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Okay, so you guys seem to like it when I share my own stories with you, so share I shall. If you ask me if I have ever seen a ghost
there are a few moments where I can identify feeling strange or watched, but there is one
time from when I was five or six years old that I feel like I really did see a ghost,
and now, decades later, I can recall the moment with clarity. My sister and I used to watch a show called
Gladiators on a Saturday Night. My mum used to be a bit concerned as it was
a wrestling style show and some of the characters were a bit scary, including a gladiator called
Wolf, but it was on at 6pm and we were allowed to watch it together before going to bed at
8. One weekend we stayed at my Nanna’s house. That was pretty normal, often my sister and
I and my cousins would stay there. She had a big old house and all of the kids
had a room to sleep in. Next to that room, connected by a door was
a play room that absolutely none of us children wanted to play in ever. We hated it in there. I don’t know why but we hated it. Anyway, one night after watching Gladiators,
my sister Julia and I were put to bed. We slept in twin beds, with me closest to
the window and Julia closest to the door. I woke up in the middle of the night in a
panic. I looked around the room and saw a figure
crouching by the door to the playroom. It was a black shadow with bright wide yellow
eyes. He looked a little bit like a wolf. He looked at me, and from across the room
he, or it, jumped on all fours to the bottom of the bed my sister was sleeping in. He looked at me in the eye and then disappeared. 9 – Fast Food, Fast Exit
This story was shared on reddit by: EghYewSeaQue… who, unbeknownst to them, was caught up in
a life or death situation. Receiving 8.2 thousand upvotes, they wrote:
When I was like 4-5 my mom brother and I went along with my dad on a business trip to Seattle. I have a distinct memory of being in like
a Taco Bell or McDonald’s (I cant remember which) but I remember waiting in line, getting
in the front then my mom just taking us and leaving. I remember being so disappointed and my brother
and I whining and complaining til we got to the next place. Well a couple years ago (I’m 28 now) it
somehow came up in conversation and my mom told us the whole story. We got to the front of the line and the cashier
said “those men over there are robbing us, they have guns. Take your children and leave now” so my
mom did exactly that and never told us what happened. One of the comments read: best cashier ever. I think so! 8 – Take me Home, Country road
Reddit user TorchIt shared their scary childhood story. Have a listen to this, they wrote: My friend
and I were riding our bikes down a rural country road. A beat up panel van kept trailing behind us
slowly, even though we pulled over multiple times to let it pass. Every time we did it slowed to a stop behind
us. Eventually we came to a T, so we pulled over
again on the road turning right so the van could get by. Instead, it gunned the accelerator and pulled
up next to us and the door flew open. Thankfully a car arrived at the T we’d just
pulled off on. The door on the van slammed shut and it screeched
off. Couple months later my parents were watching
the news and a picture of the van came on screen. I said “Hey (friend) and I saw that once”
and my parents quietly freaked. Apparently it belonged to a dude that had
been charged with child pornography and molestation. Woah…. Can you imagine? It sounds like they were nearly abducted. 7 – The Attic
This story comes from Redditor NoCatsonMelmac who used to have a door to the attic in her
bedroom. The attic was quite a big space and her mum
would pop up there sometimes to put things in storage. The thing is though, she would always leave
that little door open and it would frustrate our storyteller….they said it was because
they had to keep closing the door, but it was likely a personal space issue.. you don’t
want your mum going through your room as a teen. Anyway, they confronted their mum and she
said that she hadn’t been to the attic in months. The redditor then decided to investigate – they
kept a note of when they closed the door and it would open again. One day enough was enough and they went into
the attic to check. That is when they think they saw a face in
the shadows. The redditor was so freaked out they wouldn’t
sleep in their room anymore, despite their parents finding nothing in the attic. Six months later, they moved house to a bigger
place in the area. It turns out their new Physics teacher and
his wife bought the property. Years later, when the redditor was a senior,
the couple offered a tour of their old home. It seems her teachers wife also had issues
with the attic door and that their family dog would often run to it and bark. Dogs, they always know! Did this kids parents have something to hide? At number 6 we have The Power Ranger Redditor ImTouchingYourToes wrote an interesting
and perhaps maybe incrimating story on reddit! They said: when I was around two years old,
I remember going to the house we were building and walking through the construction. There was a little spot in the ground where
it looked cool to place this toy power ranger. Every time I bring up walking through the
construction site, she says the house was never under construction when we bought it. We ripped out the cement in our garage, around
the place where I had left my power ranger, since it had started to crack to replace it,
and my power ranger was there. That is specifically the only thing I remember
at that age. They still deny the fact that we had the house
under construction. One response read: Hmmm… Sounds like your parents had a body buried
and cemented under your garage… And like…. I basically agree! 5 -The Dead End Street
Bored Panda has some creepy kid gems. They collated some stories from twitter. A twitter user with the handle Phenetiks tweeted
out Back in the day my younger brother used to tell us about his “other” grandparents,
