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  1. He lies because he's built his entire empire on lies and got away with it. When he said he "loves the poorly educated" he was talking about all of us. When he said he "just grabs them by the pussy" he was talking about us. We are the poorly educated. We are the pussies. We are the ones that let this happen. And it took a black president to make it be. Weird shit man.

  2. Trump ALWAYS blames past Presidents. But he NEVER stepped up to run prior, and he IS the President NOW !! When the US economy went belly up under George Bush jr. and Obama was under the verge of the worst recession EVER because of it, he looked for solutions, as unfavorable as that was to many to issue bailouts to companies so the US would not go into a Depression era, it worked. Obama avoided a severe economic crisis from becoming even worse, he did not trash Bush anything like this crybaby of a President trashes others. Trump will always blame others because he cannot accept, he is just a failure. period.

  3. "North Korea has tremendous economic potential" Like hell they are. Trump only sees power, and not the suffering citizens, in any given country.

  4. the enfeebled elderly old man trump: pontificating absurdist ideation and cartoon jibberish. a cosmic fool, a dangerously idiotic lying sociopath musing endlessly about his greatness. frightening.

  5. The only respectful Talent Trump has as an expert is con man everything else he's ever toyed with has been and world-class failure is reasonably good at fooling people remember the Republicans the Christian right the Nazis all fools

  6. You can almost see steam coming out of Donny's ears when he tries to fast-talk out of a Press question.

  7. Like a total reverse version of King Midas. Midas turned everything he touched to gold. Trump turns everything he touches into… well… something that comes out the rear end of cows…

  8. Who prepped his dumb lying ass!? You guys really need to remove this danger to the f**** world. Him and all his skewed racist jealous sick ass perverted friends.

    It's sickening that these white men can get away with all the s*** that they have continued to get away with. He should not ever be up for re-election as a candidate.

    He should be band actually! You people need to buckle down and actually start having people with experience to be able to run for president because he just isn't it.

    We cannot have a person who even has ties to racist groups
    running for office Oval Office to pretend his agenda is to protect everybody!

    This s*** is an upsurd joke and I'm done with this b******. He makes me want to throw up every time he opens his mouth and now he tries to say absurd s** that doesn't even make sense because he gets it from them jackass lawyers that help him lie for a living and look up s*** to always fit his narrative which is always skewed.

    He should not be up for re-election do you actually think the people deserve to go through another four years of this b***** when he cheated the election anyway!!???

    You people need to find better s*** to do than to try to destroy other people's lives who have God given rights to exist, And to have better living conditions in a better world.

    Life is short already and you people are just really making it hard when you don't give a s*** anyway.

  9. wow, CNN… easy to manipulate the impressionable minds with your fake news. Trump looks fine, nothing he did or said gave any indication of your narrative. #fakenews.

  10. Tariffs on Chinese products who pay? Go to Ali Baba check on any product, and they say it is ex factory price. That means they sell you cheap but transport and tax you pay.

  11. How many times has your walking skeleton advisor Conway violated the Hatch Act?! When orangutans talk…new show!

  12. There is a good reason they call this the Crap News Network. If you're enjoying your poop sandwich don't complain about the tummy ache you'll have when the truth comes out.

  13. Every time I hear something like "He received a beautifull letter from the Chinese president," it sounds like they are talking about a little kid.

  14. I blame our president for his unfit , poor leadership , he is a liar , a coward , he does not belong in office… STAND TOGETHER AND VOTE THIS FRAUD OUT ALONG WITH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE!!!!

  15. Why are we giving the Orange anymore coverage?  He clearly is stupid.  Lets just leave him with some crayons and drawing paper.   Its going take years to clean up this mess….

  16. Debra Delgado. Thank you for your reply yes I do have a great scene of humor. We have to because the 3 stooges. Trumpet Trump Putin and Kim. Are such idiots. They deserve each other do you agree?

  17. The only real deal Djackass Drumpf has ever done was to tell his daughter not to tell he molested her and he would make her rich for the rest of her life!

