no offense to silicon valley…

  38. Magnificent granite temples in India built more than 1000 years ago deserve a mention here. They were made with precise math and sophisticated tools.

  39. The man himself recognized the silver-lining of elitism, and was of physically active hardy rural Italian stock w/ insatiable nonconformity and cognitive perseverance. Portraits of him indicate a long-cranium shape, angular features, and blue Nordic eyes. But this documentary is merely another predictably modernistic interpretation of Europe's past glory (though admittedly an imperfect complicated time in European evolution). These documentaries try to sway us w/ implicitly Marxist story-telling plot lessons. Modern interpretations of Leonardo's life seek to portray hierarchical role-based society as some kind of villain, when in actual fact, a societal model without ranks and groupings renders a society without order, whereby social decay accelerates. Many of these documentaries seek to paint the concept of legitimacy vs. illegitimacy as some kind of wicked disservice to enlightenment. Implicitly criticizes gender roles as baseless or callous and unnecessary superstitions or something illogical, when in truth, it's self-evident that gender-roles have been shaped by thousands of years of evolution for a reason. That's why (one of the reasons, at least) Italy is so screwed up today.

    All I'm saying is, it's good and natural for us to know what we are, biologically and culturally speaking. As for the upward mobility of Da Vinci's life, did he not possess just the right amount of societal ascension? It seems he lived in a time of favorable societal flexibility (compared to 12th/13th century) linked to the Enlightenment, and yet a healthy challenge of societal barriers to help motivate his inner fire to overcome it.

    These filmmakers' disapproval of hierarchical order, is clearly shown in the art they've produced.

  40. At the same time, there were a great number of people who really did not care about these men. As it is today, there is a large number of people who do not care about Nelson Mandela or Beyonce. These people are living their own lives, their own way. Whether you are the house wife of Atlanta or a Michelangelo; your name might not be remembered, but what matters will be living your life suitable for you. Don’t buy into the artistic or trendy world, its fruitless. I like Beyonce, she a BB. but all of that is fantasy.

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