and the blue house they used to live in. After always telling him he was making it
up he told our mother he could bring her there. So, we went for a drive… And this 5yo old little psycho gave her turn
by turn directions for close to 45 minutes. We ended up 4-5 towns away at a dead end street
with an abandoned blue house. The tweets got over 11 thousands likes between
them and thousands of retweets. The tweeter followed up by saying – Told my
little brother (who’s now 35) that I told y’all this story and he said he’d forgotten
all about it, but still remembers exactly where the blue house is. Is this another possible reincarnations story? Is it a conspiracy? Whatever is going on it chilled me at number
4 We have The Other Mum I’m not crazy throw away wrote: When I was
four, my family got into a very bad car accident. My mom died. I only have a few memories from before the
accident, but I do remember my mom. She had brown hair, was short and a bit chubby,
and had a very sweet, toothy smile. I remember her holding me in her lap in her
rocking chair. I remember her singing to me. My mom today is a different woman. She insists that she gave birth to me. My dad and both my older sisters have no memory
of my first mom who died. All my memories of my second mom begin after
my first mom died. Here is how I know I am not crazy-
My birth certificate lists my mom’s name as Marie, and that is not my current mom’s name! But she insists it was a clerical error at
the hospital that they never bothered to correct. My cousin, who is eleven years older than
me, once made an off-hand remark about the accident, and how different our family would
be if it hadn’t happened. I asked what he meant, and he said, “you know,
your mom…” But he wouldn’t say anymore than that. Whenever I bring it up, my family usually
cracks a joke about me being crazy and then changes the subject. But one day I wouldn’t let it go, and my sister
told me that “sometimes you just need to accept the truth of your life as it is now, there
is no truth in the past THAT…. Is …..heavy! So this is another one from me, but instead
of my memory as a child, it is a memory my mum has of me as a child…. We have…doll heads – 3
Guys, it turns out I was a creep and honestly I am not too surprised. My mum and dad decided to move house when
I was really little. Not so little that I couldn’t be on my own
in my room, but so little that I don’t really remember this. I suppose I was four or so. So they were selling their house as it really
was a bit too small for a family of four. To keep us kids out of the way, my mum told
my sister Julia and I to go and play quietly in our rooms. I had a very active imagination as a child
so I was happy playing by myself, my sister, not so much. Anyway, when my mum came into my room to show
the prospective buyer our house, it seems I was sat in the middle of a circle made up
from my barbie dolls and teddies. Not so weird, right? Well I had taken the heads off all of the
barbies and was holding them in my hand. When they came in the room I looked up at
my mum and the vistor in silence and smiled sweetly. Suffice to say, they did not buy the house. 2 – The Shadow Walker
This story comes from a guy called Robert and was posted on a chat forum about unexplained
and creepy childhood memories, which sounds like it will fit in nicely with our video,
doesn’t it. Robert wrote: when I was younger around 5
years old every night I would be playing in the dining room, look to my left out the living
room and front window and there would be a figure and something would draw me towards
the window and then next thing I know i was in my bed and the same figure came to the
opposite side of the house looking in my bedroom window and that would be it. It never happened at any other house and I
feel like I have always remembered it happening every single night in the exact same way. I’ve always wondered what exactly happened. I think what happened is I had a 1 time nightmare
that scared me so bad that it tricked my brain into thinking it was reoccurring. Or possibly it was a reoccurring nightmare
but is that normal for a young kid? Maybe it was something else. Young children are more prone to recurring
nightmares, so perhaps this is why….. but it sure does sound creepy. Speaking of reccurring nightmares…. Number one is bone chilling The Balkan
So I told you my own story about the wolf earlier… but now I want to tell you a story
from the one and only Danny Burke. I miss him telling excellent stories here
on Most Amazing, so I thought as a next best thing I would tell you a scary story he told
me recently about a recurring nightmare he has and has had since he was young and it
recently came back. You might not know this about Danny but he
sometimes has trouble sleeping. Well …recently he woke up in a cold sweat
after he was visited by an familiar face in his dream. Each dream is the same, he thinks he is awake
and senses a presence in his bedroom. He knows he has to keep his eyes shut and
not look at whatever it is, but in his dream curiosity always gets the better of him and
he opens his eyes to see a decrepid old witch with long black hair, red eyes, white skin
and salt absolutely pouring out of her mouth. She then leans over him and lets the salt
pour onto his face and in his eyes. As it seems like she is about to suck out
his soul from his mouth a la dementor style he wakes up. Honestly the salty witch story is so vivid
and terrifying! He actually turned it into a scary story on
his and Jack Finches channel Haha Oh No called the Balkan.. you should go and find it…
his storytelling is, well, you know. SO that was the top 10 scary childhood memory
stories! What did you think to this mammoth video?! Let me know! Which was the scariest story Comments from Top 10 Scary Secrets Hidden
in Time Part 2 Exsecrabilis
a part 3? Absolutely, Ms. Felgate! Jordan Driver
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  1. Mine is not smart but it was a good time the gunsafe was just about to fill on me it didn't it was to vertele to not foll but it didn't

