Trump slams whistleblower as ‘almost a spy’

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  1. Hey, idiots, all of these stories about WH people trying to keep Trump off the phone with Ukraine… Wait, those stories come from MSM sources that you just all pointed out ARE LYING THEIR ARSES OFF ABOUT THIS ENTIRE INCIDENT! IOW, they are trying to "Fool you twice!" so the shame is on you if you give any credence to anything they say.

  2. Newsweek reports trump is now only 6 votes away from impeachment in the Senate!
    Mark Pocan of Wisconsin well notes: “The president in this case not only broke the law by asking a foreign government to manufacture evidence against a political opponent, he’s also openly admitted it, which puts us in a very different territory.”

  3. Alan Swift can read his own poultry like he wrote it because he did .! It is obvious because Allen his own spy. I am tired of this when are we going to call war on the Democrats.

  4. So it seems the lefties are breaking into the Fox News comments. Yep. Lefties. Every right to say what THEY want but won’t allow other opinions. Go back to msnbc and CNN ya fuckwits.

  5. What’s this called? Bidengate? Huntergate? Impeachmentgate? What about schiff? Is he the architect of this ridiculous attack? Kinda looks that way as the facts are rolling out.

  6. the Democrat party and every leftwing organization constitute the greatest threat the United States has ever known!

    We need Trump more than ever. Drain the Democrat swamp!

    Flip the house and vote Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. This is how the game is played in Washington, the media machine needs its daily feeding so it can regurgitate the slop to its willing recipients, who in return gobble it up. Lots of partisan he said she said with no substance and just another day in the never ending witch hunt from the radical left.

  8. Our White House restricted other Trump call transcripts. Officials said notes about calls to Russia's Vladimir Putin and the Saudi crown prince had not been handled in the usual way. Anyone surprised?

  9. So Trump cries and moans about Hillary's secret server when he himself has a secret server that he hides $hit on. F'ing hypocrite.

  10. Firstly, let’s remove Gerald Nadler from the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee! He is an absolute disgrace to the principles of Due Process and democratic procedure as pointed out in our U.S, Constitution. He is, in effect, the DEEP STATE! This is a well-concocted “witch hunt” similar to the Salem Witch Trials in American history. Then, let’s get ready to re-elect Donald J. Trump in 2020! MAGA; KAG!

  11. More of outrageous BS instigated by the disgusting Democrat party, with Adam Schiff throwing his obnoxious blatant twisted dirty spin of salacious lies upon more lies. When will the intel committee or the American people ever get around to firing Adam Schiff, to remove him completely from Government Service.

  12. Michael K. Atkinson, the Intelligence Community Inspectors General (ICIG) was previously the Senior Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ-NSD) in 2016. That makes Atkinson senior legal counsel to John Carlin and Mary McCord who were the former heads of the DOJ-NSD in 2016 when the stop Trump operation was underway. Coincidence? I think not!

  13. This story has been concocted by Democrats and has taken a couple of months to finalise I believe. I also believe it will go down like a lead balloon like the rest of the allegations have done.

  14. Great job by the WB Mason marketing team getting the parking spot today for their big yellow box truck in the camera shot for today's spot.

  15. Just wait, until NYS goes after the demented clown`s criminal family business. That`s when, the orange turd, will hit the fan…

  16. These so called whistle blowers are spy's. Why would you run to the press and not report something you think is bad to internal sources.

  17. Now that we learn more and more about the most corrupt White House in modern US-history, we know what a "deep state" looks like.

  18. come on your joking !! If it was a cover up you would not have the documents you are lying. .No One is concerned only you fake cheaters.. B..Sh..T

  19. my opinion its not about the whistleblower spy !!! trator its about breaking trump down by who can he trust
    its mind games .

  20. LIES … Based on lies …
    are NOT Truth.

    Obscured facts become opaque.
    Transparency becomes the ENEMY.

    The loudest voices are the most Corrupt.

  21. Have they learned nothing about running your mouth thinking you will be protected once your done they don't need you anymore typical Communist behavior . no one cares what happens to you served your purpose. Next!

  22. Trump says the person the Dems should be investigating is Santa Claus because he's been breaking into people's homes all over the world.

  23. There is one guy in the white house leaking classified data… not to US institutions but to other foreign leaders. The only "spy" here should start treating himself "the old way".

  24. Isn't that the Pot calling the Kettle Black? Trump the Russian Spy has some nerve to call someone else a Spy.. Hahahahahahahaaa This man is the biggest Moron of this Century ! You big Old Dummy ! Orange Skin with Box Blonde Hair reminds Me of a Twinkie.

