The Try Guys Take A Mental Health Vacation

– The definition of burnout,
would it be overworked, not enough free time, and
hating what you used to love? – Yeah, not enjoying
what you used to love. – [Ned] We’re takin’ a vacation! And you’re watchin’ a video about it so we didn’t take that much time off. (upbeat techno music) – About nine months ago, we decided to leave our jobs and start a new channel. We have been working nonstop. – I renovated a house and had a baby. I’ve basically compressed the entirety of the stress of my thirties into three months. – I lost maybe 20 years
of my life during 2018. I fuckin’ hate all of you. – We put a lot on ourselves. So we’re talking to Kati Morton, she’s a therapist and she’s
gonna tell us all about how we can actually take a load off. How long do you think a YouTuber perhaps needs to take a break to have the effect of a break? – I think two weeks. – My job is my hobby, and
the most fulfillment I get in my life is from my job. Everything that I love
to do is right here. But you can’t just do one
thing always, you can’t. Are vacations necessary? – Yes, because we all need breaks. – I like working, so, this’ll be fine. – [Keith] What’s the deal with burnout? – Burnout, the term,
was coined in the 1970s. It was nurses in New York. They were tired all the time, they started lashing
out at their patients, and their coworkers, and
then this psychologist, his name is Freudenberger. – [Zach] That’s if we created a therapist alter ego for Keith. – [All] Yeah! – But I accidentally
was sexy all the time. – What Freudenberger
saw is that the effort they were putting in
was really, really high, and the reward wasn’t. It should be at least balanced. They were working too many hours, didn’t have enough free time, and were slowly, essentially,
hating what they did. – Whoa. – So how does it relate to YouTube? – The internet never sleeps,
so we don’t often get breaks. – I feel like the first thing
we’re going to text each other is what are you all
vlogging for this video about vacationing. There’s a lot of viewers
who probably see this video and other types of videos from YouTubers, and they probably roll their eyes and say Oh, that’s like, not a real job. How is it YouTubers
experience with burnout relating to people out there
who might even think that ours is less crazy than their lives? – The same thing that we’re talking about apply to everyone. And yeah, other jobs
can seem more stressful but no one should
downplay their experience. Everybody goes through rough periods. I think it’s important
that we validate each other and ourselves, and know it’s okay to be like yeah, this is hard. There isn’t like Oh, you
have to have this amazing, crazy job, you have to be a surgeon. You just have to be
putting a lot of effort and not getting enough reward. – Occasionally, one of us
will go on a small vacation, which kinda translates to the
other three having more work. – [Zach] We went to Palm
Springs for my birthday and I spent the first
night editing a video. I can’t turn off. – Scientifically, what’s
happening to your brain when you’re getting burnt out? – So when we’re burnt out, we’re struggling to concentrate, things are just getting really difficult, we can become really irritable. It’s because, if we don’t get good sleep, we don’t get REM sleep. – One thing I do a lot, maybe worse than the other Try Guys, is I
have a lot of lack of sleep. That’s a weird way to word it. Probably that I’m sleepy. – [Kati] When we sleep, our
brain fills with 60% more fluid. Cleaning crew comes in, pulls
out all the dead dendrites and little synapses that
maybe we’re not using anymore. Right, it’s like we slough
off dead skin every day. Our brain needs to do something similar. So if we’re not sleeping,
it’s like driving on a road that you’ve never repaved,
you just keep driving on it. It’s a little bumpy and
the signal gets misfired and that’s why we can’t concentrate. Our brain doesn’t get a chance to build new and get rid of old. – [Ned] What role does social media play in people not being able to turn off? – [Kati] I think it’s because
there’s always something to engage with. It’s overwhelming. – [Zach] I don’t do
anything without my phone. I don’t know how we ever
pooped without phones. It’s so boring. I should clean my screen. What am I not allowed to check Instagram? Like what’s the rules here? – There aren’t really rules. Because I do think there
is a positive to it. Like connectivity, engagement
with people around the world, like it’s a powerful tool, but we have to make sure we’re
using it for those purposes and not only for validation. – I think it is super important. Burn out is real, and we are going to fight that today by giving ourselves a mental break. – All of us are going different places. I think Zach is going to Mexico. I think Ned is going to Texas. I’m going to Tennessee, and Eugene is staying here. – As my past attempts at
vacationing have shown, I treat them too much like work. So I’m going to stay here in California. – Instead of a master of the night? (suspenseful music) (swords clashing) Ok. – [All] One, two, three,
let’s go destress! – Whoa, Ned! – [Ned] Come on! Let’s go! I’m gonna take a walk! – Woo! – [Zach] Can you lock the door, Eugene? – In a strange turn of
