This is BBC deja vu! Pro. Robert Kelly and a sudden interview! [The Return of Superman / 2017.06.04]

(It’s an unfamiliar living room.) This is an unfamiliar living room. Whose house could it be? The crawling baby looks like William. (However, he looks a little different.) He’s saying hello to the cameramen. Hold on, it’s not William. Who are you? (Who are you?) There is a cute young girl as well. Are we meeting a new superman today? Mom, I spilled milk. Yena, take these wipes and clean it up. (Her name is Yena.) Yuseop, let’s go exercise. (It’s a scenery like any other house with children.) Yena, it’s too loud. Can I turn it down? No. Just a little bit. Then you do it. Just lower it a little bit. It’s way too loud. (He rolls sideways to the kitchen.) (Squealing) Yuseop. Yuseop. Can you take Yuseop? (Yena comes over to get her brother.) Let’s go. It’s too hot here. Go to your dad, Yena. Daddy. (She’s asking her husband for help.) Go to your dad. Go on. (Let’s go see Daddy.) Who is the father of these two cute kids? Yuseop! (Did you call me?) Yuseop! Come here, Yuseop. (Hold on, I’m coming.) (Yuseop is moving fast.) (He’s an expert at handling the walker.) – Daddy. / – Hi. (Who is this superman?) Little buddy. Hello, buddy. (Is he a foreigner? He’s so enthusiastic.) Little buddy. Hello, come to Daddy. Come walk to Daddy. (That’s…) This man is Professor Robert Kelly. Hello, I’m Robert Kelly. I’m a professor at Pusan National University for Political Science and International Relations. – Is it okay? / – Yes, it’s great. Is it good? Not bad? (Laughing) I’ve been in Korea for nine years. He met his wife through an acquaintance. They got married in 2010. Our children are one and four years old. I’ve been a parent for four years. Yena. Yena, you can give Daddy some cake later. Yena, give Daddy a kiss. Honey, you have cream… Good job. She’s cute. She’s cute. Why did you decide to appear on the show? Hey, buddy. – Go, go, go. / – Come on. Good job, buddy. Good job standing. All right. Welcome to our home. So I’m… So I’m… (Screaming) I’m very busy. I work a lot. Because of this program, I have a nice opportunity to spend some more time with my kids during the day which, I don’t get to do much. Easy. Come on. Come on, Daddy’s two little cherubs. – I look forward to it. / – I look forward to it. Yena is cheerful and energetic. She loves her brother a lot. (Squeezing) I’ll eat a little bit. I’m full. She speaks in Busan accent. She’s a troublemaker. (Cheerful and energetic, Marion Yena) He roams around the house by crawling. As a giant baby, Yuseop has a big appetite. This baby has a sweet smile. (Giant baby) (James Yuseop) (This is a day in the Kelly family house.) Yena, are you all right? Are you going to jump? Good jump, Yena. Honey, have you seen this? She went like this. (Laughing) Great jumping. Great jumping. (He’s cheering her on.) – Good job. / – Yena. Be a little bit careful. (This time,) (she’s playing tag.) Yena, where did you go? (He’s getting ready to catch her.) (Daddy, catch me.) (He’s running to catch her.) – I’ll chase you. / – Do you want Daddy to run? Okay, I’m running. (They’re switching roles.) (He’s good at playing with the kids.) – Be careful, okay? Be careful. / – I am. I know. Let’s go. Good job, Yena. (She succeeds in catching him.) I’ll bring her. (Daddy, catch me, too.) Hey, buddy. Are you okay? What are you doing? Hey. (Come over here.) I’m kind of hungry. Where are you going? Is it a break? Son, let’s eat. He’s just… I think he’s leaving the house. He’s got important things to do. Hey, buddy. Where are you going? – Where are you going? / – He likes playing over there. (What is this thing?) He’s going to eat your camera. It’s a Korean meal just in time for Yuseop to eat. (This is Yuseop’s baby food.) Food. Food. Are you going to eat and read? You should eat first. Pardon me, I was trying to be helpful. – Why don’t you eat first and read later? / – Food. Eat and read. Eat and read. Are