  25. Can't stand the one in the red dress. . .she has he most whinny voice and is nothing but a sorry mouthpiece with bad objections for her lying party.

  26. These whistle blowers are the highest up the chain there is with no one having more honesty and integrity in the whole nation. These are people put into place without political bias and loyalty to country only and foremost. Anybody who jacks with them including Trump will get theirs asses handed to them.


  28. Bet Lindsey has blown a few whistle's in his day 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  29. Nixon said I am not a crook, Trump says I have always been a crook 😈😈😈🍔🍔🍔🍔💩💩💩😈😈😈🍔🍔🍔💩💩🍔✌✌✌😈😈🍔🍔💩💩✌✌✌😈😈😈🍔🍔💩

  30. Congress not working just resist the future of their country USA 🇺🇸
    Your deep state over or u can just die leftist fucks

  31. in every case if there is an actual problem >>>> every officials involved >>>> public discussion, no secrecy if it is going to create international tension.

  32. It's fascinating how Trump thinks covering up his extortion of a foreign government is part of federal government employees' jobs and that anyone whose gag-threshold is triggered by his crude gangsterism is a "spy."

  33. If Trump, et al., think his conversation with the Ukrainian president is above reproach it is strange that they went to such lengths to suppress knowledge of it, going so far as to place the transcript of it on a secure server intended as a repository for sensitive converse on national security, NOT politically embarrassing conversations. The attempted cover-up is as bad, and just as cheesy, as attempt to extort a foreign government to influence the 2020 election.

  34. Question for everyone: Okay, this hearsay special rules made up for Whistleblower gets his special, new and improved Whistleblower status. However, every last one of the people who told him are NOT whistleblowers and get to be charged with treason.

  35. It's obvious that VP is running for the presidency so any type of investigation into his son or him would cover him because of his run against Trump . Tha dems will caul it political opposition for 2020.

  36. I want to see this fake Whistleblower.. It would not surprise me that this guy was made up or planted.. I don't trust anybody up in DC..

  37. This issue is not the whistle blower, as that person has no part of the loop. The issue is the people, in the loop talking about very confidential communications. Other people have been jailed for less serious talking.

  38. Someone needs to explain to this SCHMUCK that there are no spies. That call was made on a WH phone. Everyone knows that ALL calls are listened in on to prevent exactly what Trump did. They are not spies. They are Intel people DOING THEIR JOB by protecting us. He even made the statement last week…"Who would think he would be that stupid as to make a private call on a WH phone? And what does he go and do a week later?.. When a transcript is processed,,it contains EVERYTHING word for word that is said in a conversation. What you read is what was said. There is no doctoring it.

  39. It’s frustrating that as someone who sides with Trump here, for just looking at the facts, you’re labeled as racist, sexist, etc when you tend to disagree with him on a lot normally

  40. President Trump these people are "enemy combatants…spies…definitely" We know what to do with them…send a message a LOUD and clear report will do…

  41. This is exactly like a deeply nihilistic Preacher who believes he can "Speak for God" because he, in his core, does not believe in God.
    TRUMP can speak for himself.

  42. Are all these FOX people total lying scum? Trump asked a foreign leader to get dirt on a political rival. It doesn't matter if any money was involved or not; getting foreigners involved in our political process is illegal. Listen to these lying pigs saying Trump is being transparent. The only way we would know what happened here is because a real American told us, while Trump and the lying republicans tried to hide what he said! As a 3 armed conflict Marine who has had 20 operations in the past 50 years because of Vietnam, you pieces of lying trailer trash at FOX make me sick! All you Nazis should be deported to some other country along with the cowardly FAKE bone spur baby Trump.

  43. Y'all need to stop listening to Fox News and learn to think for yourself ,cuz they're lying to you. That's why they are called Fox News try to Outfox people and they Liars.

  44. Democrates have the tendency to be corrupt. The biggest corruption in Congress, that of money printing, in 1913 between the Congress and Federal Reserve, was elaborated under President Woorow Wilson, who happened to be democratic (…). So far, look at the consequences now: 21 trillions of debt!!
    We want President Trump call for National Emergency, suspend the Congress, and allow the Judiciary to look into the problem of that immense corruption over Federal Reserve and the debt of 21 trillions: who knew and who did what? This "Phone Call" between Trump and Ukraine President is a distraction…to allow democrats get away with it: they have to bring back the money they've been receiving from these "Bankers".

  45. Spying on Democracy, is a crime.

    A people involved in their government is a crime if it interferes with the corruption of the government.

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