Trump In ‘Weakening Position’ After Week Of Stumbles | Meet The Press | NBC News

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  1. Came by just to give a THUMBS DOWN to the DEEP STATE. It's AMERICA vs. the DEEP STATE CABAL. AND WE ARE AT WAR! Now you know why they try to hard to get rid of the 2nd amendment. They fight so hard for NO SENSE, instead of COMMON SENSE and GOOD FOR ALL. WE ARE AT WAR!

  2. I believe it's more like you Chuckie testing how stupid the American public is when you try to deceive them with your FAKE NEWS!

  3. Butt-hurt trumplings, you're a little late to damage control. The sinking Trump ship is past saving. You're looking worse and worse with every passing day, as Trump impeaches himself.

  4. in the near future statues and monuments will be built to celebrate the american MSM work to defeat conservatism and restore american values.

  5. This isn't news. where is the reporting on Hong Kong, Ecuador (which almost had a revolution) NBCs sexual harassment issues, this is not a news channel. Its propaganda and fodder for those poor souls with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  6. Of course his base is not going change there feeling for him He is there cult leader. they would drink all of the Kool-aid if he told them too.

  7. Hey Chucky of DNC news. Stop being a mouthpiece for the deep state and just get over the fact that President Trump WILL NOT be impeached!! He will be elected for 4 more years. Middle America is VERY TICKED OFF at you and the deep state democrats!!

  8. no the patience of Trumps base is being tested, believe me. We are growing short with the news coverage of this president 😛

  9. TRUMP IN WEAKENING POSITION? Then how come a mainstream poll, Harris, has 50% of independents approving of him, 21% OF DEMOCRATS APPROVING TRUMP, and 81% of repubs approving of Trump? Just some more of Chuck, fake news, Todd's negative Trump meanderings.

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