Trump An Incoherent Spectacle At G7; W.H. Struggles To Clean Up | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. what part of the usa do we have power black outs average 2 hours a year?
    we also have wind and solar power, but it is not enough and those technologies require a lot of realstate. we have a clown at the white house, but lets not tell lies about energy creation technologies

  2. Oh for the g7… I thought he was flipping the bill…😯🤔…by he I mean Google's going to pay for it, corporate fines😃…do I get the job…I retract my statement🤣

  3. Poor demented mad cow! Must be hard to permanently eat crow. How Europe and the other countries in the grip of the Rothschild cabal dearly wish President Trump was their President. They're even parading through Hong Kong calling out in praise of him, and South Korea. Go take your medication, Rachel, and consider what you're going to do when your lies come back to haunt you. Hail President Trump.

  4. I really, can't stand the stupid this president puts out. I just started voting last year, I'm always voting blue now. IDK what is so good about conservatives, the only thing I slightly SLIGHTLY align with them on is the need for our guns, and not wanting them taken away and that's literally just it.

  5. HARRY TRUMAN tried to buy greenland in the 40's. it is a incredible global strategic move.
    Not a trump acolite. But i just dont believe madcow after the russia hoax

  6. If people did not cover and lie for T, he could not do the horrible things he does. He does NOTHING on his own. He merely screams orders and others do everything. STOP enabling T to dismantle democracy. Enablers are worse than T.

  7. T insanity is no doubt the most absurd thing Rachel has ever reported on. She does an excellent job making sense out of insanity! Whew, she earns her pay!

  8. This is a fine mess. Worse than horrific. Nobody would believe this as a book or movie. Ken follett could never top this kind of bizarre nonsense.

  9. Wow. Just Wow. Trump is so humiliating. He sounds like he has Dementia when he says "Darling". Almost slurring like a drunk.

  10. No Rachael…we are laughing at you,and those who believe your silly crap. How are your ratings? If you get rid of Trump, you will have nothing.

  11. Rachel you’re too stupid to even understand why the president was making an inquiry about buying Greenland,Greenland has more natural resources and gold,silver,platinum and in geothermal alone,you’re just too stupid.

  12. i pity him, i partly feel like he just has dementia and people are trying to hide this due to it's implications on his presidency. XD

  13. There is enough wind out of Trump USA could generate enough power for all their needs . Plus he is the chosen one ?? He leads the Western World ?? Into what????

  14. How many top leaders of other countries would be willing to eat the food from Trump's properties, which ALL have had serious sanitation problems? I'd rather eat junk food, like a burger, than trust what is served up to any unsuspecting clients at Trump's facilities. Luxurious appearance but skimped on, even to hazardous levels in reality. I think they've served up ptomaine as well as vermin, even food-borne parasites.

  15. Hey Rachel, I hear that Russia are buying Greenland. You should spend the next 2 years ranting about that, sounds like some kind of collusion.

  16. Rachel Maddow? Looks more like Richard, and sounds like a donkey. Honestly, that thing should be ashamed to show that face…. It's like assaulting people through TV

  17. When Trump voters realize they bought a salesman pitch to line his own pocket.
    And if they did the math on tax dollar's being pocketed by trump for his business and personal interests, they may realize they have a drunken sailor on leave at the helm, and getting filthy rich by their lack of interest of who they voted for. Trump made promises he didn't care about. Just win at any cost, per Trump skrew you if your stupid.

  18. Just scoped another photo of the sacred F-35 landing or lifting off one . It looked like a flying Cockroach , well sort of , the Roach more aerodynamic . Lockheed being handed another 230 or so million for the flying cockroach's twin's support , like the 400 BILLION + requisitioned ain't enough . What a racket Lockheed rolling with . Good googa mooga !!!!! Can I git a fist full y'all ?

  19. can’t hear it is the volume messed up or something seems to be a problem with my device or maybe it’s the internet data conection can’t tell if it’s a issue with my device or there’s maybe i should contact technical support an ask if they’ve been having any difficulties an any other reports such as the sound not working properly on other users devices

  20. I wonder how Americans felt, watching and listening to their President doing a 'sales pitch' for the G7 to be held on his premises next year: the total absence of class and dignity, the tawdriness, the tackiness, the total lack of savoir faire, indeed the disturbing vulgarity of the President's behaviour must have caused decent Americans all over the world deep and distressing embarrassment. I shudder to think what the French would have whispered to each other in their drawing rooms, as they watched the American President behaving like a used car salesman on the world stage. That so much damage could be done to an institution which had earned the respect and admiration of the world for a great many years, would have been inconceivable just over two years ago. How much longer is America prepared to suffer this humiliation?

  21. President Goofball is destroying the country and republicans are helping him do it.
    Proud to be an American? More like embarrassed.
    The people who voted for this asshat and continue to support him should be held accountable.

  22. You couldn't make this up in your worst nightmares …. how incredibly embarrassing. HOW do the Americans EVER live down voting in and, worse, some idiots STILL supporting him? Worst president in history – and they've had a load of train load of crooks in that position. Please put an end to this misery for everyone's sake.

  23. Unfortunately for the rational Americans out there…..your country is a joke now!😫. Any democrat 2020……. there is a cure👌

  24. Yep, the POTUS is now a moron in chief, a comic character of world proportion. Why ? but why is he still in the White House ? Has the American public lost their collective mind ?

  25. Lol you guys are jokes, guess thats why hong Kong's people wants trump to help liberate them. Yea there laffin ant they. China is talking bout coming to tbe negotiating table 😂😂 topical of a failing company tring to pick up rattings. Msnbc is falling watch them fall.

  26. But when he was only impacting himself and not involving the USA, his being a liar can be ignored! But he, his VP and his incompetent administration is just as scary as having a NUKE the US! This is a sickening Nightmare!!

  27. I can't believe:
    1) Rachel Maddow still has a show after years of Russia Collusion Conspiracy theories
    2) Anyone listens to MSNBC and trusts what they say after years of attempting to manipulate you.

  28. Sad , I’m not a doctor, but I think maybe his on early stage of dementia… look I don’t knw but his in and out … he needs to be removed or just retired… … we can’t keep on this way it’s sad there making fun of him and all theworld and keeping scores

  29. So sick of the lying Mockingbird media that helped put Trump in power now complaining about him daily. Fed up with the hypocrisy and negativity.

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