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In a normal administration, an impeachment inquiry would be
enough drama on its own. But the Trump presidency is like
a Black Friday sale happening at the Fyre Festival–
pure chaos. Because while
all this impeachment stuff is tearing America apart, Trump is causing
just as much mayhem overseas. It all started last week, when he made an abrupt decision to pull troops out
of northern Syria, which everyone slammed. Right? Republicans,
Democrats, Fox News. Even the Joker was like,
“All right, I love chaos, but this shit is insane.” Well, now it turns out
the thing everyone warned Trump would happen is happening. REPORTER:
This morning, chaos in Syria, as President Trump orders
all remaining U.S. forces to leave
the north of the country. Turkish forces hammering
America’s Kurdish allies with the help
of radical Islamist militias. The escalating violence
now forcing 100,000 people
from their homes. Turkish artillery
also exploding just 250 yards from an American Special Forces
post on the border. REPORTER 2: It appears
Turkey used alleged terrorists as shock troops
against U.S. allies, the Kurds, until they collapsed and had to call on President
Assad to be their savior. Amid this chaos, ISIS is trying to regroup. Hundreds of ISIS members
and supporters have broken free
of detention camp. Sweet Jesus. Donald Trump is the only person who can find a way to make
the Middle East more chaotic. Turkey invading, Kurds fleeing,
ISIS escaping? Like, the Middle East
was already a geopolitical Jenga tower, with everyone trying
to figure out the right move. And then Donald Trump comes in.
He’s like, “What if we moved
the whole table?” And Trump,
Trump has justified his decision to pull out of Syria by saying that this is all part
of his larger plan to bring American troops
back home. And that makes sense. Right? What doesn’t make sense
is that home seems to be another country
in the Middle East. And as U.S. troops
have been pulled back from the border area
of northern Syria, President Trump is sending
an additional 2,800 Americans to Saudi Arabia, the Pentagon deploying
fighter squadrons and two Patriot batteries and other aircraft
to bolster Saudi defenses. This comes in response
to last month’s attacks on Saudi oil facilities
that the White House has blamed on Iran. We are sending troops and other things
to the Middle East to help Saudi Arabia, but– are you ready?– Saudi Arabia, at my request,
has agreed to pay us for everything we’re doing. That’s a first! Yeah. Yeah, he’s right.
That is a first. I don’t think America has ever
rented out its military before. Like, that is a wild thing. He’s selling the military
and other things? What are the other things?
Does anybody ask? Nobody? What is, like–
What, does he just, like, sneak Eric into the shipment? He’s just like,
“You take this and Eric.” “Dad, why am I…”
“Shut up, Eric. Go now.” It’s weird that you can rent out
America’s military. You know what I would do
if I was Mexico? I would raise a bunch of money, and then I would hire America’s
military to do a coup on itself. Yeah. Then the people
would just be like, “Mr. President, our military’s
taking over the White House.” He’d be like, “I know.
And who’s gonna pay for it? Mexico.” -(applause)
-So… Trump says he’s done
with the Middle East, but, in the same breath,
he says he’s sending new troops
to the Middle East, which is really confusing. So, to help us clear things up,
we go now to our senior war correspondent,
reporting live from the Middle East,
Desi Lydic, everybody. (cheering and applause) Desi, this administration seems
to have very mixed messages about America’s role
in the Middle East. There’s only one message
I’m getting, Trevor, and it’s, “Dear world,
America first. Prayer hands emoji,
bald eagle emoji, America.” Look, President Trump
is just fulfilling his promise to pull U.S. troops out
of the Middle East. And, you know what,
it’s refreshing. A lot of men say
they’ll pull out, but they don’t. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me seven times, I have seven kids now. But-but, Desi, but, Desi, even though this was one
of Trump’s promises, you have to admit
that his decision has turned the Middle East
into a total shit show. Oh, Trevor, the Middle East
has always been a shit show. It’s like a Waffle House
after 1:00 a.m. Like, it’s not America’s job
to get involved. You have the Kurds, the Turks. I-It’s such a nuanced,
complicated situation. It’s not something
America can solve. Okay, but if that’s
America’s position, then why send thousands
of troops to Saudi Arabia? Because, Trevor,
it’s the Middle East. It’s America’s job
to get involved. Yeah, it has so much potential. It’s like a Waffle House
at 8:00 a.m. You have Sunni Muslims fighting,
Shia Muslims. It’s-it’s a very nuanced,
complicated situation that only America can solve. D-Desi, it seems to me
like Trump is simultaneously pushing
isolationist and interventionist policies
in the Middle East. What? No! No, no, no, no, no.
That’s crazy. I mean, that’s impos…
It’s like being a-a person that’s black and white
at the same time. It’s impossible! Well, actually, uh, that’s-that’s not impossible,
Desi. See, Trevor, here’s what
you need to understand. Trump promised to get America
out of the Middle East, which he’s done in Syria. And now,
by going into Saudi Arabia, he has another opportunity to pull America’s troops
out of the Middle East, delivering on his promise twice. Because you can’t pull them out if you don’t keep
thrusting them back in -just again and again and again.
-All right, thank… thank you. -Again, again! -Thank you. Thank
you, Desi. Thank you, Desi. -Thank you so much.
-Desi Lydic, everyone.

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  1. I think he took them to Saudi Arabia to protect their facilities so that the price of oil does not go up. He's methods are awful, but some of his intentions I understand. He puts America first in everything, only problem is that he acts alone. Quite like the late Robert Mugabe.

  2. Remember all those movies we watched growing up where armies were turned into mercenaries?? Here's the live remake version.