events, I’m actually spending the first day of my vacation going back to the office, but it’s not to work, it’s to get presents. So how do you avoid the
feeling of always being behind? I feel like I leave work,
I’ve always gotten like seven out of ten things
done on my to-do list, and the things I haven’t done, I’m like Oh no, I’m so behind. – Lists should never be
more than seven items long. I don’t know why. – So I’m fuckin’ crushin’ it. I’m 7/7 every day. I just need to scale back my expectations. – [Kati] Yes. – It was kinda tricky to not do work. Day one, literally I was checking my phone every other minute. This is, this is not very relaxing. (mariachi music) – [Zach] Hello from Mexico. – [Female Voice] It’s a beautiful day and Zach’s on his computer. – I have to add captions
to one of our videos and then I’m done with work. I tell people I like stress. Am I totally delusional, or is that a thing? – No, I mean, it’s motivating. – I get more stressed out
when my email inbox is zero. – I mean, not to therapize you too much- – Do it – But it might be that you
need to be needed in some way. – That is so true. – I get the feeling that if I
told you to leave your phone at home for like, a full
day, you’d have a meltdown. So starting with 15, 30 minutes leave it, go for a walk or something. – Fine! – The best thing that you could do now is to figure out what each of you enjoys and that actually does help you destress. – [Zach] I’m really
excited for family time. Dad, what you got? – [Zach’s Dad] I got muffins! (all laugh loudly) I’m excited for days
where there’s no agenda. I can just float and explore. We heard that there’s incredible Al Pastor on the other side of the highway. Maggie and I got massages,
which were awesome. Did you like it? (grunts) (laugh loudly) – We’re walking on cobblestones. – Yeah I mean, this
road is… look at that. – How many tacos did we eat? 23? 23 tacos for about 300 pesos. There’s a dude who’s selling fireworks on the side of the street, and we’re gonna buy
some to set off tonight. I would help more but I have to record it. (yells joyfully) [Female Voice] I’m serious. Zachary, be careful. – I really like being around people. I’m realizing that I’m still in a phase where I go out and hang out
with people on the weekends. – You’re more of an extrovert, so that’s like, filling for you. – The one thing I’m super
excited about in Tennessee is Nashville hot chicken. I’ve actually never had
hot chicken in Nashville, and I’m like a fried chicken god. Chickenwatched 2k18. Well 2k19 now, that’s probably
when you’re watching it. But right now it’s 2k18. Chickenwatched! We’re at Hattie B’s. Not the original hot
chicken place in Nashville, but a good one. It’s gonna be so good. Yeah, look at that. It’s hot for me. It dances marvelously with ranch. Chicken. – So what about you, Eugene? – I like animals. (techno music) – For my mental health
break, I decided to go where all the animals are. San Diego Zoo. So, zoos and animals are
some of my favorite things in the world and I actually
got here to the San Diego Zoo right when it opened because I have actually
never seen the pandas. Panda. It’s his butt. Red panda. Oh my god. My family is all going different places so we’re just going to Venmo each other some Christmas money and then we’re going to
do our own damn thing. Is everyone else with their families? – [Male Voice] Yeah. – Oh, cause that’s what
Christmas is usually about. (Russian Dance from
Tchaikovsky’s Nutrcracker) – We’re goin’ on a car trip Wes! Yeah! In Mommy’s new brand new car. Okay, so in just a few seconds I’m going to surprise
Ariel with her dream car. I went out to the dealership- I got it. She thinks we’re doing
something completely different. She doesn’t know it’s coming and I’m going to surprise her. – What! It’s here! (chuckles) – It’s here. – Well, I mean, I love talking to people but I think I’m at my
most happy and peaceful when I’m with Ariel or with Wes, really. Me and Wes are just over here
looking at this super fan. (muffled laugh) We’re having out annual
holiday pie-making contest, because I got 3rd place in The Try Guys Bake
Pies Without a Recipe. I’m doing a pumpkin pie. Because anybody can make
a good pumpkin pie, Keith. – Remedial pie. See? Told you my father-in-law would be upset. (chuckles) I’m going to bring my Nintendo Switch. Super Smash Brothers is comin’ out! I haven’t gotten it yet
because Ariel is like I’ll get it for you for
a Christmas present. I was like, it comes out December 7th. (laughter offscreen) What am I gonna do between then? I’m an adult, I got my own money. Why do I gotta wait til Christmas? Why can’t I just buy it
with my big boy money? – So I’m trying really
hard this week to not vlog, to not think about making videos, really just check the fuck out. We have this amazing apartment
that overlooks the ocean. We can walk right down to the beach. It’s just a little slice of paradise. Every place you eat has the most amazing food you’ve ever had. Oh my God. I’m doing my best to just not think about anything that I normally think about. Every day is just
putting out fires, right? Like we never get anything done, it’s just reacting to
