Top 15 Scary Hotel Stories

15. Gas Chamber
You expect to breathe clean air during your hotel stay. Redditor chiefkhump almost ended up gassed. Chief found a hotel in Yangon, Burma with
low rates due to maintenance. No worries, their stay went fine, and they
headed to breakfast. It was there that they discovered their destiny
could have been very different. Some German guests they’d met at breakfast
said they’d been moved during the night to a different floor, because some levels
were being gassed for bugs. According to the Redditor: “During the middle
of the night they were just going around the rooms shoving the gas nozzle or whatever under
the doors and letting them run; wound up [taking the lives] of the two people next to the Germans
before they realized they’d accidentally booked people on that floor.” The fact that it could have so easily been
them that the hotel gassed has always stuck with this Redditor. That’s perfectly understandable in this
situation. 14. Children’s Clothing
As a night auditor, Redditor Loco_Mojo has a number of stories to share, but one particularly
creepy story makes our list. The guest had been acting odd since the beginning. Mojo arrived for his shift, and this crazy
guest came down to pace the lobby and breakfast area aimlessly, talking to himself. He would sit down, stand up, move to another
chair, while mumbling. Hours later, he went to his room but returned
shortly after to tell Mojo to call an ambulance. He said he’d turned on the heater, and it
had made him short of breath. Mojo did as he was bid, and a moment later,
the fire alarms went off. Firemen arrived and asked if there was anyone
in the man’s room. Mojo answered no, the strong guest had no
others with him. Once the fire had been contained, the firemen
set off, and Mojo went to take a look at the damage. The man had moved all the furniture around,
putting the TV in the bathroom and a trashcan in the center, which is where he’d lit the
fire. Mojo writes: “The thing that troubled me
wasn’t the fact that the man intentionally set his room on fire and could have possibly
burned the hotel down, it was the fact that even though he was alone, he had small children’s
clothes spread around the room.” If that doesn’t give you the deepest of
chills, I don’t know what will. 13. Mr. M
Buckle up, because this one’s a wild ride. Redditor voteforbetti31 shares her scary true
story originally told by her mother who used to work as a hotel housekeeper in Washington
DC in the ‘90s. Having come from Vietnam, her mother didn’t
know much English initially, but she could get by at her job. Due to her lovable nature, she was always
sent to clean the rooms of high profile guests when they were in town, including the Backstreet
Boys. One high profile guest was Mr. M (a pseudonym). He checked into the hotel’s priciest suite,
and the mom was assigned to clean his room. When she arrived, she found a ‘do not disturb’
sign hung on the door, so she planned to return later. However, the man stayed at the hotel more
than a month, but wouldn’t let the staff near his room. Because he had the money and was warm to staff,
the red flags were ignored. Soon, they’d find out why those flags were
waving. At one point, when none of the staff had seen
him in a while, they found the ‘do not disturb’ sign was no longer on the door, although Mr.
