Top 15 Scary Public Transportation Stories

15. Fleeing Police
Traveling through a tunnel on a train is frightening enough. The darkness. The enclosed space. Not knowing what’s going on around you. But Redditor murderousbudgie offers one more
reason to fear the tunnel. He was traveling in Queens, New York, when
the train entered a tunnel. That’s where it came to an abrupt halt. The air and lights vanished. People began wondering what was going on,
and soon found out that a man who had tried to flee the police through the tunnel had
collided with the train. The power had been turned off so that the
police could go retrieve him. The Redditor explains: “We could hear him
screaming in the tunnel. The guy survived”
Many in the thread wonder who this suspect was and what he was fleeing from. There’s more to this story…and we all
want to know what it is. 14. The Mouth-Breather
Creepy people on public transit is pretty much inescapable. If you ride the subway enough, it will eventually
happen to you in one way or another. Redditor Frosted_underscore wrote about what
he describes as a “clearly insane” guy who entered the train when Frosted was around
sixteen years old. The crazy decided to stand in front of an
18-year-old woman and just breathe heavily over her. Frosted explains: “We were the only ones
on the train before he got on, and we both looked at each other, and I nodded my head
and raised my hand – a slight gesture that if he did something I’d intervene.” Frosted says the creep kept staring at her,
even after he sat down and stopped hovering. The woman was obviously uncomfortable. Who wouldn’t be? Leaving her seat to be closer to the only
other person on the train – the Redditor – , the pair started talking, and Frosted
said he would have tried to help if anything had happened with the man. Suddenly, the man in question jumped up, Frosted
prepared his 140-pound self to defend against a 200-pound man. But, luckily, he was clever enough to steer
him off the train with only his words. Many in the comments of this post describe
similar experiences with unwanted attention on public transit. And it also seems that t-shirts with marker
writing is the common clothing of these individuals. So, I guess the take-away from this is: steer
clear of homemade t-shirts. Although, I think we already knew that… 13. The Clown
Redditor accomplicated shared this story of a subway trip in Seoul, South Korea. He was in a subway with a clown, when the
train completely stopped in a tunnel. Korean came over the loudspeaker, explaining
that someone had thrown themselves in front of the train. Accomplicated writes: “The clown looked
at me; I looked at the clown. He decided at that point that it was his job
to entertain our car, and I was his unwilling stooge.” Imagine being notified of such a horrific
event, and then having to endure a clown’s attempt at entertainment, as you wait for
the body to be cleared from the tracks. Truly a bizarre event to say the least. 12. The Almost-Flood
When heavy rainfall increases the likelihood of flash floods, it’s best to stay at home
and not risk jumping on public transit. Redditor Theres_A_FAP_4_That knows that first
hand, as he attempted to take a Path train from New York City to New Jersey in the late
‘90s during a huge storm. He writes: “All of a sudden, about halfway
under the Hudson, the Path stops and everyone could see water in the tunnel outside rising. I was never so scared in my life”
If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, you probably know the crazy imagery and ideas
that pop into your head – worst case scenarios and potential survival strategies. The train eventually started moving again,
albeit very slowly, but the redditor says that’s “legit the most scared” he’s
ever been. I’d say that’s quite understandable. 11. The Rock-Thrower
Redditor TheDecisiveJEDI wrote about a scary encounter, while traveling on a train in Mumbai,
India. In India, the train doors are often open with
people hanging out, clasping onto the handles and bars. He says people do this both for the thrill
and because the trains are overcrowded. As the Redditor’s train traveled through
a slum, a random kid threw a stone at the moving train, which knocked a random commuter
who stood right in front of the Redditor. The man didn’t fall out of the train, thankfully,
but when he fell in, other commuters could see the cut gleaming all over his face. And the horror seems to have stuck with the
Redditor for a while. He writes: “I kept on dreaming about the
same incident over and over again about a scenario of him falling out of the train,
and woke up out of bed, for nearly a week after the incident.” Can’t blame him – that image is enough
to give the bravest of us nightmares. 10. Our Own Mortality
While many of these entries occurred in the US, scary public transit stories are definitely
not relegated to America. Redditor Andromeda321 moved to the Netherlands,
where she had to rely on public transit to get around. Often, if someone jumps in front of the train,
the rail line is shut down for hours, so that police can investigate the scene and make
sure no foul play went down. While according to the Redditor, she heard
one person a week ends their life this way in the Netherlands, the worst experience she
had was on a return home from the north country. She and her colleagues were almost to the
station and were standing between carriages, because there were no free seats. That’s when the train came to a halt. She explains: “the body was right under
where we were… I didn’t look out but I guess you could see
the man’s dentures on the other side … a six year old started crying because she realized
for the first time her own mortality.” I could only imagine the mental toll an event
like this would have on a person. 9. The Rope
