Top 15 Creepy Best Friend Stories

15. The Frenemy
A best friend-turned-enemy can often turn scary. They know you like the back of their hand. In high school, Redditor, Rikvidr, had a friend
whose girlfriend broke up with him…and this friend took it very badly. So badly, he turned into a stalker. The Redditor explains: “He started doing
weird stuff like [taking] his dad’s (company) car and driving to her house and sitting outside
her house at like 4 am (this was when they were still dating).” When his obsessive behavior finally got him
dumped, his obsession only grew. After getting fed up with his friend’s extreme
behavior, the Redditor befriended the ex girlfriend. This is when things went haywire. The frenemy thereafter took his dad’s car
not to stalk the ex girlfriend, but also his former friend. He’d drive over to his house at night and
throw rocks at his window. On one occasion, he broke into the house through
the laundry room door in order to interrogate his ex-friend about his ex-girlfriend, asking
all sorts of questions about her. He said he wanted to make his ex love him
again by doing what the Scarecrow in the Batman movie did. When school administration caught wind of
that, they checked out his locker. What they found there was frightening. Fertilizer, bleach, and a burlap sack with
cut-out eye holes. He got kicked out of school and was sent to
a psychiatric ward. Who knows what he was planning to do with
those ingredients. 14. Taken Captive
When someone you thought you knew turns out to be someone you don’t, the whole world
turns upside down. Roboribbit shared a story of a dude that was
friends with his best friend. All three of them used to attend anime/gaming
conventions. Although the guy was a bit strange, he was
good looking and popular amongst the con girls. But his compulsive lying raised red flags
for Roboribbit, and as it would turn out, those red flags were waving for a reason. The man was put behind bars for holding his
girlfriend captive for more than two months, while doing horrible things to her. Those things are too horrifying to even talk
about here. But they included sticks, a crowbar and a
blade. It was so bad that she lost all hearing in
one ear. Everyone in the con community was disturbed
to hear the news, but it appears only one person suspected who this person was from
the start. 13. The Firefighter
Firefighters are always seen as heroes. This one was quite the opposite. Ekkaddon was friends with a firefighter who
was very serious about his job. He was first a forest firefighter and then
a city firefighter. The bottom line is, he loved putting out fires…probably
a little too much. At one point, a string of arsons lit through
the area, the last of which ended the worst. An old man lost his life in the flames, trapped
in his room. When the man was finally caught, the culprit
was a surprise to most. Who was it but the firefighter who loved his
job. He was convicted for his actions. Although he spent some time behind bars, he
was out years later. Ekkaddon writes: “I don’t feel like the
punishment fit … for this one.” I’m not sure it did either. 12. A Little Off
z28tokin shared a story about being friends with Tyler Hadley. If you think the name Tyler Hadley sounds
familiar, you’re right. His particularly lurid case came to light
in 2011, when he allegedly took the lives of his parents and then threw a party afterwards,
while their bodies laid cold in the home. It was a particularly scary event, as Hadley
allegedly used a hammer. Afterwards, he posted on Facebook that he’d
be throwing a party that same evening. And unbeknownst to most of the party-goers,
his parents’ remained in the master bedroom for the duration of that party. When Hadley told his best friend what he’d
done, word spread throughout the party, and he was taken into custody the next morning. Hadley was convicted in 2014 and was sentenced
to life behind bars. “He always seemed a little off,” z28tokin
wrote. “A little off” is putting it mildly. 11. House on Fire
This one’s a long one, so strap in. Redditor cart2k shares a story of obsession,
jealousy, and fire. Cart was one amongst a circle of high school
friends, one of whom was named Chris. Chris was obsessed with another boy in the
group named Brian. They all lived in the same neighborhood, so
they spent a lot of time together. Chris and Brian were childhood friends and
besties, but when Cart started hanging with them, he also became close with Brian. Chris didn’t like this change in dynamic. After a year, though he finally accepted that
he couldn’t separate the pair, he still made Cart uncomfortable. Cart writes: “I knew that something about
Chris was off from day one and the more time I spent with Chris and Brian, the more apparent
it became.” On one occasion, Cart spotted Chris sniffing
Brian’s dirty boxers during a sleepover. It was then that he realized Chris had feelings
for Brian. After they’d graduated high school, Chris
was single, while Brian and the Redditor were both dating. This is when Chris became even more obsessive
and controlling. Cart writes: “The next day we found out
that someone had broken into Brian’s house that night through the sliding glass door
in his basement and used gasoline and lighter fluid to start a fire.” Although the fire didn’t harm anyone or
cause major damage, Brian and his family were afraid. Everyone knew it was Chris. Police got involved, but Chris wasn’t charged,
nor was anyone else. And the friend group never saw or heard from
Chris again. It’s probably for the best. Considering what Chris was capable of. 10. The Demigoddess
Have you ever had a friend who believed she was some sort of demigoddess? Injected_Americas has. She wrote: “This girl I used to be friends
with…believed she was the daughter of some demigoddess and could talk to powerful spirits”
The Redditor explains that there were times that she’d question her friend, but the
friend would threaten to destroy her soul. She’d also tell the Redditor not to bring
any dudes around that she liked, because she didn’t want them to fall in love with her
instead, as it would hurt their friendship. Even scarier, the demigoddess threatened the
