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  1. President Trump is a lying, corrupt, communist sympathizing fool! Everyone around him goes to jail. I can't wait til he gets a crappy jail cell next to them. What a punk cheater!!!

  2. How many lawyers have to go to jail until Trump gets impeached? It's like a bad freakin' clown car joke. 😂🤣😂🤣

  3. The Ukraine affair is a gigantic inflamed foreskin. If you poke around, you’ll find that Donald Trump is behind it. 🦠

  4. You guys put him in office..so deal with it..if you hate potus that much make sure he doesn't win the next election…I just don't get it when the American people voted him in,,in the first place….btw I'm not a fan of trump,,I just don't understand all this stuff that's going on

  5. The planet watches 😖 the insanity at USA presidency with horror! From Honduras 😵 he is a menace for the planet for human race

  6. " Hey, listen, I'm being honest, which you already know, and Thousands of people have told me this, they said, oh, Donald, you are just the most stable genius, and the least racist person in the universe!" If I wasn't hysterically laughing, I'd be in tears.

  7. “We are about THREE WEEKS away from him claiming he’s never met Rudy Giuliani” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Who believes theres enough intelligent enough democrats to whistle the same way each time this loser delivers its supposed punchline each and every night….he relies heavily on canned laughter….this is not a live audience.

  9. How is the dems investigation NOT a biased kangaroo court style investigation?! no matter how the dem investigation turns out, i am certain they will come
    out with a guilty verdict HOPING to stir up protests all over the US.
    It's a trial by publicity "hail Mary" stunt to avoid facing Trump again
    in 2020!

  10. How is the dems investigation NOT a biased kangaroo court style investigation?! no matter how the dem investigation turns out, i am certain they will come
    out with a guilty verdict HOPING to stir up protests all over the US.
    It's a trial by publicity "hail Mary" stunt to avoid facing Trump again
    in 2020!

  11. Feed the Public any Information and they will believe it. Do your own research folks,then make a choice. Headlines and pictures can tell 2 different stories as well as just listening to the news can change the scenario

  12. The president is criminally insane. Everyone surrounding him is corrupt especially the other members of the trump crime family.

  13. Mr. Trump's constant whining like a baby that had his pacifier taken from him makes great joke material but going through his daily whines gets to be very tedious (to be as kind as I can be about it). Haven't we had enough?

  14. Welllllll no wonder Trump "Sours on Fox News" – they're finally starting to tell the truth about him

  15. trump and “mr. 9/11” don’t even qualify as a thugs.Just kind of dumb and deep-down corrupt, but the people busy undermining the State Department, appointing political/religious extremists to the courts, further imbalancing the economy to benefit the very rich, and giving unelected corporate entities a free ride in every way…they’re the thugs. They’re the right-wing billionaires.

  16. Impeachment for what? Asking foreign countries to interfere in US elections? Big deal! It's not like he got a B.J. in the oval office.

  17. Dictators like Trump hate negative press. State run Fox is like watching N Korean tv. Trump would have Herr Goebbels run Fox if he were alive…

  18. I'm looking forward to hearing what Jimmy, Stephen and Seth have to say about the hiring and firing of Trey Gowdy! Now trump has to hang on to Rudy a bit longer, which probably explains why he and Rudy had lunch at trump's golf club over the weekend.

  19. First, an impeachment resolution must be introduced by a member of the House of Representatives.

    The speaker of the House must then direct the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary (or a special committee) to hold a hearing on the resolution to decide whether to put the measure to a vote by the full chamber and when to hold such a vote.

    A simple majority of the Judiciary Committee must approve the resolution.

    If the Judiciary Committee approves the resolution, it moves to a full vote on the House floor.

    If a simple majority of the those present and voting in the House approve an article of impeachment, then the president is impeached.

    The procedure then moves to the Senate where a “trial” is held to determine if the president committed a crime. There is no set procedure for the trial. How it is conducted would be set by the Senate leadership.

    Members of the House serve as “managers” in the Senate trial. Managers serve a similar role as prosecutors do in a criminal trial, they present evidence during the procedure.

    The president would have counsel to represent him at the Senate process.

    The chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court presides over the trial.

    Senators listen to the evidence presented, including closing arguments from each side and retire to deliberate.

    Senators then reconvene and vote on whether the president is guilty or not guilty of the crimes he is accused of. It takes a two-thirds vote of the Senate to convict. If the president is found guilty, he is removed from office and the vice president is sworn-in as president

  20. How long after Trump is either impeached and removed or voted out of office will it take for him to get banned form twitter?

  21. Wow, the media is getting even more deceitful, blatantly lie to thier viewers RIGHT IN FRONT OF THIER FACE.The Fox News poll showed 51% for impeachment BUT NOT REMOVAL. But this guy stated "51% of people in a Fox news Poll say they suppor Impeachment AND REMOVAL. The librels CONTINUE TO LIE and TWIST/MISCONTRUE THE FACTS to LIE and support their narrative. THIS VIDEO IS 100% PROOF OF THAT!!! Go back pause the video look for yourself.

  22. Weaponized language to incite hate that’s a fresh term but true….trump has been on Twitter listening to people for several years….the end results from all of the feedback about all policies enacted over years has come to a sharp point in this nation… trump has spun this underlying hatred of government to the masses…. trump has used the Ivan Pavlov theory very effectively….. trump followers have become so blinded they are so unaware that they have been conditioned by trump’s pulpit of spin doctors…. I truly hope people come to their senses and find a better solution than trying to annihilate mankind all because they have a different point of view….

  23. The Turd in Charge can't hack the fact that his narcissistic ergo is being slandered. Fox as usual go down on bended knee using Hannity & Carlson the two Trump GROVELLERS to get on air and boost his CHILDISH tantrums to calm him down.

  24. One more US Holiday.. Aka Trump Impeachment Day.. Now THAT'S a day worth celebrating every year. See, Trump you will have your lil piece in history and future..

  25. The Evangelical Christian that has 5 kids with 3 women and paid off strippers to sleep with him,that has declared Bancruptcy 8 times, that gave tax breaks to the rich, that has the largest Cabinet turnover in presidential history, and entire campaign history is in prison is being investigated for illegal activities ? Who could have guessed ?

  26. REMEMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am impeachment does NOT mean a removal from office.
    We will still have him as president, only pissed off more than ever !!!!!!!!!!

  27. "IGOR! Bring me another glass of 'milk'!"
    'Yes master, uh I mean Rudy, yet I am very busy setting up our Cannabis Dispensary in Nevada'
    "I know , vhy do you think i am so thirsty? 'Dis desert grown kind bud is killer… uh, bad choice of words so sorry Igor"

  28. What's actually sad is that Trump could come out and say he never met Guiliani, and it would be par for the course at this point. No one would be terribly surprised. And Trump, the pathological liar that he is. would end up truly believing it.

  29. skerry to me is that 40% think everything is okie dokie …ALL trumpet's FELONIES do obtain the office plus all that he committed while in office are just fine & dandy . WTH ? Is this really the new norm you seek ?

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