  2. This isn't ghost scary but I remember being younger and I had a dream I was outside and when I woke up my mom told me she found me walking around outside

  3. One time i thought a ghost was my sister and i told my mom how she died i said that she was running through the woods barefoot and tripped and hit her head on a rock them was bit by a snake and she died i was three and i also told my mom her name was something she couldn't pronounce and i don't remember it also the girl was tall she was tan had black hair and a daisy in her hair and the girl wasn't my sister

  4. what a nice cashier to tell you that cuz if not you could have been in danger oh and i wonder what happernd to that wounderful cashier

  5. When I 7 I was sleeping peacefully in my bed then all of a sudden I heard a big bang outside I got out of bed looked out the window and saw a figure of a man running across my yard screaming. When I looked out the window again I saw a ghost like figure chasing after him.

  6. Scary stories

    I was at my friends house and we were on the trampoline I get chill ❄ and look over and there was a black shady figure trying to reach into the trampoline and a few seconds later it disappears

  7. I had won and I’m a kid i was taking a shower then when I was getting out then I saw that my tooth brush moved by it’s self I was not even close it :0 I was teified I saw a ghost

  8. I do have a story but its not that scary

    Ok so mine and my brothers room is up stairs and when friday the 13th game was really big i would watch my brother play it but one night i went down stairs because i was hungry and as i was down there i swear i heard Jason's breatheing from the movies so i rushed up stairs told my brother adout it all he did is called me crazy

  9. Once when me and my cousin we're home alone in her house and we were playing chef then someone nocked on the door and we checked through a little class by the door and it was a clown we called the police but they thought it was a prank call a hanged up we were scared and layer that day we told them what happened then me and my cousin saw it again

  10. I have a story
    When I was around 5 my parents gave me my old brother's room,ones I started spending more time in the room I started talking to my self a lot even my parents started wondering who I was laughing and talking to.Until there was one time I had to sleep in my moms room that I started having nightmares of someone staring at me angrily every time I slept in a nother room and until this day I still have moments where I just suddenly talk to my self unexpectedly and some nightmares that keep me up all night if I don't sleep in that specific room like if some one doesn't want to let me go.

