Trump administration asked the UK to discredit the Mueller report

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  1. Trying to spin it again Brennan, Clapper, Comey, were all corrupt, and Barr is getting close a Democrats don’t like it. Because Hillary started the whole thing

  2. What's the end game? Who/ which government agencies/dept. is going to charge Trump of all his CRIMES, after he leaves office? You know there will be plea deal for no jail time. Where Barr or Pence or new President will comes into to play. My pet peeve is the G.O.P. congressmen like Nunez, McConnell, Jordan, etc..who let Trump do what he did will not face justice for their words and actions.

  3. Trump wants to read the transcript. The doctored one. Not the one, that isn’t secure or classified, on the secure server.

    Most criminals will say they aren’t guilty.


  4. Hes always seeking foreign help, just add it to the growing list of things we arent impeaching this inbred for.

  5. There's a lack of Trump supporters/trolls trying to defend this.
    I wonder why…oh yeah because they can't.

  6. None of this fuckery and corruption convince the TRUMP supporters that this LIFELONG PIECE OF SHIT PRESIDENT is a malignancy on AMERICA. And it is because they are far worse morally than he is. They are the disease and TRUMP is only the symptom. #LW

  7. And yet another BULL SHIT story about our President!!!! CNN IS FULL OF SHIT!!!! 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸2020 LANDSLIDE!!!!!

  8. What garbage, these greedy, soulless republican pigs spit right in your face! Your Democracy is dead and now you going to get everything these greedy, soulless, 1% pigs are going to do to you and your babies. Watch as your 1% owners thin out the herds of human livestock. Why are you bothering peasants, everyone is grubbing for the pennies before they're dead. You are all nothing more than hamburger, now get in your masters grinder, piggies need more money! You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  9. I thought I'd check in with CNN trying to understand what makes it's audience such hypocritical Trump haters. You hate everything he does even though your heros did the same or worse. HYPOCRITE… That's what you are. Let me out of here. It's cold.

  10. We in the UK know all about that. Ukraine was not the only county targeted by Trump.
    What an idiot. Btw the Steel dossier is 98% accurate. Steele was in charge of the MI6 Russia Desk.
    And now Trump interferes in our election. Incredible. Johnson better stays awy from Trump or he loses the election. Trump has ZERO ratings in the UK.

    Note to self: rig for red>>>
    [locked & loaded]>others has flipped…KEK…[UKRAINE-US].
    👺 👺 👺 👺 👺
    Sondland changes testimony, acknowledges delivering quid pro quo message to Ukraine
    Under Obama-Biden Administration. The Dem Est. strongest said prep statement to their impeachment hoax was what Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland previously had told House impeachment investigators. This had allowed the Dems "dirty cops" running this sham room to continue their previous collusion to obstruct justice case against our duly elected and chosen by the people President Donald John Trump investigation to move forward. Trump would have not been able to continue to govern or enforce any laws or practice using the rule of law. It would have continued to rendered Trump incapable of doing his job, the illusion it was his doing instead of the Dems steps taken to overthrow our gov. & put in place their communist government. This week Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland testified that he now remembers telling a top aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that Ukraine would not receive U.S. military assistance until it committed to investigating the 2016 election and former Vice President Joe Biden, according to a person with knowledge of Sondland's testimony. PELOSI stressed previously there was no deadline to finish the impeachment probe. This seems to be the pattern. And Adam Schiff false testimonies to Congress & to the world of Trump's transcript created this rouse to accelerate their sham with blatant disrespect to rules, laws, evidence, testimonies, &
    advice from collages to overthrow a sitting president and take back the near completed coop of America from the bush-clinton-obama era administration's led by the holdovers that started with their assassination of JFK in front of the world as a warning. This previous off testimony from Sondland would have allowed the Dems to overthrow america, call in the U.N armed militants allowing congress to take over illegally the white house and remove President Trump from the oval office. That is how close we came to becoming a communist country. People would have been rounded up to readied FEMA camps forced indoctrination to stalinism or beheaded by sheria law and the red Dawn completed by the enemy from within. Their global profiteering of human harvesting would have continued the Hollywood globalists elites happy to resources again their adrenochrome-coke-fentonyl drug compound mixture pharmaceutical grade if President Trump had not taken all the steps he had as a law officer to stop the overthrow of America. Devin Nunes said he found the evidence the impeachment of Trump started right after Trump was elected.
    Schiff is just a political hack in there to destroy evidence, mislead the the American people with his created evidence against Trump and anyone else who gets in the way of the Dems Est. agenda to overthrow the America government to put back in place their NWO mafia LUCIFERIAN system to continue to launder money RACKETEERING under the international corporation of the Vatican, the crown & the Dems Est. globalists. The speaker of the house 3rd in line to the presidency after taking out Trump moving pence out of the way Pelosi would have rigged an emergency election then liberals nominate HRC and Americans would have been done. The red Dawn would have been completed, patriots taken down and no civil war would have been necessary. The U.N equipment already in America stored in werehouses, their sat coms already installed in key junctions and corridors, infrastructures reinforced for heavy duty armed military vehicles such as tanks. It would have been a cake walk for the LUCIFERIAN Dems Est.
    and the ONLY way they could have taken down a country with 86 million patriots strong who are Christian's and have been preparing for this red Dawn knowing it was going to come to this some day. The day just came sooner then we anticipated. This is what just took place. #TRUMP2020
    👺 👺 👺 👺 👺

