Timothee Chalamet’s rap battle challenge – BBC

So, we’ve had winner,
winner, winner… Now, Timothee, you didn’t win. You didn’t win. In fact,
was this a competition? I’m talking about your effort
to do well in, was it, an exam about statistics? Oh, God!
Christ, yes, this is true. I got a D in that, yeah.
You got a D? I got a D. But… But… I mean, I deserved that…or worse. But, hang on, you’re in school, you’re doing an exam on statistics,
your teacher, she’s Miss Lowton. Yes, Lawton. Lawton, Lawton.
Miss Lawton. So what are the other kids doing? Were the other kids just doing…? Yeah, a variation. I mean… Some people presented parabolas
and things that were more appropriate for statistics.
You know, varied projects. Mine was not. So, tell the people
what you decided to do. Like, a statistics song. Yes, a sort of statistics rap. Yeah, horrible,
bad, bad level. Worst level. No, but you come up with a whole
rap persona, didn’t you? Yeah, yeah. But not for that, I just had it. Oh, so, is it Lil Timmy Tim? Yeah, it’s part of my… LAUGHTER
Oh, you’re going to regret this! Gingerbread Man is nothing now! No, Lil Timmy T, where it’s at!
LAURA: It’s on the internet! So, how do we have this film?
Did you post it? How does this film exist?
So, I posted it. I did it with a friend on
a green screen in school and I’m pointing to… I was going to photoshop
my teacher’s face in but I got too lazy, so now it’s
just kind of weird in the video, I’m pointing around
and there’s nothing. Well, here are the statistical
rap stylings of Lil Timmy Tim. # Statistics, yeah # Statistics, yeah, yeah # Statistics, yeah # Statistics, yeah, yeah # Miss Lawton
Miss Lawton, uh # Miss Lawton, uh-uh
Miss Lawton # Look at me # It’s Timmy T # ‘Bout to hit ’em
with the Z-T-E-S-T… # GRAHAM LAUGHS
…never did it! # Let us see # The probability
you’ve seen me on TV # 1-0-0-0 trillion percent # I’m a statistical wonder,
a statistical gem # One in a zillion # ‘Bout to net a million # Fruity colours on these numbers
Call it a chameleon # Statistics, yeah
Statistics… # Very good. Little Timmy Tim!
CHEERING Excellent. Excellent work. You got a D, a D?

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  1. Lmao how is it that he isint tired of talking about this lol, we've been talking about little timmy tim rap song years back

    So that why little timmy tim will never die

  2. I for some reason thought Timothee was gay but after watching that video, no he’s… he’s definitely straight

  3. Oliver: call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine

    Elio: Timmy Tim

    Oliver: who ?

    Elio: it’s ya boy lil Timmy Tim

    Oliver: what
    Elio: what


  5. Whenever Timothee hears the host being up the word "rap/statistics" I bet he's like :"Oh shit, here we go again"

  6. That was creative of him 😂 if my classmate decided to do something like that and present it I would die laughing, but in a good way. It's so good 😂

  7. Can't wait to see Timothee at an interview as an 80 year old with an untouchable persona and 20 Oscar winning movies, and the interviewer goes "please welcome, Lil Timmy T the statistical gem!" And that's how he goes out 😂

  8. They keep embarrassing him and I feel bad for him because it was cute video but it’s getting old. I can tell timothee isn’t getting tired of hearing every time 😂 🤦🏾‍♀️ but I still love him ❤️

  9. Omg bro who lowkey cringed and paused the video when the y showed him wearing his hat sideways

    I'm literally embarrassed for him omg

  10. timothèe: having a very successful career , was nominated for an oscar has won many awards is in some of the best films of the decade , TALENTED AFF actor

    ms lawton: shit should of given him the a

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