  11. When I was a kid my family nicknamed me the light of the family because every death that happens in the family the lights would flicker and shut off but every time I walk by it the light flickers on

  12. i woke up at like 4am. I was sleeping on the floor in the living room, and i heard something up the stairs of the creaky townhouse i lived in. i had a tiny outburst and let out a tiny scream. it was faint and quiet. it was quiet for a couple seconds but then a huge screaming let out from up the stairs and i heard a loud bump from up the stairs. i didn’t react. sure i was awake, but i just stood there and stared at the stairs. i couldn’t move. then, i fell asleep ….

  13. Here's a scary story it's true my grandad woke up in the middle off the night and saw two tall pitch black men/women

  14. Wen I was 5 ro 6 I hate school because they were a woman who was aways watching us in the in the snow one day I was going to bed and at 2am I woke up and she drade me in the snow wen I woke up in the morning I went to school and some one was killed in the snow.

  15. This is not a story tho..But Everytime when I sleep…( I can't sleep and I'm never sleepy)I always see something in the corner of an eye..I must be paranoid..

  16. When I was about 8 I was awoken at 3am and saw what looked like a ghost it was really pale and was just standing by my tv it only had a nose and mouth on its head I was scared so I went under the covers I peeked out and it was right at the edge and it just stared at me although it had no eyes I knew it was looking at me the next night I wasn’t able to fall asleep because I kept hearing whispers my sister was there I thought she was whispering so I told her to stop when I woke up I was frightened when my sister said she was never whispering

  17. We had a clown marionet that moved buy it self and were in difrent posistions every hour but we destroied it and throwed it in sea

  18. One time my brother was watching YouTube on his TV when he was just holding the controller , it went all the way down to the comment section and was going back and forth quickly then it stopped and a string on his guitar plucked

  19. ;—; my nother says dat theire is somthing in his closet wich there is btw he says that at midnight theres scrachting o-o

  20. I have a short scary story
    When I was 7 years old i would usually stay awake after midnight but one night i was awake my tv suddenly turned on and on the screen a Formula 1 car and a picture popped up and that picture was the picture of me from the future

  21. When I was like 9 or 8 I was at my cousins house I watched her go up stairs I felt like I was being watched I ternd around and behind me was I person that looked like her and I was by myself I don’t know what it was but then it went to the bacment it walked into the fernus room behind some logs then I hear a loud noise and in the next room over all the freezers where open but the thing did not touch me or enything I was surprised and next to the freezer was a popsicle I put it in the freezer and closed it and after that no one went down there but when my cousin whent down there and the popsicle was out again she thought I was taking popsicles even though I wasn’t and every time I saw it it was in a different form but never do enything to me

  22. I have plushies that move at two places come to a White House on 124 county road when I tell you okay cause this is sick

  23. I have plushies that move at two places come to a White House on 124 county road when I tell you okay cause this is sick

  24. One time when I was younger there was a terrifying monster in my closet now that I’m older I realized that the monster was me

  25. Once I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard my closet doors slam open due to the wind and I swear I saw a dog-like figure on its hind legs, it was six foot with blood red eyes I still think about it

  26. I have two. When I was at the beach I got stuck under a wave. I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw four ghosts at the end of my bed.

  27. my scary story is when i was in the bathroom: i saw a goust behind me in the merror then i looked behind me and it was not thier then i turned on the lights then it was gone.