  12. Imagine, going to US allies and asking them to investigate or get information on our own intelligence services! Trump is at war with his own government. How many other countries have been asked?

  13. There isn't a UK intel official in this piece. That is misleading.
    So, why that title?
    Trump needs to go, but this is a weird way.

  14. Democrats should be investigated.
    The sham garbage they tried to put president trump through he has every right to inquire and ask. Democrats fake outrage is only to distract from the real criminals

  15. Just MORE Obstruction of Justice. Barr isn't working for the U.S.A. He is a "Useful Tool" for the Liar N' Thief. Soon to be under a buss somewhere.

  16. President Trump is horrible. His vanity, fragile ego and lawlessness are ruining the US's standing in the world and (more importantly) with its allies.

  17. Does anyone really blame Trump for trying to bring these people to justice? There's obviously a conspiracy to overthrow him.

  18. very soon US will be a totalitarian regime… all critics and investigators wil be removed and replaced by puppets of Trump

  19. To our longtime friends and allies the world over I want to thank you for your friendship, and to offer our most sincere apologies for the jackass currently occupying our White House.
    Though his mindless words and bizarre behaviour have angered and embarrassed us, I assure you, our longtime friends, that these last three years are just a temporary distraction and will soon be at an end.
    Having read your postings;
    Thank you for your support.
    A proud American.

  20. Trump to Americans: "I hate globalism"…Trump to 6 other countries: "Help me with dirt on my opponents for my campaign(s)"

  21. Day in, day out, CNN is trying hard to discredit a elected US government. This station and others are nothing but a security risk and the intelligence community should revisit them.

  22. Trump is spreading his conspiracy theories around the world and along with Barr, the most bias AG ever to hold office, these two amateurs are trying to drag our allies into their fevered delusions.
    Trump once said that the world was laughing at us when Obama was president, of course as with all of Trump's claims he offered zero evidence for his lies, but my god, the world is certainly laughing at us now.

  23. Electorates make mistakes – sometimes electing a fraud, sometimes a dullard, sometimes a madman.
    America "we do it bigger" managed to elect all 3 in one president. That's an achievement any bunch of idiots can be proud of.

  24. the people pioneering BREXIT do not want to know about meddling either:
    "Nigel Farage and the Brexit party have voted against stronger EU measures aimed at countering “highly dangerous” Russian disinformation. The party’s MEPs cast their votes against a European parliament resolution calling for an upgrade of the EU’s anti-propaganda unit East StratCom, as well as support for public service media."
    "The Brexit party, which abstains or opposes most European parliament votes, hit back at the claims. “We will always vote against more power and spending by the EU,” said David Bull, a Brexit party MEP.