  3. Someone please am help me to understand. I am not American. I watch this outlet like I watch Steven Crowder and other many many information sources. Crowder did a video recently praising Trump. The video has more than 3 M views and 80k likes. I know YouTube is not a reflection of reality necessarily but that’s a lot of people ( if those are real). The comments on that video are on the line of “yes Trump is an Ass** but he is our ass** because he is a straight shooter “ That reminds me of a friend that was in an abusive marriage. She used to say that every time he beat her. Makes me wonder is the USA suffering the battered spouse syndrome? Is that the standard for the president? being an ass****? Looks insane from the outside.

  4. #goonsquad #TrumpsaTraitor #OrganizedCrime #Classist #CapitalistinGovernment #PeopleinDanger #NoFox2Give #Troops4sale #GOP #DonNCharge

  5. This is just… this is just a nightmare…

    At this rate, by 2020. America's name will be damaged beyond repair and we'll be completely alone. I'm just dumbstruck at how our country went from a symbol of promise to this.

  6. And while US citizens shit their pants when a few thousand south americans come to their border Trump just created a "caravan" of 3.3 million with this decision which will hit europe soon.

    Why cant US presidents just stop messing things up and take responsibility for the people they force to leave their homes?

  7. Trump used kurds to fight a war that usa created and now he's blaming them and sending them to death. It's disgusting

  8. This man is a co-conspirator, participated and facilitator with Erdogan, in deliberate, premeditated cold-blooded murder with depraved indifference.. it was reported that he gave intel and recon to Erdogan then conspired t pull the Troops back so Erdogan can slaughter the Kurds, he is an accomplice to mass slaughter betrayal, and using a filthy silly stupid lie to try to cover it up. They did not help us in Normandy? what the hell has that got to do with anything? They have been fighting for a thousand. So what has the length of time the have been fighting got to do with anything? they are not angels WHAT! what madness is this? Trump Is Not An Angel. In fact, I think he holds sessions with Satan and Putin. And I also noticed that Trump respects and is afraid of dictating monsters that are shorter than he is and he LOOKS UP TO THEM!


  9. Bitch please the propaganda of the mainstream media is cringes af. This people forget the Kurds is also a terrorist groups but because it is uncle sam that bankrolling them now. They are freedom fighter, just like the Mujahideen that was used against USSR that later form al qaeda. lol.

  10. I know Trump's a dumbass but we've been in the middle east for a while at least now we're getting paid for our efforts In Saudi Arabia

  11. Jokes from reporter hints of jokes from T.J. Miller and Melissa McCarthy material 🤔 You need better writers Noah.

  12. There's an interview with Trump from the 80s where he openly says US should make money by renting out military support to allies. It's the end of NATO and western stability, but who cares, right?

  13. If Clinton won't be arrested for killing soldiers and endangering national security. What makes you think President Trump will be? Jbs.

  14. you can blame Trump for thousands other things, but not for Syria…. is your memory so shallow not to remember that the FSA (Free Syrian Army) under Turks command who attacks Kurds today is an American project sponsored by an Obamas administration with a clear aim to overthrow Assad, you were calling them "moderate rebels" less than two years ago for god sake….. situation in Syria didn't become complicated yesterday with Trump it is a major clusterf… for eight years….. funny to see how everyone became such a huge experts in geopolicy and especially in Syria crisis suddenly…. you are all so blinded by hate…. if you hate him that is OK, but that shouldn't stop you to inform yourself better….. Trevor this time you are just talking shit with no sense….


  16. To Trump Supporters: The next time you rant about refugees flooding this country, or refugees from s***-hole countries coming here, or being infested with refugees, or anything else, you have only yourselves to blame for supporting the moron who made everything worse for people around the world.

  17. I knew those secret meetings, (off the record) was his personal plotting to sell the USA! Well trumptards, time to learn a new language! 🤨🇺🇸

  18. it is not (a shia-sunni) war that is only soudi propaganda. the house of soud are terrified form iran being a islamic republican(it constitute (shoura) basically means taking the nation consultation ). as a (soft power), this will make a huge impact on a highly conservative Muslims in the peninsula region and they will start to demonstrate for a republican and parties creating .so Iran has to be introduce as the great divil to the soudi nation in order for the soudi family to keep the absolute monarchy

  19. Egypt the biggest Country in the Middle East Rent It's Army for more thin 20 years now for Saudi Arabia and in Yemen War Now :""""

  20. With Isis returning and the far right extremist already reeking havoc in this country… we are screwed with no allies to boot.

  21. So what did the democrats do with ISIS in syria 5 years ago ?
    The democrats always preach after matters happen, but it's always Fake News.

  22. No matter what he says weather it's talking about himself or the USA or Countries or People/ kids, babies etc. It ALWAYS comes back around to $$$$$$$$$$$ because THAT is the ONLY thing he cares about PERIOD!!!!!! He is LITERALLY single handedly ruining the WORLD!!!!!!😈💩🤡🤖☠️👹👺🤥💀🐍🖤💥🔥🌍🌎🌏🕳️

  23. Profitting from war and bragging about it in the media. Wow, I don't mind trump flopping his own country, but what he just admitted would act as a fuel to radical terrorist movement. It would have a butterfly effect, not just in middle east. Not a US citizen but I used to think of him as a source of entertainment, however, the chaos he's creating is getting closer and closer to home. It's not funny anymore. Good God, somebody stop him please

  24. He has business with Turkey and Saudi Arabia, he makes ( probably huge bribes to him) money, all the rest he could not care less

  25. I remember one of your videos in which you’re saying how much media and movies affect our perception. Now I’m gonna say: You’re trying to affect people’s perception.

  26. A clear sign that america doesn’t fight for freedom they only protect natural resources and kill innocent people FOH america is a shithole of a country

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