Redditor and her family’s lives, going into detail about how she’d take their lives. The psycho even carried a blade wherever she
went, so she could very well have done so. The moral of the story: steer clear of anyone
who claims to be a demigoddess. 9. The Girlfriend
When friends start to feel stronger about you than you do about them, things can get
weird fast. Especially, when they become possessive of
you. Redditor tangledlettuce had a friend-turned-wannabe
girlfriend in eight grade. When they were grouped together for a science
project, she started regularly calling him, not wanting to talk about the project, but
rather to force him to listen to Charlie the Unicorn. He ended up weaseling out of her group, but
she would still trail through the snow to his house to work on her project. Then, she started telling everyone they were
dating. This is when things took a stranger turn. Tangledlettuce writes: “The phone calls
got darker as she began to tell me … she locks herself in her room at night to prevent
[slicing] her wrists. She’d giggle and laugh about all this too
which made it worse.” When school administration heard about the
girl through the grapevine, she was eventually given counseling. Although she continued to call him all through
the school year, when summer came, the calls stopped. Maybe a break was just what she needed to
end the obsession. 8. The Online Friend
Modern friendships these days oftentimes blossom online. Redditor osmanthusoolong has a horror story
that might make you stay offline though. The redditor had a group of online friends
who’d all met on the same website. They’d chat online and text and even Skype
call. One of these friends was from Australia and
decided to visit, after he’d come into some money. Everyone was looking forward to meeting him. But that anticipation soon came falling down. The Redditor writes: “He started getting
really creepy and … trying to get me to his hotel room and away from my SO … It
also came out that he was not in his 30s like we thought, but that he was like 42”
Sounds like bad news to me. For some reason, he didn’t think about how
this tight knit group of friends might spread the word as he traveled from destination to
destination, but they did. And hopefully, that prevented history from
repeating itself. 7. Grace
If you’ve ever had a weird friend – the type that just seemed a bit off – powerarmee
has a story for you. Her high school friend was named Grace and,
being a reject herself, the Redditor was Grace’s friend. No one liked Grace, so the redditor pitied
her. Why was Grace such an oddball? For starters, at around 13-14 years old, she
would slice herself with plastic knives in the cafeteria at lunch and then tell everybody
it was a cat who did it. Why? Who knows. Her antics only grew weirder. She told people she’d attempted to take
her life more than a dozen times. Around 16-18 years old, she claimed a stone
necklace she wore had a person called Gabe trapped in it who was controlling her. At 18, she faked that she was expecting a
child, saying she “wasn’t the preacher’s innocent daughter like everyone thought.” When months past, and her lie was discovered,
she claimed again that she was again expecting a child – this time, four months along,
though she and her boyfriend hadn’t been together for six months. But the story doesn’t end there. Some of powerarmee’s friends are still connected
with Grace on facebook, and there was a continuing saga between Grace and her now ex-boyfriend. She was now claiming on facebook that one
of the children (we’ve lost track of which one) was still alive. And, she was expecting yet again. Fiftieth time’s the charm, I guess. 6. The Green Man
Sometimes our best friends during childhood are imaginary. Redditor xriotstarter13x shared his story
of “The Green Man,” an imaginary friend he had when he was a child. The Green Man was excessively tall with dark
red scrubs on and a doctor’s mask. The Redditor explains: “I went to a psychiatrist
during my teen years and we kind of figured out that because of my grandparents failing
health while I was young, I spent a lot of time in hospitals. My parents think that ‘the green man’ was
a way for me to feel safe while I spent so much time alone in waiting rooms.” The Redditor says he had tea parties with
The Green Man, who would often stand behind him with his hand on his shoulder. Don’t know about you, but I’d try to squash
this imaginary friend ASAP. 5. Silence
What if you’d lived a lifetime without hearing? What do you think your reaction would be to
sound? Redditor Doverhalk shares a story of his best
friend who’d been deaf for all his life and had just gotten cochlear implants. After the implants, everyone stood around
him. As his wife spoke, he began to cry, hearing
her for the first time. They then each, in turn, spoke, so that he
could hear their names said aloud and hear what they sounded like. The scene was very emotional. After the rounds had been made, the room was
silent. The man asked what that sound was, and Redditor
said that was silence he was hearing. The man said it wasn’t silence. All his life, he’d heard silence, but this
sounded different. Doverhalk writes: “A sound came from just
outside the hospital room, and he perked up immediately, ‘Isn’t that silence?’ [he
asked] We all exchanged looks of trepidation around
the room before I spoke, ‘No…that was the sound of someone screaming.’” That story is either a horrifying truth or
scary fiction. 4. The Archenemy
Redditor anonymouse278’s story is as twisted as they come. In high school and college, she had a male
best friend called Doug, with whom she lived with. Their relationship was sibling-like, and there
was no romance there. After college, they remained best friends
and often hung out. Hanging out in the bar, they met Meredith…to
their detriment. Anonymouse knew Meredith through a friend
in college, and they’d remained in touch casually. She seemed a lot of fun that night and lived
nearby, so the trio started hanging out a lot. They all became close friends. In fact, Meredith seemed like a really good