    “We won’t take lessons in democracy from parties which have packed together in order to frustrate the Brexit vote. Stories of Russian interference have been exposed as baseless propaganda and scare stories used to shut down debate. As a party of free speech, we oppose shutting down debate.”"

  25. That fool rump has tried everything to get dirt on Biden. Let's you know just how low rump will go to win. He is a traitor to America.

  26. Repuglicant Party !! Absolutely Disgusting !! This is high crimes !!

    What more do the good people left in America want to see, read and hear

  27. who would give a damn about that you lying corrupt fake news garbage communist Network news is the most disgusting CNN garbage I've ever seen nothing but lies corruption fake news your trash you're disgusting pieces of garbage all of America knows you're nothing but a common is socialist network of garbage lies corruption and deceit you disgusting pieces of trash

  28. Trump, why you ask for help to other countries, is because you can't win for yourself. You are a Looser. You could not win by youself to H. Clinton. You are a cheeter.

  29. Jim Jordan, are you educated, seems not. I can't stand when I see you on tv. Do you know what I think of you a Traitor and an asskisser.

  30. CNN should be discredited talking about crap when 6 us states now allow 11 year old girls to go out in public topless your a crap propaganda fear porn pushers

  31. Russia help me, Ukraine help me, China help me, and now UK help me. This is what Trump is begging foreign countries to help him.
    He is begging help from foreign countries and not the American people. Because Trump knows that America is not with him .

  32. Unfukkingbelievable! Please America, wake up and get facts before u decide that it's worth it to support this mafiastyle criminal

  33. i am shocked at what lengths this POTUS will go to in order to insure his re-election…a criminal and his thugs…we are gonna screwed…just my POV

  34. Ummm excuse me but Earth to CNN Trump already said publicly that they're investigating 2016 election and corrupt Democrats along with foreign collusion… I see CNN is trying to twist this like it's something terrible that Trump is doing SMH

  35. Soon it will be necessary to send the U. S. Marine Corps as an expeditionary force into Mexico to wipe out the drug cartels and restore some order and law into this important and now very threatening and dangerous border country. The Marine Corps is ready.

  36. The art of the deal extended version will continue to his homelessness days, just like Citizen Cain was for Randolph Hearst
    Profetic to pathetic yet Poetic Justice

  37. Barr, Giuliani, Trump put them all in jail .Trump works for Russia they know his financial crimes and human trafficking Lock them up.

  38. Dear U.K. govt and citizens,
    Trump is operating on his own without the approval or even knowledge of Congress or the American people. He does not speak for us, he does not represent us, and he is not to be trusted.
    We will want to repair and re-establish our relationships with our foreign allies the minute we are able to remove him.
    Once again, he is operating on his own, self-dealing, and answering to the Kremlin. He does not represent the good people of the United States of America 🇺🇸.

  39. Based on the base attacks on our POTUS in this thread, I can only conclude that bots and trolls are alive and well. Keep it coming! It GUARANTEES DJT’s re-election and the imprisonment of treasonous POS. 😂

  40. This Narcissistic Embecile is Embarrassing our Country to a point of which we may Never Recover from!!!😜😝😣… Thanks ALOT… T-RUMPS BLIND and DEAF CULT Members!!!😒

  41. Should they have credited it,bogus evidence starting an inquiry. Stupid,Stupid,demonrats working with fake news cnn. The “real”truth cause there is only one truth ,it will come out.

  42. Does this channel ever once report something good about the president? This is insane. I get now why they call cnn and others “fake news”.

  43. The world of lifer politicians and beurocrats against trump. Pretty fair fight. And the sheep all get in line and follow and don’t think about the damage these people are doing. There saying democracy is ok until we’re not running the show.

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