  18. How can he tell the world his own government sucks? because basically that is what he is saying when he blames previous administrations. it is just not right

  19. Wow! This idiot knows how to do 4 countries at the same time and negotiate how to get "sweet" replies every time he get a "wet trumpy" up his ass! When will his coleagues figure out that he is nothing more than a fat, lazy cocksucker! He lays on his ass tweeting Prez Xing, Maduro, the Ayotolla of Iran, N. Korea while exhaling every time he deepthroats one of his useless hand jobs on a world leader! Trump might do better at a glory hole in some porta can on a construction site next to a gentleman's club…where he can never see or (know) what he is blowing into! Just a useless tool!!!

  20. The people gave Hillary the most votes. Trump grifted his way into the WH and anyone with a brain knows this. Soon, his administration will only exist in the history books.

  21. If you don't like CNN then what are you doing here watching it? The beauty of YouTube is that you can choose NOT to view what you consider to be "fake news" from a "low-rated" network that is "currently in the process of laying off all of its employees", or whatever other painfully overused and unoriginal insult you may have for it. It's pretty pathetic if you're only here to be a troll.

  22. Communist news network. All these fools commenting. You don't even realize you're going against your own country. Fucking idiots

  23. "they want to negotiate, but they're not ready……."
    LoL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
    They just don't want to deal with you, dummy

  24. CNN isn't news, but is often fun to watch as entertainment. The comment section of its rabid anti-trumpers are also good for at least a few good memes.

  25. CNN =fake/bullshit news! Don't worry about War, worry about having to replace a shitload of your treasonous dipshitocrats after the declass! Fuck you CNN and your followers

  26. Iran Will get nuke (USA did not respect the deal)
    China Will sanction you back (American business Will suffer)
    Russia is locked and loaded 😂
    Venezuela will probly not be solved (only talks)
    N-korea have ressumed their testing of nucklear
    And they too are ready to fight

    Is only time before Europe starts to worry about their business
    And stop supporting USA interest

    Germany nordstream 2 with russia, Italia with one road one belt.
    Turkey with s300 from russia.

    Bolton, pompeo, Trump
    Better wake up, is not their pocket who is hurting

    But the common person in this world 😐

  27. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2019/05/14/sen-rubio-to-ag-barr-doj-needs-to-investigate-john-kerry-over-the-iran-nuclear-n2546289 Rubio was pushing for an investigation against John Kerry. Sounds fam just can't rem Kerry doing anything?

  28. Disaster after disaster after disaster, and still the press only concentrates on his Tax returns….. 🤣🤣🤣
    Trump has only one option now… War!

  29. White supremacy IS Slipping!!!! I Love Trump and what he's Doing!!!! ALL of The Lying, AND Stealing!!!!! Trump may be the god of the klan BUT he's NOT The God that Sits on High and Looks Low!!!! SOON ALL of The Lying Will BACK FIRE on Mr. Trump and ALL of his Followers!!!!!! He's been a Circus Clown long before president and u people still vote him in and with all this war talk going on u still Support him.. I hope all his supporters go fight the war for him!!! It's like the world today is full of Idiots!!!!! Wanna be cowboys!!! U Reap what u Sow!!!! U don't plant peas and Harvest Corn!!!!! Maybe in the white man world or in his eyes!!!!!! But that's why I'm so glad we Have a True God that's Going to shed Light on ALL OF THIS Wickedness Soon and Very Soon!!!! God Bless Everyone!!!! And I'm not Racist I love everyone and can forgive BUT I refuse to be a Fool!!!!! Go Trump Go!!!! The Deeper Trump Dig the Greater The Fall is going to be for this country!!! My Trust is in Jesus Christ!!!! He's my Rock!!!! My Shelter in the TIME of a Storm!!!! The Victory Is Already Won!!!!! Go Trump!!! LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Trump still have peoples stand with him is shocking it show the mental problem and racism problem in American is crazy.

  31. Do not the people know that we are going to pay the price of the idiot in the White House with taxes?
    The Chinese also hold the debt of our country in its hands. And trump wants to get into a trade war with them?