friend. As time went by, it was clear Meredith had
a crush on Doug, just when he’d started dating someone else. Doug knew about her crush and felt a little
bad about it, so didn’t bring his girlfriend around much. Time passed, and Doug’s relationship with
his love fell apart. He started dating Meredith. Bad idea. Gradually, she became excessively controlling
– controlling to the point that she wouldn’t allow Doug to hang out with anonymouse or
any of his friends. One crazy incident after another and anonymouse
didn’t want to deal with Meredith anymore. Sadly, Doug stopped hanging out with his old
friend too in exchange for this bizarre relationship. But after almost a year had passed, Doug came
to his senses. And when he did, he met up with anonymouse
and filled her in on what had gone on. Meredith’s controlling and paranoid nature
had skyrocketed to the point that neither of them left the house. She’d threaten to harm herself if he left
her. But during one major blowout, it all came
out. Anonymouse writes: “It turns out she had
logged in his computer when she crashed at our apartment the very first night … From
that point on, she had gradually gotten access to his credit card and bank accounts, his
social media accounts, his cell phone account [etc.]- she would literally follow him around
town even before they were dating via pending charges”
Meredith had groomed anonymouse for 7-8 months in order to get closer to Doug, while simultaneously
keeping close tabs on Doug’s closest female friend. This twisty-turny saga takes the phrase “keep
your friends close and your enemies closer” to the next level. It’s lucky Doug got out alive. 3. The Creeper
The very first line of the thread posted by ladycaptainamerica is: “My best friend is
a creep.” So, you know we’re in for a good story. This Redditor is a young woman working in
IT. When she clicked with one of her coworkers,
Don, she was relieved to have a friend. At the time, The Redditor was having family
troubles and financial issues and was considering going back to her therapist. She confided all her issues in Don, because
he was a good friend, whom she trusted. He convinced her that he could help her work
through anything, and there was no need for therapy. Due to the financial issues, she listened. As they became even closer, she found out
Don was older, married, and had a kid. He claimed the marriage was an arranged marriage
and he wasn’t happy in it. The confidence that they shared with each
other solidified her trust in him. They continued to text, and he started requesting
pictures. The requests were at first innocuous, and
he claimed he just wanted her to send selfies to promote self-love. But soon, they started getting more specific. The Redditor got fed up with his behavior
and started to avoid him, but he managed to weasel his way back into her life with an
apology, so she gave him a second chance. Two weeks went past, and Don turned creepy
again, asking more bizarre and strange questions over text. This time, she ended contact. Hopefully, she reported him to HR as well,
as some redditors advised. 2. The Life Taker
Redditor Greymore tells of an old friend who became an ex-friend at a young age. He attempted to force himself on the Redditor’s
younger sister, so he was immediately cut out of his life. That early experience revealed the true nature
of this man. Years later, the creep was dating the author’s
ex and, though Greymore tried to warn her about him, she didn’t listen. She endured emotional and physical harm from
the guy, which ended in a restraining order. Several more years passed, and the man was
charged with taking the life of a man for dating another ex of his. He confessed to his actions in court. Greymore writes: “His family is genuinely
very nice, and tried for years to fix the worst of his problems.” Sounds like he had problems that couldn’t
be fixed. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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Social media has made it so much easier for friends from our past to find us. Sometimes, to our own detriment. Redditor Mo7ia7ty shares her story of a friend
she had in primary school. When she changed schools in 5th grade, their
friendship fell away. But he found her on facebook when she was
22 or 23 and claimed to be organizing a school reunion. He asked for her number and, thinking nothing
of it, she gave it to him. That’s when the bad things started. He immediately called and texted dozens of
times that night. She didn’t answer at first, but after it
became clear that he wouldn’t stop, she chatted with him a bit about school memories. Soon, he asked her out, which she rejected. He even found out where she worked and would
show up to hover over her. It got even more intense, when he started
sending links to rental properties that they could move into together. She never responded to his texts and only
responded to a few of his first facebook messages, so really, he was living in a fantasy world
with the little conversation they’d had. The Redditor wrote: “He would constantly
try to get me to give him my address, which I would never do, but every night at work
I was so scared he would be in the carpark waiting to follow me home.” This just shows the scary reality women can
find themselves in when they’re just trying to be nice. Unsurprisingly, there was no reunion. Mo discovered this after messaging another
former schoolmate that the man claimed to still be friends with and seemed to know everything
about. The schoolmate said she hadn’t talked to
him since primary school. The story doesn’t end there. After telling her coworkers about this man,
one of them knew him. Mo writes: “Her daughter had rented a room
to him a year or so earlier and had him kicked out when one night she woke up and he was
sitting on her bed watching her sleep!!!” This coworker took his phone number and called
the man. Although Mo doesn’t know what she said to
him, it must have been bad enough to make him cease his actions. Well, not entirely…he still tries to facebook-stalk
her from different accounts.

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