M hadn’t checked out. So, the mom was sent to clean his room. When she opened the door, a rank smell hit
her square in the face. The place was a pigsty, “like someone had
thrown a rave,” she said, although no guests had been seen entering Mr. M’s room. It seemed as though the man had left without
a word to the hotel. The smell was so strong that the housekeeper
was looking all over for it and tracked it down in the closet. She opened the door, and a cardboard box was
sitting on the floor inside. Although we’re all hoping she didn’t look
inside that box, she unfortunately did. And according to Betti: “What she saw scarred
her to this day.” It was exactly what you thought it was, if
you’ve seen the movie Seven: the head of a young woman. The poor housekeeper screamed, rushed to the
elevator, and fainted inside. When she awoke, the hotel was swarming with
cops and, as Betti wrote, “like a CSI scene.” The man wasn’t who he said he was, had used
a fake credit card to check in, and this poor woman was a call girl. Betti’s mom quit the same day. And who can blame her? 12. Creepy B&B
Sometimes, guests aren’t the creepy ones; hosts are. Redditor Ghost_Farter wrote of her scary stay
at a Pennsylvania Airbnb. The place seemed cute, she said, and apart
from a display of antique dolls in the lobby, it seemed normal. But once they were in their room, the signs
began to appear. There were some scratches on the floor near
the bookcase. When they looked closer, they found a secret
door. Ghost explains: “When I asked the owner,
who gave a creepy vibe, if it worked he said yes and showed me that it opened to their
office … It had a lock on their side and when I asked if there was a lock on my side
he smiled and said ‘no.’” In other words, the hosts could get in, but
they couldn’t get out. After the redditor asked for another room
– preferably one without a secret concealed entrance that hadn’t been disclosed to guests
– the host just continued to smile creepily. So, instead, the pair blocked the door and
got no sleep. What a bizarre thing to put into a hotel room. 11. The Bad Room
Redditor, Banned_From_Subs, was on a business trip in ’99 and his flight had been delayed,
making him late for check-in at his hotel by around five hours. By that time, they’d given his room away. Being that the business event he was attending
was at the hotel, he wasn’t having it. Although polite, he was resolute that he’d
stay there that night. After trying to figure something out for their
guest, the hotel asked if he’d consider staying in a damaged room that was under construction. With no other choice, the redditor agreed. Bad idea. It was clear something bad had gone down in
that room. The red stains on the ceiling and walls had
been primed over, but the carpets still had pools of red with tape over them. There were also a number of small holes in
the walls, which had been patched and sanded. He describes it better than I can: “You
could see where the person had been hit & where they fell. You could also see how they had tried to get
up & where they had finally collapsed.” Luckily, he only stayed in the room one night…although
one minute seems too long in my opinion. 10. Are You Alone? If you think you are absolutely safe in a
hotel, think again. Redditor dontthinkdontthink shares this absolutely
chilling tale about staying in a foreign hotel. She’d just wrapped up a work event which
had sapped her sleep. Needless to say, she was exhausted. So exhausted, that despite the rundown state
of the motel, she dropped on her damp bed and fell asleep by 8PM. The motel phone rang around 11 PM. It was the front desk calling about a noise
complaint. She said she wasn’t making any noise and
that she’d been sleeping. And here’s what they were really after:
Dontthink writes: “They ask me if maybe it’s someone else in the room, and I tell
them nope, I’m here alone so there’s definitely no one else making noise.” After verifying again that she was alone,
the phone call ended, and she fell asleep again. The next time she woke up, she thought about
the interaction a bit more and wondered why the motel staff had called, because there
was no noise around her. She also wondered about the need to confirm
that she was alone repeatedly. She later discovered they’d never called
at all. That means, someone had called her room to
see if she was alone. For what reason, we can only guess. She writes: “I’ve never been so glad to
always always use the extra latch chain lock.” If she hadn’t, who knows what might have
happened? 9. Serious About Partying
An anonymous redditor shared this unbelievable tale of a hotel guest who was “serious about
partying”. The redditor worked the front desk at the
Marriot, when a group of high schoolers heading to a nearby ski resort checked in. He called these instances “complete chaos,”
as four high school seniors per each 140 rooms meant a wild party weekend. The Redditor describes the scariest incident
that happened when a young man ODed in the hallway. The redditor writes: “He had no pulse and
needed to be defibrillated back to life. [After being taken to the hospital], he came
