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Hi, everybody. Welcome back to English In A Minute. I’m James and today we’re going to look at the verb ‘try’. It can be a little bit tricky to use this verb, because it changes its meaning depending on whether you use an –ing verb or a verb with to. So, let’s take a look at some examples. I tried baking a cake. I tried to bake a cake. These two sentences are almost exactly the same but their meaning is a little bit different. I tried baking a cake. When we use ‘try’ with an –ing, all we’re saying is that we attempted to do something. It could be a new experience – something that you haven’t done before. I tried to bake a cake. When we use ‘try’ with a verb and ‘to’, we’re saying that a task is quite difficult to complete, or that we’ve failed. If you’d like to try learning more English, why not go to our Facebook page, or to the website? Bye, everyone.

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