Top 10 Scary Home Alone Stories

Scary things happen to everyone but you know
what always helps – having someone with you. In a scary situation, having someone by your
side can be the difference between a scary situation and one that will haunt you for
the rest of your life. Im sure weve all experienced being alone in
a house by ourselves and hearing or seeing something – there could be something outside,
or maybe its already inside. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top
10 Scary Home Alone Stories. Just before we jump in, I wanna remind those
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in our description box right after the video! Next up at number 10 we have The Shed. Reddit user Microthroaway64 told a story about
about how they lived in a converted shed out in the country – just him and his dog. The shed always had a weird vibe to it but
nothing could have prepared him for what followed. One night, he was on his computer with his
dog asleep next to him – he needed to pee so he went outside. As he was admiring the starry night sky, he
heard the shed door slam behind him. He tries to open it but this door that usually
opens with ease just wont budge an inch. He hears his dog growling inside and begin
to bark as he desperately slams against the door with his full weight. The dogs bark turns into whines, then whimpering,
then silence. Finally, the door flies open. Its pitch black inside and the light wont
turn on. He finds his dog in the corner of the room,
eyes closed and shaking violently. He grabbed his dog and ran as fast as he could,
swearing to never go back to the shed again. Next up at number 9 we have The Watcher. One Reddit user said that one night, she went
to bed as the only person in her college dorm – or so she thought. She woke up in the middle of the night to
the realization that a man was standing over her bed. Without hesitation, she grabbed the small
table by her bed and smashed him over the head with it. She kept hitting him while her neighbour called
the police after hearing the noise. It turned out that it was he landlord and
had been doing this to girls in the apartment block for a long time – just watching them
sleep at night. That is extremely disturbing but some of you
may be pleased to know he ended up with a cracked skull, some teeth knocked out, a broken
eye socket and a broken nose. Thats what you get …
Coming in at number 8 we have The Handprints. One Reddit user said that one night, in her
2nd floor apartment, she was woken up by the sound of screaming outside. She got up to see what it was but on her way
to the sliding glass door where the noise come from, she passed the bathroom and noticed
that its door was vibrating. She leaned in closer to see why it was vibrating
and then heard a big thump noise from the sliding door where she was originally heading. She went to the door and to her horror – she
saw the handprints of a child on the glass. She called her husband at work who found the
whole thing funny until he came home and saw the hand prints himself. They still have no idea what happened …
Next up at number 7 we have The Nuclear Attack. LittleDolly said that one day she was home
alone studying for her exams when suddenly she heard a loud, wailing siren from outside. Her family lived next to a major military
base and the one thing that she had always known was that if that siren went off – it
was something serious, something like a nuclear attack. She freaked out, like any of us would. She grabbed food, water and some blankets
and shut herself in a tiny hallway – the only area without windows. She seriously thought she was about to die
in a nuclear holocaust. After an hour, nothing had happened, so she
inched her way out of her hiding spot and rang her Mom at work. It turned out the base had notified everyone
in the area that they would be testing the siren that day – her Mum had just forgotten
to tell her. Nice one Mum, real nice. Im scared just hearing about that …
At number 6 now we have The Scream. This Reddit user said that when he was 12,
he was left alone with his little sister while their Mum was at work. They were playing with toys in his room when
suddenly they both heard their Mum scream from the living room. They were surprised because they thought she
was at work but when they ran into the room, she wasnt there. She didnt arrive home for a few hours after. If that wasnt creepy enough, get this – they
both swore they heard her scream a name – but it was their own names. He heard his and she heard hers. Does anyone have a good explanation for this? Preferably a logical one that isnt as creepy
as the story itself … Coming in at number 5 we have The Note. Em Soup said that one night when she was 19
she had a rough drunken night and returned to her home where she had a bit of a self
confessed breakdown and shaved all her hair off. After stepping out of the bathroom, she found
a note in the hallway that said -I was going to leave you a note but I see that you are
here- … she was terrified because she thought she was home alone – but it got even scarier
when she opened her bedroom door to see a man standing in the middle of the room with
his face covered by his hair. She started screaming at the top of her voice
until she realized she recognised him – it was an ex boyfriend from 3 years before who
had run away from home and had heard she was moving away and wanted to talk to her. So, they talked and eventually he left. She found out later that he had schizophrenia
and was institutionalized. Not quite as scary as a murderer but still
a very disturbing encounter for sure … At number 4 now we have The Demons. One reddit user said he was babysitting at
a house in the middle of nowhere which was already kinda scary. The baby was asleep and he was watching TV
waiting for the parents to come home. Then, around 10 o clock – he hears a terrifying
sound. He said the only way he could describe it
was demonic laughter – a lot of demonic laughter coming from many different sources. He started freaking out, running to the windows
to see if he could see anything in the darkness. Eventually, it hit him – it was the sound
of a pack of coyotes. Hed never heard a group of them together like
that before and they sounded eerily similar to a pack of demons …
Next up at number 3 we have The Picture. This is a short and not so sweet story from
Madame Off Fellow who said that in her family home her Mum has hers and her siblings pictures
framed on a shelf. She is the middle child and so her picture
was inbetween the other 2. One night, her family left on a trip but she
had to stay back and work – a few hours after they left she heard a loud smashing sound. She ran into the room with the pictures to
see her frame and only her frame lying in the middle of the room with the glass everywhere. The other 2 pictures were still on the shelf. There was no way it could have fallen that
far and with that much force while the 2 pictures of her siblings remained intact. Who or what caused her picture to smash is
still a mystery to this day … At number 2 now we have The Stranger. F Minus told a story where one night when
she was home alone, there was a bang at the door at midnight. She lives in a rural area where the only visitor
at that hour would be her boyfriend. As she looked through the side window she
could see it wasnt her boyfriend but a rough looking, swaying man she had never seen before. He banged again. She backed away to get her phone. There was no signal, her home phone was dead
too – just like a horror movie. She grabbed the biggest knife in the house
and locked herself in the bathroom, ready to pounce if he managed to get in. She could hear him pounding on the side of
the house, shouting -let me in!- … as she sat there, waiting, she remembered her other
home phone might still have battery. She crawled out, found the phone and yes,
it had power. She called the police who told her to stay
in her bathroom and they would be there in 15 minutes. It was the longest 15 minutes of her life. When the police arrived, they arrested the
man, he had been trying to get to a friends party down the road, got lost and thought
her house was his friends. She said this story is a reminder to always
keep your phone charged … And finally at number 1 we have FEAR. Reddit user Potentially True said that one
day they were playing the game FEAR – its a horror game that features a creepy pale
girl that tries to jump scare you. They were playing in a dark room with headphones
to get the full effect. For some reason, they decided to look over
their right shoulder and there, standing in the dark right behind them was a pale skinned,
dark haired girl just like the one in the game. His heart nearly burst through his chest as
his mind tried to figure out what was happening. It turns out his roommate had a daughter who
had come to visit. She had let herself into the room and was
standing there watching them play the game. Well, that is a relief but only slightly – its
still very creepy. Are you home alone right now? If you managed to get to the end of this video
and youre home alone then well done to you. Id like to know what video we could do that
would actually scare you … let me know, Im Danny Burke, thanks for watching and Ill
see you in the next video!

