Trump meets with French President Macron

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  1. Trump can't tell the difference between a glass of wine to that of vinegar. There's much too much of Trump and his Trumpoline of meaningless regurgitated fake accusations and lies. Business leaders all over the world are laughing at Trump as being helplessly stupid.

  2. Macron is facing protests from the Yellow Vests and yet he cares more about foreign relations than his own country…

  3. The orange bladder is so ready to pop jesus leaving horrid trump supporters sprayed with stinking orange urine. Poor cunts 🙁

  4. This guy is crazy! When will the GOP get it together and get rid of this nut bar? There is NO WAY the Republicans can win the next election with this guy at the helm.

  5. Macron is a Globalist and a failure that doesn’t represent his people he is a traitor and sided with the Globalist EU scum bags.

  6. I hope the president has a food taster along on this trip, those amoral globalist are capable of anything and all things devious and despicable, especially the slimy globalist Macron & Merkel

  7. First lady Melania. Not worthy of first lady but the nude pics online of her nice. She'd be gone for a while with me and show up later with rose colored knees and looked like she drank milk fast and running off her chin.

  8. Those EU nations want to make money ON American goods but they do NOT want American goods to be affordable to their citizens, good for you EU. !!!

  9. Humpty Trumpy is angry
    That Gafas are taxed by the frenchy

    But they're the kind of companies
    That frauds the european irs on daily basis

  10. I like the idea of telling Europe they cannot depend on our Military. I’ll have to think about this since we have so many joint ventures. Interesting. This is probably over Macaroonie’s Head, tho. . Wine tariff!? That’s ok. We like our USA wines— we can deal with it.

  11. China is raising tariffs of $75 billion on goods from America and in return Pres Trump is actually raising the tariffs on goods of $550 billion. The Chinese are so frustrated by this. They blinked first when it comes to the value of the currency. Now they will have to blink again because America buys so much from China. If that is going to hurt, the Chinese economy will bleed terribly. The media-nites still don't understand Pres Trump's tariff strategy.

    Also the media-nites fail to understand on the stock markets. That DOW number of 27,000+ is the highest – strongest stock market during Pres Trump's watch. That is the highest it has ever been, ever. It's never been that high. So 600 points drop would not impact the stock market, would it?

    Netizens like us can easily understand Pres Trump's strategy and foresight but not the unelected officials of the EU, not France, not Germany, not China, not Canadians, not the UK…..numbskulls. Europe is struggling. Germany, largest economy in Europe, is struggling.

    The President has explained many times, so please get it and move on with President Trump's next clever move and learn from the tested wiseman, Pres Donald Trump.

  12. So many trolls on here hating on President Trump keep trolling we keep winning and more win please don’t stop stumping on the people hating on America we the real Americans behind you all the way Mr President!!!!🤜🏽🤜🏽🤜🏽🤜🏽🤜🏽

  13. Did u notice Macron didn't nod yes ONCE when GUMP said how good their doing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 gave him a crooked stare 🤔🤣

  14. Yes, among other unfair practices, the membership admission rules of WTO must be revised to exclude all single party states and authoritarian regimes bcs of inhumane manufacturing, government interventions availed by their special status of being free from the rule of law.

  15. If it was any century other than the 21 century Marcon would of been dragged into the street and killed by the French people…

  16. I think Macaroon in more comfortable with his bromance partner , Justagroper Trudope. Two peas in a pod or should I say a couple of communist nitwits? Thanks, Trump for foiling the Globalization Communist wealth redistribution scheme. Thanks for legal immigration as opposed to illegal invasions. The media is intellectually starved to figure out the difference. Media bias and fake NEWS.

  17. Every time this president says "special relationship" it means that things are going South. And this time his voice tone and volume was low and somber. It looks like he is getting the cold shoulder. He gets what he deserves

  18. This ignorant Slob Trump represents America, what a huge embarrassment. Wake up USA, Trump is the laughingstock of Europe.

  19. Trump should have called the tariffs a carbon tax since China is the #1 polluter, both volume & per capita, in the world.

  20. Fox and viewers are a bunch of idiots…trying to make jokes about France shows how ignorant you all are….

  21. Trump is a bumbling, incoherent mess. People with properly functioning brain cells cannot follow his meandering and nonsensical speech. This explains why Fox News viewers support him–their brain cells are not functioning properly.

