THIS Bodyguard line had Keeley Hawes in hysterics 😂 – BBC The Graham Norton Show

Keeney whores you’re so hot right now But no like this is Keeley Hawes time, it’s well. Hey well, I mean, yeah, I don’t really know what you know, I know It’s a weird thing with none of those things happen. Wait 43. That’s a bit weird Yeah, and you’ve been in this, you know business for 200 years and suddenly you’re hot. It’s um No, it’s an interesting one but Bodyguard took off in a way that I think no one expected It was completely insane and people are always saying to me. What what was it? You know that create What’s the recipe for that sort of success? Well, if I knew so good or bad? It’s read ibly good I mean I made up way too late Big deal Just to say I haven’t I haven’t seen it yet, so can you not talk about it? You won’t believe what so pleased about it It’s being it’s all in America now, yes, is that what you do you see it in America? Yes. Yeah. You see a bill No, I haven’t. I’m like mad. I’m okay don’t want to hear a lot about it. Yeah People are watching America as she’s really dead Doesn’t doesn’t come back Didn’t you think she was going to come back alive well, wait a minute That’s a complete red herring that doesn’t exist what he just said no no no They’re gonna get really confused now Sally She’s dead If you had this problem but Bernie American viewers have some confusion over Richard Madden’s character and his relationship with you Yes, because of his fabulous Scottish accent and whenever he calls me, Mom Because I’m his boss. He said he actually calls me mum That’s a big part with no one talking about Someone I do know who did this but someone’s done a compilation of him saying mom Mom yes moans. Thanks mom He did say to me, you know We’ve done a few scenes and lots of dialogue has playing the Home Secretary lots of chats and and occasionally he would reply with Yes moment And he said I think I say mom a bit too much No 73 times in Episode one But no, I love the way he says mom She’s dead

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  1. 2:04 “Whenever he calls me mum because I’m his boss, he calls me mum.” Okay maybe next time try to pronounce m’am better 😂

  2. She is awesome in Line of Duty, I only just found that show and binged all of it already, I didn’t even realise she was on bodyguard she looks so different!

  3. Her character in Line of duty as Lindsay Denton absolutely giving me chill !!! One of the best portrait of character by any actors by far. Im so surprise she didn't get any recognition with the series. Very underrated actress indeed !

  4. Lost respect for Graham Norton. Two guests on the show said that they didn't want the Bodyguard to be spoiled for them and you just right on told them the biggest spoiler. I was planning on watching the Bodyguard and now I won't because you ruined the ending! Even Sally Fields tried to cover for your massive spoiler and you just continued to say it anyways.

  5. I get how it sounds like mum but if you watch the show and actually think shes his mum you've got to be an absolute idiot

  6. Well done everyone who voted we helped them to win a Bafta🎉,🍾🍻 because the Bafta's judges are a bunch of morons🖕💩.

  7. I kinda hate that a big deal was made of this. It's just not that funny to me and I don't understand why everyone heard "mum". He's clearly saying "ma'am"

  8. Lyndsay Denton….fabulous performance……Loved Bodyguard but Keeley in Line of Duty…..stunning….

  9. Captions on…. Very first sentence of the Video…. I don't think that's her name there Graham…. 😬

  10. WARNING ⚠️ THIS COMMENT SECTION CONTAINS SPOILERS 🚨 See Graham that’s how you do it! I literally just finished binge watching all 6 episodes! 🤯I would’ve been SO pissed 😤 if I’d seen this first! I agree dick move Graham! Everyone knows in these type drama/suspense shows canon: Unless we see her dead body. How do we know if she’s “really” dead!? 🤷🏽‍♀️ All that last episode did was to prove that you can’t trust anyone! I’m sure we’ll see Mum again. 😁

    Keeley Hawes looks so different than the series! She’s gorgeous either way but it’s nice to know she has a fun side! Am I the only one who’s autocorrect kept trying to change her name to Kelley Hawk or is it just an American thing?

  11. I just find it so funny how people are so confused about the whole ma’am/mom situation. Because I’m British anyway I got it straight away but just thinking about how some people thought that was a whole other plot twist just cracks me up😂😅

  12. Everytime I start watching a British series, she's there lol. Started with "the durrels" last year, then started watching "the bodyguard" bcz of Richard Madden. She's there. Recently "summer of rockets". She's there as well. lol
    But her acting is amazing!! So it's alright!

  13. I really thought she was going come back alive as a big plot twist.
    Her chemistry with Richard Madden was fire!!!

  14. All the UK viewers knew he wasn’t saying mum at any point we just call women in authority ma’am but it’s bcoz his accent is Scottish so i get the confusion

  15. Keeley Hawes is good no matter what she's in. I had noticed her incredible acting skills and her charisma way before Bodyguard!

  16. I am American and I never had issues with the way Richard Madden said M'am….🤷‍♀️ after like E1 I got used to it..the more tricky thing for me was the different names for government officials and tackle units…but you get used to that too.

  17. The fact she’s married to Mr Darcy himself 🤦‍♀️😂😍 she couldn’t be more luckier

  18. I love when she said : you can touch me I’m not the Queen…. fabulous.!!!! They are both amazing and wonderful. ❤️

  19. Her taking off her pants was so unsexy. Not her so much but the ugly ass pants. A skirt would have been more attractive.

  20. I actually ship Julia and Dave. Their chemistry was unreal even though their characters were so focused on their respective occupational roles. It’s interesting that Dave was never a fan of politicians given his traumatic past battling in the Middle East and that he did show resentment while replaying Julia’s controversial speech, but as his duty as a bodyguard to protect her and develop a personal relationship with her made it hard for him to wrestle between her as “Home Secretary” and a “beautiful older woman,” and he eventually gave in to his soft spot of taking care of her at whatever cost.

  21. Ahaha this proves how captivating the story of Bodyguard is. Even Graham and Sally Fields argued on what became of Home Secretary… im looking forward for Season 2 though not sure what to expect.

  22. Please bring back Julia Montague!!! I made my own story for the next season 😂 First, the woman who stood there on stage wasn't Julia, it was an impersonator set up by the security services to protect the real Julia.
    The real Julia left the building already with her belongings… That's why they were missing on the last episode. Then, while the 6th episode was happening Julia Montague was just watching and observing, she couldn't do anything because the security services were the ones manipulating the situation since the bombing really happened and Julia was again terrified, no matter how much she would want David to be by her side, she couldn't do anything because the security services was telling her that David was also a suspect, because having found out that David was connected to the shooter, Andy Apsted, the security services wanted to find out first if David was really innocent. On the second season, the above mentioned made up story will be revealed. Then, once again Julia will request that David Budd will remain her bodyguard/PPO and they will continue the investigation, and this time leading to Anne Sampson and what she is capable of doing. On this season, Julia is not the Home Secretary anymore, maybe she'll be the Prime minister or what… But Julia and David will continue their relationship and they will become the closest ever while they continue to fight for their lives for the sake of the ambition of Julia Montague as a successful honest politician. After that maybe the producer can now think of something to eliminate Julia if they want… But not this second season yet… Please!!!! We want/I want more of Julia Montague. Bodyguard will not be the same without her character.

  23. The Bodyguard is so good, I saw like Sally in 2 days I believe. Excellent! But never hear mom, just maam, from Madam.

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