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  1. 4:10 wait I think this happened to me before I was home alone sense I was alone and I was young I decided just to play with the mouse trap pieces like any other kid would, until I either heard my mom or my front door open I look over my balcony since I live in a 3 story house and when I looked over I saw nothing I don’t know why this happened but when I remembered it now it terrifies me

  2. Me: hums while home alone
    hears a scratching sound on door
    Me : * runs to get my gun*
    door opens
    Me : loads gun and aims at the door
    creepy man with knife just standing there
    Me : about to shoot
    Me * notices it’s Halloween and that’s my dad trying to scare me*
    Me : face palms
    hears scratching from window behind her
    Me * turns around *
    Me * swearing*
    id shoot the thing through the glass

  3. I was home one day and my mom was taking a nap then I started
    Hearing noises and then the front door opened and I ran because the door was completely shut so some one had to of opened it so from what I know and seeing peoples stories on YouTube I just ran in my room closed the blinds and window and door and locked them but I had no real stuff so I took a plastic sword I figured that if I hit in a weak spot hard enough it might hurt them but no one came in so after like an hour in that room I checked no one was there my mom still asleep and I was really scared

  4. I went into my backyard late one night recently and heard a pack of coyotes. They do sound terrifying, though they are seldom a threat to people. Livestock, pets, and poultry are different matters, though.

  5. 4:09
    is what happened to me one night I heard my mom call my name then my sister said did mom call my name I said I thought she called mine…? Then we ask our younger sister if she heard it she said no 6 minutes later she came down stairs crying saying she heard her name too. Our mom was asleep…

  6. One time Me and sister What cologne to the park and then a man came and he was swinging on the swing was really weird so I was crying and then he left

  7. The scariest thing that happens to me was when I was younger I was home alone and I was upstairs. I heard a noise coming from my attic and I ran downstairs in fear and heard a couple of noises upstairs I was to scared to move so I grabbed my phone and called my dad till my mum and brother came back from the doctors.

  8. True story i was sleeping in my bed i heard my dog barking rapidly i went downstares and o saw nothing was there so i went outside and saw a shadow on the tree i slammed the door and went upstairs and i looked out my window and i saw the shadow watching me in my window i closed the blinds and i looked in my hallway there it was then i looked behind me then i looked back it was gone i looked in my parents room and the shadow ran at me i slamed the door shut i looked through a crack in the door and i saw it with a slit mouth and dark black eyes so i went to sleep and the next morning i looked around my house my moms vase was shattered and my pots and pans were on the ground…

  9. Number 1 home alone this story follows Kevin Mccalaster he was eating Mac and cheese when Harry and Marf broke in his house on December 24

  10. When I’m home alone I sit on my bed watch top ten vids about home alone stories with my phone in one hand and a rifle in the other mind you I’m 14

  11. I was home alone at was about 3am when I start seeing a demon and now I keep seeing the mothman and so did my friend gavyn.#we are not safe.😳😳😳😱😱😱

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