  28. I think my great aunts house has a ghost we come every time there is a hurricane but one night I could not sleep because there was someone with a top hat making the room I slept in darker and when sat up he just disappeared I still remember this even though it happened five years ago

  29. When I was 8 years old I remember that my mom telling me a story about a little man living in the bushes and one day in the corner of my eye I seen something black I RAN inside and went inside my room and started crying

  30. it was my birthday and I was a little kid on my bed my mom took a picture and then later noticed that there was an orb next to me

  31. I have a scary and short scary childhood story i was on my tablet and i put it down for some reason and looked at our kitchin and saw a scary figure staring at me and I stared at it and then it dissapered

  32. So when I was like ten or eleven, in the middle of night I thought I heard screaming out side I looked out my widow(which was on the top floor of a two story house) and saw a figure standing on my neighbors roof. I just assumed it was my friends father drinking again no big deal I go back to bed. Then my cat started to hiss and he was upside down in front of my window I ran down stairs and refused to sleep in my room for almost two years after that

  33. My worst childhood memory was like i was falling of a tall tower then i woke up i was sweaty,BUTT my sister worst childhood memory was scary so this is how it starts my sister woke up 3:00am,she did'nt know that it is the devil's hour later she saw a baby crawling near her……………..then there that's all what she said bai ☺

  34. Plus once I looked out the window I saw a thing and at night I always hear noises downstairs when everybody is asleep but the creepy thing is that it was at 3am and the figure came into my room and said in my ear don’t tell the boggy man and it’s stuck in me head forever I can never forget that night

  35. So one time when i was 4 or 5 i had this imaginary friend called george, he was my deceased brother and one day i told my mom "mommy george gotta go to heaven now". it was a bit strange cause at the age of 4 most kids dont know what death or heaven is..

  36. My dad said when I was little I use to talk to my self in the mirror….but I never talked to myself in the mirror…I talked to someone who is in another realm who looks exactly like me….

  37. I was like four or five maybe three but probably not him and I was at the mall and there’s a robbery going on I heard a whole bunch of glass break and it took us like 10 minutes to get out and I saw a guy pick around the corner with a gun and he pointed at us OK that part wasn’t true but there was a robbery going on and we ran out of there as quickly as possible and I didn’t even know was so dumb at the time I was like mommy where are we going on the carnival rides she was like no just keep running Lucas it’s like your video game

  38. When me and my brother were little we never wanted to go into my parents bedroom. A friend of my parents who is trained in Feng Shui wanted to “clean” our house, and asked my parents if we avoid going to the bedroom, to which they replied yes. He said there was dark energy, that’s why we avoid the room. He said he’ll clean it, and my parents should watch if we start to stay in the room now. Of course my brother and me didn’t know anything about it, we were like 3 and 5 or something like that. They didn’t tell us what was going on. But we started to stay in the room more frequently than we did before

  39. One i went into my room to get my phone and i heard my dads room door SLAMMED so i opened it but no one was there so i went into my room and saw a black figure throw himself out the window, then the next day in school i saw him outside and i still do sometimes ☹️

  40. I have a story, so basically, we had a pet rabbit called poppy. And me and my sisters went out to feed her and she wasn’t there. She had gone. We just presumed that she was under the decking like she always went. But she never came out. We then all went to bed that night and we heard scratching coming from our wooden toybox. We took all the toys out and nothing was there. So we just went to sleep. Then the next day went by, and no sign of poppy. And then we went to sleep again. Heard the same scratching noise. But yet again nothing. Then on the third day, no poppy still and yet the weird scratching still. So we opened the toy box took all the toys out. And there she was. Little poppy. Still fully alive and unharmed. But , how did she get in there and why didn’t we see her when we did the same thing the first 2 nights. Creepy and still give me chills. We then put her back and she was perfectly fine. Chills

  41. When I was 5 I seen a ghost with red eyes at first I was scared but then I went up to it I still to this day wish I had run away. But any way when I finely got to it,it reached out and grabbed me and pould me into the closet it felt like I kicked and screamed for hours when finely it let me go but when it did,it did something to me that I will never forget it opened it's mouth as it did so I could fill the air leaving my lungs I though to myself that it was going to kill me and every thing went black then I woke up to my brother holding me in front of my closet dore asking me if I was ok I said I was but I was scared. I am 14 now and i keep my closet locked but I can still can see it's red eyes thru the cracks in the closet. By:kailee jo mills

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