At times, it’s not so much the public transport, itself, that you should be afraid of; it’s
the people waiting with you at the stop. Redditor beesareeatingmybrain wrote of one
scary London night, when she was at a bus stop alone at 11 PM. A man with a backpack and wearing a hoodie
approached to wait at the other side of the stop, looking over at her in a creepy manner. She describes what happened next: “He took
off his backpack and pulled a pair of gloves and a rope from it, put the gloves and backpack
on and then began wrapping the rope around his left hand.” She didn’t wait around to see what he was
up to with that rope. But just as she stepped onto the road, getting
ready to race across the street, her bus appeared. She raced onto it, but that’s not where
her nightmare ends. She writes: “While the bus was pulling away
I looked out the window at the scary man and he was staring at me intensely, with the rope
wrapped around his left hand and his right holding it taut.” If that’s not an image that sticks in your
mind, I don’t know what is. 8. The Ultra Creeper
When someone’s creeping on you and you have nowhere to go, you have only two options:
ignore it or stand your ground. Redditor ninetypoundglutton stood her ground. She wrote that she boarded a bus that was
largely empty. After choosing her seat, she noticed someone
move from another seat to the one right behind her. Though she thought that was strange, she tried
not to think about it. But soon she had to think about it. The bus moved forward, and after a few minutes
past, she felt someone touch her side. It was the man who had changed places to be
close to her. He was reaching around her seat to touch her. When she turned around to glare, he apologized
and sat back, but soon he was at it again. This time, she turned around and addressed
him verbally, telling him to keep his hands to himself. Then she changed seats. But once the bus stopped and more passengers
climbed on board, she noticed someone sit next to her and, after a moment, she felt
a hand on her knee. It was him again. She shouted at him, and he responded by claiming
it was an accident. But this time, she wasn’t alone. Another woman, who’d seen the whole incident,
had her back. The woman started shouting at the creep, who
shouted back. Then the bus driver finally got involved and
said the guy would be kicked off at the next stop. This didn’t deter the shouting match between
the creeper and the woman, who said she’d be getting off at the next stop to settle
this once and for all. And she did get off after him. Ninetypoundglutton calls the woman a “public
transportation warrior,”. Pretty sure we all agree on that one. 7. DARKNESS
Sometimes laughter is the best medicine; other times, it could lead to the loss of your life. An anonymous Redditor claims he almost passed
away on public transit in Brooklyn, because his bus driver was laughing so hard, he lost
control. He goes on to say that he was on a bus, when
this familiar-looking man got on and sat nearby. After a moment, he realized the man looked
familiar for a reason: he was Charlie Murphy from The Chappelle Show. Although the Redditor was a big fan, Murphy
had his kid along, so he didn’t bother him. But other people weren’t so interested in
a famous person’s privacy. After a time of absolute silence on the bus,
someone shouted out, “DARKNESS!” a famous saying from a skit on the show. The Redditor writes: “Everyone loses it,
including the bus driver…and we went from laughing to terrified in one second. Luckily no one got hurt and even Charlie Murphy
found the situation funny.” Well, who wouldn’t? Rest in peace to a legendary comedian. 6. Twilight Zone
This one’s straight out of the Twilight Zone. Redditor Derelyk shares his story about an
11-hour bus trip to Iowa City. The Redditor spent the whole trip in the rear
of the bus, mostly sleeping. On one occasion, he awoke to find nobody there. The Redditor writes: “No driver, no passengers,
no left over luggage except mine. Bus was parked in a gas station parking lot,
gas station was closed and obviously been closed for years”
Although a car eventually appeared some 15 minutes later with the replacement bus driver,
who said he’d overslept, those must have been the scariest 15 minutes of his life. 5. Don’t Leave Me
It’s often the case that some folks on public transit aren’t right in the head. Redditor steeiier experienced just such a
case on her way home after school in New York City. She boarded the public bus and sat beside
the window, while an old man sat alongside her. Although she had her earbuds in, he seemed
to be looking at and speaking with her, but she ignored it. When she removed her earbuds, she discovered
he was talking about his wife. She writes: “I was getting a little creeped
out and i decided i would get off a few stops ahead and just walk home. When i told him i had to get up he said ‘no
stay with me, don’t leave.’” As she continued to insist that this was her
stop, he continued to insist that she not leave, saying, “I want you to come with
me.” Thankfully, some other young women noticed
and stepped in. When the man still refused to move, the girls
started shouting at him. And although the old man finally caved, he
still insisted that this Redditor was his daughter. “I’ve had a lot of weird people experiences
on NY trains/buses, but this one was the creepiest,” she writes. Not a surprise. Seems pretty terrifying. Let’s hope this man got the help he needed. 4. Maggots
Creepy crawly things are not welcome anywhere – but especially not on public transit. Redditor nigel_with_the_brie shares his experience
with some unwelcome critters on another New York subway. People often eat on the subway, which Nigel
doesn’t understand, because public transit is often so disgusting. But, when has that ever stopped anyone from
doing something. Someone had dropped some crumbs on the ground