you going to eat and read? (Meanwhile, Yuseop is eating with his hands.) – Yuseop. / – It’s okay. (He’s drinking water by himself.) Is it good? (Giggling) Yena. Yena, will you eat a little bit? Can you please say yes? Yena. I told you no snacks if you don’t eat. I ate a little bit. I’m full. Eat it. Have ten spoonsful and you can stop. No, nine. Fine, nine spoonsful. (She takes a bite.) Okay, okay. (Hurry up and feed me.) – I’ll feed you. / – Please. (She can’t eat because of the kids.) (He’s looking after his wife.) (Yena watches them carefully.) (I want to try, too.) (Open up.) Good job. Wow, you’re good. Good job, baby girl. Good job. You’re happy. Are you happy because she’s feeding you? Wow, Yena. You’re so nice. Should I feed you, then? (How adorable.) Go, push, push, push. Not too far. – It’s fine. / – Yena. When he opens his mouth, go like this. Okay? When he opens it, go. Yena, you too. Open up. Good job. Now watch, okay? Daddy will feed Mommy. There we go. This is how we eat in this house. – It’s like an assembly line. / – Mommy feeds me. Yes, Mommy fed you, right? Isn’t that fun? This is from Yuseop. (Enjoy it, Dad.) Yena, do you want to eat a little bit? (She refuses to eat.) – What are these things again? / – This is… – Beef, right? / – She doesn’t like them. (I wish I could eat it.) – Is it fun? / – Who is that, Yena? (Someone’s at the door.) Run, Yena. Run! Run, run. – Welcome. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Fart. – Hello. Say hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Nice to meet you. Did you say that in Korean? – Let’s go. / – Come on in. – Thank you. / – There are some watermelons. – Fart. / – Fart? Almost everyone in the world knows Professor Robert Kelly. When that video went viral, I tried contacting him personally through social media. He’s in a similar situation as I am. He’s a foreigner living in Korea. He has kids, too. I thought we’d be able to talk. – Hello. / – It’s a friend. – Hello. / – Yena. – Yuseop. / – Yuseop? How old is Yuseop? Our Yuseop is two years old. He’s two years old, but actually nine months. – Nine months. / – Yes, they’re the same. – Really? / – Yes. How much does he weigh? – How much? / – He’s 13kg. – Is he 8kg? / – He’s 13kg. – He’s 13kg? / – Our kids are massive. He’s 9kg. – He’s 9kg. / – Hello. (Unbelievable) – Hello. / – Wow, his feet are huge. He’s so huge. (William’s foot versus Yuseop’s foot) Yuseop. (Sam tries to hold Yuseop.) He’s a big boy. Let’s see how different they are in height. Okay. Yuseop. (They’re different by a lot.) Were you a big baby, too? Yes, my mom said that I was pretty big. He was 4kg. He was born 4kg. What about Yuseop? Yuseop was 4.75kg. 4.75kg? – Five. / – Yes. (She knows it exactly.) My wife looked like she swallowed a bowling ball. She was humongous. You looked like you swallowed a bowling ball? (Laughing) You had a bowling ball in your belly? He grew to 6kg in a month. After 3 months, he weighed 10kg. (Yuseop is growing very fast.) – He grew 1.5kg per month. / – Yena. These are nice Christmas gifts. They’re fun toys. – Here. / – Is this a girl? (Yena hands William a toy.) (What?) Here you go, buddy. (Thank you, Yena.) (Giggling) (Yena must really like William.) (William is confused.) Yena, how old are you? – I’m five years old. / – You’re five? Can you speak English? I’m 20kg. You’re 20kg? Can you speak English? – Say yes. / – I can’t speak English. Yena’s a bit… (Sam is falling in love with Yena.) (Staring) While the dads are in love with Yena, Yuseop and William are studying each other. (You’re kind of cute.) (William is chewing Yuseop’s toy.) (Glaring) (They’re fighting over the toy.) (This is mine.) (Let’s play together.) (William tries to take it back,) (but he fails.) (They’re at it again.) (This is mine.) (William isn’t strong enough.) (I’ll play with something else.) (Is Yuseop grabbing William’s hair?) (Hugging) (Let’s play together, my friend.) (Falling) (This is how tough Yuseop