the things that pop up. – Just FYI, our brains can
only focus for 30-45 minutes at a time, and then we need a break. – 30- 45 minutes? – Mhm. We’re such a white knuckle society, like, I’ll just get through this, and we don’t realize
that I’ve been maxed out for six months, possibly? But I’ve just been like goin’ for it. So just check in, see how you feel. – I love the zoo. Polar bear. Chacoan peccary. African lion. Asian elephant. Asia! Camel. Slender-tailed meerkat. Oh my god! Serval. Hamadryus baboon. Koala Keith. I’m kidding, it’s a giraffe. So my mental health break
just got ten times better because apparently you can
drink at the San Diego Zoo. I love the zoo. – [Keith] Christmas. Christmas time with Aunt Becky. On Christmas Eve, my brother and I planned an entire spooky Christmas adventure. Our niece and nephew had to
save the four Christmas princes from the Evil Queen Liz, the Trickster Becky, the Christmas Wizard, and then they had to meet the
Brown Recluse in the basement who would play a Christmas song (jazzy saxophone) that would save Christmas when they took the red bird and put it back on the tree. And when they asked about it the next day, we denied it ever happening. It was supercool. – [Ned] Grandpa got Secret Hitler. Ooh is it Rams tickets? No. It’s little shoes and scarf bibs. – [Ned] Sneaky box. – Oh, also, crazy plot twist. My best friend’s brother, who is also my brother’s best friend- it makes sense- is a blacksmith, so one
of the things I’m gonna do is make a knife. – So this sword was quenched, so heated and dipped in oil, during the totality of the solar eclipse, and the blade is damascus
with wrought iron. – It feels very practical. – Hey, I’m Jay, we’re
at Sparta, Tennessee, and I’m a bladesmith, and we’re gonna make some knives today. Step one, we’ll forge our blade. You wanna forge the point first. We’re gonna hammer at an angle, like this. – It is thrilling. After forging, we will go over to the kiln to do normalizing. – Normalize, yeah. What a word. – Then we’ll grind on the grinder. Push hard, you don’t wanna try
to pull it out of your hand. Don’t fight it, it will win. – Okay. – You have that nervous look. – Yeah, well, I’m pretty nervous. I’m sharpening a knife on sand. – Then we’ll harden the
blade by quenching it in oil. – What do you think about it? – I think it looks pretty good. Then we’ll go to finish
grinding and sharpening. A knife’s not sharp unless it shaves. – Wow, thanks for taking away
some of your arm hair for us. – There you go, that’s your first knife. – Wow, it’s so warm. Wow thanks man. You gotta any word of advice to people who wanna be blacksmiths like you? – Yeah, just have a lot
of skill, a lot of money. (laughter) No, it’s really hard. – The vacation wasn’t done yet because I had one more thing to do: a German heavy metal concert. (German heavy metal) I spent New Year’s seeing
the band Rammstein, Rammstein? I don’t know, they’re German. I was in a warzone of fireworks. – New Year’s Eve was supposed
to be this big blowout bash. Did not do that. But the one amazing thing that
did happen on New Year’s Eve? – Maggie was like, hey
your phone is buzzing a lot in the other room, do you want me to read? – The final day of 2018, we
hit 5 million subscribers. – 5 million! – Apparently we wanted to
hit 3 million in a year, and we hit 5 million in
just over six months. – 5 mil on YouTube in six
months has been done before. Six months and twelve days
or something like that? I’m gonna call it six months. – Ah, what a trip. What a vacation. I got to have a lot of
quality time with Wes. I got to spend some time with Ariel. We went to the Lady Gaga concert in Vegas. I don’t know if you’ll
get much from my footage because it’s just me screaming “Yes Gaga!” Yes Gaga, haha. Just over and over again. Oh my god, there she is. – The zoo was really fun. There’s a dog. Oh, and there’s the cheetah. And the rest of the vacation I mainly sort of sat on my ass. I got super active on Twitter. Called out some bullshit
on Twitter, which I loved. We have a policy not to clap back, but I want to make sure people know that you can not fuck with us, and I will fucking come for you if you come for us, because I’m fucking scary. I don’t work for BuzzFeed anymore, I don’t have to be nice. (laughs) – The biggest challenge was,
you know, 100% disconnecting. I also like what I do for a living, so I don’t wanna be 100% unplugged. I just don’t wanna be 100% dialed in. – I’m not gonna say I
didn’t check Instagram. I did that, but I only posted once. And that’s a big deal for me. But most of all, I think I can just take some of those mindsets and
put em into my normal life. – Notice what you like to
do, what makes you happy, and fit that in every day. – I’m ready, baby. I’m back, I’m ready, I’m excited. – You thought 2018 was
great for the Try Guys, watch out 2019. It’s going to be an even
bigger dumpster fire. Of fabulosity. (techno remix) – I’m on vacation. I’m on vacation. Uh uh uh I’m on vacation. Best dad in the galaxy. Ooh ooh! Hearing him right now
I’m on vacation, bitch! That’s amazing. I’m on vacation, bitch. Woo, woo. Don’t need this anymore. I’m on vacation, bitch. Best dad in the galaxy.

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