and Nigel writes: “I look down and there are literally maggots writhing around right
next to me.” If that’s not enough to make you shudder,
Nigel adds that some NYC subway lines are known to be bed bug-ridden too. He ends his tale saying that he can’t wait
to leave. It sounds to me like Nigel didn’t have the
best experience in New York City. 3. Rapid German
Redditor, MajorMustard was in Frankfurt and riding the S-bahn. Instead of paying for a ticket, he’d borrowed
his host-brother’s transit card. He was able to use it the whole time without
a problem, until one day the conductor entered their car with a look that could terrify you. If that wasn’t scary enough, the woman approached
the pair, requesting their tickets. Having only had about a month of German, Mustard’s
speech was lacking, to say the least. He didn’t understand and just mimicked his
friend. After looking at the card, she gave him the
glare and spoke rapidly in German. Although he didn’t understand a word of
it, his friend managed to tell him to sign the back of the card under his breath. The Redditor writes: “So here I was, 17
year old kid from Wisconsin, forging a signature in a foreign country beneath the eyes of an
official.” She snapped the card from him after he’d
finished and gave it a long glare. After she was satisfied, she gave it back
to the boy and continued on to terrify other non-law-abiding passengers. 2. The Group
Public transit can be a pretty bad time, like this story demonstrates. Redditor WallyPlumstead, grew up in Brooklyn,
New York. He was 13, when he and a friend decided to
go to the movies, which they did on a weekly basis. This time, however, they had to take the train
all the way out to Manhattan, because the neighborhood theater wasn’t showing what
they wanted to see. Nothing went down on the way out to Manhattan,
but on the way home, Wally left his friend at his stop and then had to continue onward
to his connecting train. He had the subway car to himself. In fact, the one next to it was empty too. Instead of enjoying the entire place to himself,
he switched to another car that was fuller. Some guy in a leather jacket blocked his path
and claimed the other cars were closed. Although Wally knew this wasn’t true, he
didn’t want to start anything, so he returned to his empty car and his seat. Leather jacket and his friends viewed his
response as weakness and decided to take advantage. A metal dart came flying into the car and
landed near Wally’s feet. Leather jacket and the group yelled at Wally
to pick it up and then launched aggressively into the car. The dude who threw the dart demanded that
he pick it up. Wally obliged, only to have the dude throw
it at his legs repeatedly, each time ordering him to pick it up and hand it back to him. Screaming and crying and trying to block his
legs, 13-year-old Wally was an easy target for these brutes. After growing bored with the dart-throwing,
the group all struck at once, in the stomach, the chest and the face. He tried to break free and run to the next
car, where there were people, but one of the group was blocking the door as the lookout. He trapped him in, throwing him back to his
friends. Wally fell to his knees and pulled out all
the money he had, which was one small dime. He offered it to them and pleaded that they
leave him alone. After leather jacket took the dime, they still
weren’t through. They grew more and more scary, throwing his
head into the windows. When the glass panes didn’t shatter, as
they seemingly wanted them to, they gave up on that idea after a half dozen rams. The entire group raced out of the car, once
they’d reached the final stop. All but one: the leader. Surprisingly, he pulled out his wallet and
offered Wally a couple bucks, maybe to try to keep him quiet, but with pride, Wally refused. Although he tried to report the incident to
the conductor, he couldn’t find him. And he didn’t report it to the police either,
because he felt he couldn’t positively identify those involved. Noting that the group who did this must be
in their 50s now, Wally wrote: “Their friends and families, wives and kids, probably look
up to them, thinking they’re the greatest, not knowing what lowlifes they really are
and were.” Well said, Wally. Hopefully, they have – or will – face
their comeuppance someday. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
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beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new video
we upload every Tuesday. 1. On the Tracks
Another scary story of a body on the tracks…but this one may not have been there of its own
accord. Redditor -eDgAR- was on his way back home
from work on Chicago’s CTA one night. He was nearly there, when the train stopped
abruptly. After a while, the conductor announced a delay
over the PA, and they were played out with some elevator music. A half hour later, and the conductor was on
again. This time, his voice was shaking. He informed passengers that there was a body
on the tracks, and the power would be shut off for a while so that police could investigate. According to Edgar, the investigation took
around 2-3 hours, and no one could leave the train. The conductor made announcements and sounded
as though he was going to cry from the stress of it all. As time ticked on, the passengers began to
get antsy and complained that they should just be allowed to disembark. When the power finally returned, they were
simply taken to the station, where they were finally allowed to disembark. Although no one told the passengers what had
happened, our friend Edgar did some investigative work. He writes: “It was a 15-year-old kid and
no one knew why he was there.” Another story that we’d all like to know
more. Or maybe it’s best to not know the rest
of this very scary incident.

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