shows affection.) (Giggling) (William is in Yuseop’s arms.) (How cute.) (Yuseop is so happy.) See, now look. He wants to… Okay. (Why does he keep holding my head?) Your boy is so well-behaved. My children are like… Your boy is so good. All right, buddy. Stop. Your son is so gentle. Congratulations. (He’s bouncing.) (He can’t stop from showing his love.) – It’s okay. / – He’s really strong. It’s okay. (William can’t get accustomed to the situation.) – Yena, Yena. / – What’s that? What? (He’s crawling.) He looks like a soldier. It’s because he’s heavy. He starts high and then he gets lower. (He’s too heavy and has to crawl low.) Yuseop. William. (It requires a lot of arm strength.) (He’s very fast.) (William is light, so he travels on all fours.) Yena, easy. Just let him play. (Yuseop likes to play on his back.) (I’m going to play on my front.) (On the other hand, William is crouching.) – Mom. / – Talk to William. Are you clapping? (Rising) Should I hold you? – Yena, are you surprised? / – He’s standing. He’s standing. (Why are you so surprised?) You’re so good. – Yuseop. / – Is this his first? – No. / – Is it his first in our house? (Clapping) Yena, show him how to jump. Show him. Yes, show Daddy… (Let me show you something amusing.) Yena, could you do some jumps? It’s only 200 dollars. (She’s jumping on the trampoline.) I can’t believe you have this in your house. It’s like a kids’ cafe. But it’s a really nice toy. Show me some big jumps. Big. Jump, jump, jump. Big crash landing! (He’s so enthusiastic.) Make sure Yuseop enjoys it. Don’t jump too close. Look at him. Look at him. (Tumbling is so much fun.) Okay. It’s fine. Yena, gently. Be gentler. Gentler. Even gentler. (I want to ride it, too.) (Bouncing) He’s bouncing. William. – Do you want to try it? / – Yes. You want to try it? Okay, let’s go. Look, you’re standing, buddy. (Dad, look at me.) (Bouncing) (Flopping) It’s so exciting. (Squealing) (Giggling) (This is so much fun.) (He’s bouncing William from below.) (He’s smiling a lot.) (It’s more fun with friends.) Yes, here we go. Look at him. This time, Sam learns how to make babies laugh. Try to do it together. Honey, why don’t you do it, too? (This is Robert’s tip on making babies laugh.) Here we go. (Yuseop is getting a belly rub, too.) It’s a sure trick. (He’s laughing so much.) (Giggling) (Rubbing) (The dads have messy hair now.) (What should we do now, Daddy?) Meanwhile, Donggook’s kids are in kindergarten.

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  1. Professor Kelly – your kids are so cute! It's obvious to the world they are both loved, and very well taken care of! I was ashamed to watch the questioning by the media in the recent press conference. Please don't worry yourself about the media! Millions of people around the world think your family is awesome! Better watch that little one, though. It won't be long before he's walking and, climbing comes very shortly after walking! God bless!

  2. Somehow Korean programs don’t quite translate to American viewers. But interesting to see the Kelly family after the funny BBC interview

  3. So that’s his wife. Everyone thinks that’s his maid when they watch the viral video of him reporting Live.

  4. well william is very understanding and patient for a baby hahahahaha but if bentley was faced with yuseop ummm i dont know i guess war? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA jk 😂

  5. OMG!!! as soon as i saw the door opens to their dad i realized that they were the kids that interrupted their dad on the news!!!🤣🤣🤣 i’m dying just thinking about it

  6. Hey isn't that the family where the dad was doing a interview, and then the kids came in and the mom dragged them out? It is

  7. 10:29 I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. OMG 😲!!! Such an adorable family 😘😘😘 this is the kind of family lifestyle I’ve been dreaming to have personally. 🥰🥰 MY IDEAL FAMILY.

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