back that same night to his friends all in the lobby and shouted ‘WHO’S READY FOR SHOTS!!’” Guess party guy didn’t learn his lesson
the first time. But high schoolers have nine lives, right? Something tells me I may be wrong. 8. The Creeper
Imagine what creepy guests you might encounter as a housekeeper in a hotel. Redditor WildViolette doesn’t have to imagine
it. She worked at a Super 8, whose housekeeping
staff was just her and her sister-in-law. They each had a floor to themselves and shared
the second floor. Our friend was cleaning rooms on the second
floor, of which she had around twenty to cover, when this creep walked up behind her to head
toward the stairs, leering the whole way. When she assumed he’d gone down the stairs,
she headed to the storage room to pick up some more supplies. In order to get there, she had to pass those
same stairs. She writes: “There’s the creep standing
there on the top steps, staring at me and acting like he’s blocking the stairs.” While she says she should have locked herself
in a room and called for help, the instinct to flee kicked in, so she raced down to the
end of the hall toward some side stairs. As she arrived at the first floor, the leering
creep was approaching her. She raced past him, shouting out her sister-in-law’s
name, until he bolted out of a side door. But that wasn’t the end of her saga. WildViolette writes: “A few hours later,
as I was finishing my last rooms, I heard someone down the hall, so I looked and there
he was standing at his door just staring at me.” The thought makes you shudder. Although he finally left to his own room,
our friend called her sister-in-law for backup, and they remained together until she’d finished
the floor. Everyone should have a backup, it might have
saved her life in this case. 7. Anonymous Bikers
Bikers often get a bad rap. But sometimes, they save the day. That’s what happened for Redditor sweetrhymepurereason
when she was 12 on a road trip with her mom. In the middle-of-nowhere Texas, they stopped
at a super cheap motel with a semi-decent rating. Probably a fake rating from the sounds of
their experience. Halfway through the night, the manager knocked
on the door and told them to get out, because he booked the room for another guest. While the redditor gathered their things,
her mom was outside arguing with the manager. That’s when he started shouting. Shouldn’t have done that, because he alerted
other guests to the situation…and these weren’t ones you’d ever want to confront. The Redditor writes: “I looked out the window
and saw about half a dozen bikers in vests appear out of nowhere … and start confronting
the owner.” Of course, the mom didn’t want to be involved
in all this in case things got ugly, so she rushed inside, while the bikers began telling
off the owner, telling him these guests had already paid and would stay the night, and
he’d better not do anything like this again. The owner backed down fast, and then everyone
dispersed. The mother-daughter pair didn’t sleep well,
after all the drama that night, but they checked out the next day without incident. The Redditor gives a worthy shoutout to their
saviors that night. In this case, it appears they saved the day. 6. Do You Wear Thigh Highs? Redditor taybeezy shares a super creepy story
from her work as a receptionist at a popular mid-tier hotel in the South. She worked the evening shift and of course
often got calls from people wanting to make a reservation. One of these calls came from an older man
who said he worked at the Hanes company. The man was checking on his reservation, but
it didn’t come up in the system. He then asked whether or not hotel guests
could have packages shipped to them while there. Although Tay thought that was the end of it,
two weeks passed and the Hanes man called back. His voice was weird this time. She describes it as “super soft voice with
almost shallow breathing.” He claimed to be checking on his reservation
again. But it still wasn’t in the system, so she
offered to make it for him, but he cut her off. She writes: “In then even more shallow breathing,
in the creepiest softest voice asks, ‘do you wear thigh highs’.” Tay hung up the phone and locked the doors. And I bet she never wanted to answer that
phone again. 5. The Unwanted Guest
Sometimes, the scariest thing in a hotel is not the staff, not the guests, but the unwanted
critters who’ve managed to scuttle their way into the night. Redditor crow_man shares his story of a scary
stay in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua – one complete with huge spiders and scorpions in
the bed. He writes: “I’m sitting at the bar, drinking
and chatting with a mate – feel a tickle on the back of my neck and think it’s a mosquito
or something. Brush the back of my neck and another scorpion,
this time way bigger, plops on the ground at my feet.” What did he do? He simply stared at it, squished it to smithereens
(after squealing), and kept right on drinking. I’d be out the door in a heartbeat if that
happened to me. 4. On Fire
If you think you have a strange hotel story abroad, think again. Redditor neverpennyless tells of his strange
