Welcome in your own Youtube channel and today’s topic is TITAN on your special demand on Youtube Telegream and Whatsapp we received many comments from you, sir today’s TITAN has fall what do you think, i told you every time that i like to make videos on your comment because we think you are stuck somewhere so if we are helping you soo nothing much more better than this, we are here to help you, so mostly you watched many videos on YOUTUBE related to titan that the result of TITAN are going bad TITAN is falling but exactly now, what to do in TITAN after being trapped I don’t think any proper level is being provided to you same story will happened at the time of Infosys, when you are provided pinpoint at the level of 620 from there the Infosys will speed up, we provide ur news, level, that exactly will happen today so NEW FOLLOWERS first subscribe our channel and press the bell icon for all notification like the news related to TITAN in the live market is coming If the notification is on then you will get notification on mobile Emails so you will get help in Live Market That what to do in Live Market How to do, the most important point i am repeating again For this, you will have to understand That is most important to you so, you will get benefit from this, so first thing, like you all know the results are bad, But at the starting of market some block-deals will also happened, currently i am only giving information i am not going on its operation because it is not beneficial to you i am directly taking you to the charts, where you understand that whether you will have to do trading or not??? so, directly i am sharing its level to you with the help of charts that is more clear to you so, please give me 1 minute and again i am telling you to the new followers that we are bringing proper information to you and you will get full benefit of that,take a minute i am trying to share screen, now in front of you my screen is showing this is the screen of TITAN on investing.com as you all are seeing that yesterday there was a low of 1277 there the closing is of 1283.8p and currently in market there is the low of 1159 and the trading of this is being done near by 1163 so decide further you will have to trade in this in this, please concentrate on my words because if you will not listen to my whole words then again you will be in trouble because there are some peoples who were not in the habit of listening and after that they will suffer exactly, there is one thing that how much market is being falled, i am giving you 2 levels at that 2 level there will be some TECHINCAL formation from there these point will get reversed under this, the first level of titan is 1146 aur second level is 1123 these are the 2 levels if on this level any formation will take place then you can take advantage of that and from there you can take benefits of reactions as well so, we want and one more thing i want to tell you in the story of formation,lets assume that we are giving you some level and if the markets are going strong or the things are rotating then on tweeter the screen which is showing…we will give you update here and the feedback of followers are also in front of you that how much they trust on us and how they earn like on bank nifty on Sunday we already told you what will be the buying level and from there they earn,so exactly you will get benefit from there not only tweeter i will provide you one more channel because i want you to get whole benefit of that and if at this level 06 you want the things will going to change and you will get all the updates for that i will provide you the way (path) and knowledge of level and you will get whole help and guidelines and you can get whole benefit. like this is our telegram channel which is happening on your screen and on this telegram channel how i spoke up about Infosys on yesterday’s night on your demand and on Apollo hospital and on bank nifty, TCS on Gujarat Gas and UPL which is given on TELEGRAM and EXIT on cost and there is information on yes bank also so, is this way we will provide you live trade on demo session will also being held that’s update will available,if you did not watch that video that is available on Youtube. So, in this way here we will provide you live trade everything is available here please take benefit of it if in near future we find something helpful for you in titan then we will provide you so that you will get benefited by that i personally think that no need to get tensed because of the news properly follow us on Telegram and Twitter all the levels will be shared with you as i already told you the result of titan is not good you can see the impact of that the summary is to follow us and take the benefit. if you want us to make video on some other topic then you can tell us in comment box and if you find this video helpful in providing level in titan then also tell us our online class is going to start from 10 November and on 16,17 November there will be a workshop on Kolkata those who are interested they can book their seat all the information related to us are showing on the screen you can take help from there… THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

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  1. Titan for delivery base and for long term investment is good rate to buy…. I personally bought at 1170 as this stock is already in Durga Pooja share list….

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