  22. As we head Deeper, into the Trump Recession, a Manufactured "Crisis" aimed at setting us up for Another "Billionaire Bailout," Americans have No Doubt trump will Not give a "Payroll Tax cut", as that would help working class Americans, and not Billionaires.

  23. Macaroon and Justagroper Trudope, a match made in communist heaven. Just like two peas in a mushy pea soup. Unfortunately the Groper wasn’t invited to the adult table.

  24. French need to respect the USA 🇺🇸 remember WW2 without the USA who know if France 🇫🇷 will be today so don’t turn your back to the people who save your country.

  25. No mention of yellow vest protestors — going on a year now! — and the national hatred of Macronie? At all. Wow! Fox News sucks.

  26. Yes, Mr President. Give us 6 months to fix our supply chain. Will do. 100% tariff on Communist China. Free trade with Republic of China.

  27. …no mention of the Iran Foreign Minister in Biarritz today " Invited " by Macron ? Negotiating with Macrone alone ? Being ignored by Trump? Certainly a surprising Coup – with a European message of diplomacy first!

  28. Isn’t Macrons a laughing stock? Very soon, he’s gonna be, when Britain, leave the Europe and say goodbye to Germany. In the second war ,Germany occupies the France and this time is the same things. Thanks to the blind Europeans politicians.

  29. Last three years President Trump bring America back again & make America Great again with respect. 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 Each year China Communist cheating American $ 507 Billions for 30 years from now, but last 3 former president didn't care, they didn't fight for America & American people. American we lost all job all shipping out of the country!! China they steal our technology the leader of America all they cares is corrupted and selling the country to China! Especially Bill Clinton & Fake President Barrack Hussein Obama the ISIS Founder all he cares is corrupted & taking down the USA!!!  Only President the one taking cares for USA but what in the hell wrong of Radicals Dems why always fight American peoples??? Stop using our American taxpayers pay for DemoRats Party!! We The People!!

  30. Trump telling Macron “I love French wives” Macron, “Donald please Act your age. Take your responsibilities serious for just once in your life”. Trump 🤑

  31. Trumps body language says "why and I talking to you? This is the same old globalist talking points, I'm going back to my suite ASAP"!


  33. GOOD…its about time they get their own MILITART and stop depending on OUR soldiers, OUR tax dollars, OUR resources.

  34. All the fake news stations, that includes FoxNews, would never cover the yellow vest movement. It's not part of their Marxist plan from their Frankfurt School of critical thinking!

  35. Haha why trump lips say somting to macron? Why do they come together? a failed attack on White sea? Nuclear conspiracy of France and America. The nuclear bomb was in a boat and dates from the cold war. America wanted the dirty game to be done in France. Turkey is big, and already knows the dirty game of America and the Europe. Long live Turkey.

  36. Lmfaooo everytime Don says positive little tales they always just stare with their head sideways 😆😂😂😂 they love what they hear even though they know they are not THAT cool at all! Aint no love in politics so I probably would take any that came my way too and go with the flo 🤣 Donald is so smart!

  37. Trump wants Russia back, any thoughts? Fox? Did you report that? I did not see it.trumptards, did you see that in fox?

  38. WASHINGTON – Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders will join Fox News as a contributor, the network announced on Thursday.

    The network says she will "continuously lie across all of FOX News Media," and she plans to make her first appearance on Sept. 6 on Fox and Friends. Donny can join Fox in 2020.

  39. He says he has lost from $3 – 5 billion dollars by being the President?

    Those that have studied him over the years have never estimated his wealth to be that much?

    Is he making money off the Presidency?

    This is obscene.

    He says his people looked around and they concluded that his golf club in Miami would be the best place for the next G-7 meeting. He says he would make no money off the event. But everybody knows that is a lie. Once more, he is pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people. Shame on them!

    Shame on the Congress! For letting him get away with this thievery. He is robbing this country blind and nobody knows anything about how he is doing it?

    It's a disgrace!
    Posted by kentuck

  40. Macron is so self entitled to say he doesnt like trumps "america first" policy… what policy should we have? a France first policy? should we just start shipping all of our resources over there? i dont get it. a country should worry about its people first and thats what the america first policy is… we shouldnt be giving free money or resources to anyone unless we know it will benefit us overtime.

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