2 AM arrival at an isolated coastal hotel in southen Turkey. Already off to a strange start. But then he pulled up to his destination. To put it simply, the hotel was on fire. The owner was standing outside of the building
and was excited to see his new guest. When the Redditor mentioned that the hotel
was on fire, the owner said it was just a “small fire” and ushered him inside. The Redditor bypassed firefighters as they
did their job, stepped over hoses, and rushed through smoke, while the owner told him that
the fire was only on one side of the hotel, and the second floor landing was fine. They entered his room, which was indeed absent
of fire, and he passed out before he could think. He writes: “In the morning I awake [alive]
wondering if I dreamt the entire thing.” But he didn’t. In fact, he had breakfast with the hotel owner,
after examining the charred stairs of the far side of the hotel. And when he returned several years later,
the hotel had recovered. Bizarre…but also a great travel story. 3. The Hotel Ghost
Ever stayed in a haunted hotel? Redditor Army_of_Wombles worked at one. The Scottish Hotel had separate ground-floor
level buildings. He was told to bring a bottle to one of the
guests’ rooms as a pair of sisters had arrived for check in. So, he got the tray ready, two glasses, a
bottle, and headed across the courtyard to the main building. But as he turned down the corridor toward
the bedrooms, he saw something that stopped him in his tracks. He writes: “I’d been told the stories about
the hotel ‘ghost’ – apparently an old woman in grey who’d [taken her life] … I was therefore
perturbed to see a headless figure, in faded Victorian dress, shuffling away from me down
the corridor in complete silence.” Knowing there was no other staff in the building,
he almost dropped his tray, as he exclaimed, which alerted the figure enough for it to
turn around. As it so happened, it was one of the sister
guests, who was just so severely bent over from osteoporosis that her head fell below
her shoulders. Talk about a big misunderstanding. 2. 9 1 1
When your hotel guest dials 9 1 1, you expect the worst. But Redditor, nubosis encountered something
even creepier. The redditor once worked for an old 20-room
mansion hotel. Right off the bat, it sounds creepy. Although he’d heard ghost stories about
the place, he never personally encountered the supernatural. That is, until one night, certain guests made
him question things. The couple who checked in were perfectly lovely
and friendly. Around midnight, the room they were in dialed
911. Our friend, nubosis, saw the call on his switchboard
and, being the hotel’s only employee, he had to go investigate the matter. The man was older, so he feared health problems. He went to knock on the door, which crept
open a bit after a time. The room was pitch black, the curtains were
closed, no light at all, so nubosis couldn’t see the guest. But soon he heard the cackling whisper of
the man, which he described as straight “out of a horror movie.” When he asked if the man had dialed 911, the
guy replied with a question in a creepy voice: “Who are you?” After explaining that he was the man who’d
checked him in at the front desk, the man claimed, while giggling, that they didn’t
have a phone. Next he said they meant to call 411. Then, he shut the door. The following morning, the pair came down
into the lobby, acting completely normal. Don’t know if he was on something or not. My money’s on paranormal possession of some
kind. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell
beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new video
we upload every Tuesday. 1. Alone in Life
Redditor, CaptainCabbage, was not actually a guest, but a hotel employee, who worked
the night shift at a hotel situated right off the highway near a city. One night, a guy who looked incredibly tired
came in and booked a room without breakfast and refused a city map. It also appeared as though he didn’t have
any spare clothes and, despite only booking one night, he asked if the rooms were made
up daily. CaptainCabbage wrote: “In hindsight, all
of those things were somewhat significant, as an indicator for what he was thinking at
the time, and what happened next.” What happened next was chilling. All through the night, nothing seemed off. But the next morning, as guests checked out
and time ticked closer to checkout time at 10 AM, the lone guest didn’t appear. He hadn’t given notice about wanting a late
checkout either, so the head housekeeper knocked on his door to no avail. After a few attempts to get the guest to answer,
CaptainCabbage entered the room with his master key, announcing his entry. Still, to no avail. They found the man in bed, his blankets up
high, just laying stiff. The man had passed away that night. Because the man had no family to find him
at home, he’d chosen a cheap highway hotel to pass in so that people would find him. Captain writes: “It was creepy, but it was
also really sad; no one should be that alone in life.” No truer words have ever been reddited.

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