  32. TRUMP Wrote his Book, "The Art of failure" He is a FAILURE… He try to replace Obama care… He Failed… He try to fund the Wall… He failed… He try to keep Muslims out… He failed many times… He try to intimidate china with big tariffs… He failed… He is campaigning for 2020… He fails…. As a president… He has failed… He has failed Farmers, Jobs and econony…

  33. Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” needs to be placed in the fantasy section. My 2 yr old grandson could do a better job than that moron

  34. Typical cater to your motions with sound good words over facts and logical reasoning trifling worthless 2 bit nickel and dime street corner bum con man speak, its gonna be wonderful, great & amazing, where if a street corner bum comes up to you and similarly say hey, let’s get into business together, it will be wonderful great and amazing with out any type of rational explanation & to just loan them some money & they’ll be rite back in giving you 10x the amount, it’d probably be a good idea to pass on that sound good offer, where you can tell the minute Trump talks that he’s full of shit, in being the exact opposite in capabilities and who he is as a person, from the wonderful sounding image he paints, of the things that he says.


    why does America (which is 500 years old since Columbus sailed the ocean blue 1492) have such influence on countries thousands of years old?

    #(ck) common knowledge

  36. CNN struggles to stay relevant. after 2 years telling the public about collusion…Well…Muller is done, no collusion, no obstruction….NOW WHAT???    CNN IS DONE.

  37. All it will take is a single strike at one of these rogue states and the "object lesson" will be sorely learned by the rest. President TRUMP we're 100% behind you! Do what you gotta do.

  38. These liars actually think there going to get away with what they do our great WINNING President Trump every single minute of the day,lying and bashing our president him every day.THE PAIN IS COMING AND LIKE TRUMP AND Q said u will be held ACCOUNTABLE.U BETTER BELIEVE THAT

  39. Just kill your enemy like what i do stop talking be strong trump use your common sense if they do not listen to you curse them and address and explain thr issue so that the support of the people wil be at you

  40. This idiotic President will not make America great again. On the contrary, he will do more damage to America and American lives because of his trumpeted ego! American must act to vote him out of office!

  41. when are you and all the rest of the media stop reporting trumps lies its you who keeps talking about him why dont you stop showing his lies and report real news your being complicit by repeating his lies and when you do you should be fact checking all his lies its your duty to only report the facts and the truth

  42. you've already lost half of your viewers, with your FAKE NEWS. are you, people insane. you keep serving up the same shit over and over. do you really expect a different outcome?

  43. Pour it to them Mr. Trump, These stupid libs and their non American agenda tabloid channels are totally showing their true crazy colors.

  44. Trump's art of deal making is my way or the highway, that may work in screwing over tradies who have already done the job and are awaiting payment but not other countries who can take their business elsewhere.
    He is way out of his league.

  45. What is bad about Anerica is we took God out of everything, we have aborted generations of Children, we are weakening our nation with the LBGT agenda, we elect career politicians who do nothing but protect their agenda, we have the former administration selling 20% of our uranium to Russia and allowing Russia and China to build milatary bases in Haiti and South America and undermining our country by setting up an insurance policy to destroy an incomming administration. We have lawyers and psychologist violating their oaths just to get at this President, we have people in the news who would not know what unbiased reporting means if it bit them in the butt just to name a few.

  46. He should leave the Whitehouse and go back into real estate where dirty deals and dishonesty are the expected norm….he could get into some "empty house" kitty grabbing while he's at it. Horrible sick man.

  47. As the stock market soars to all time highs and unemployment drops to record lows, CNN's ratings have crashed to all time lows because they refuse to report the truth. It is CNN that is failing on the world stage.

  48. This presidency is way out of norm. I'm used to stuff not passing in the house. But all this extra bs from Trump is rediculace. Sorry Trump you can't have milk in your juice cup. If you want milk it goes in a bottle. Are you a big boy or a baby???

  49. At least he is doing something instead of giving it all away. U are so fucking negative u won't report the truth. Karry should be in prison.

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  52. "Thou shall not bear false witness" is one commandment CNN's leadership and its talking heads do 24/7 regarding Pres. Trump. And you people know it. But, CNN's leadership and its talking heads have chosen to sow discord and sell out America in favor of your own selfish desires. "It is given unto man once to die, and then the judgment". Keep that verse of scripture in mind should any of you short-sighted people have the wisdom to ponder your ETERNAL future! How UNBELIEVABLY FOOLISH not to consider your eternal destiny!

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