Tulsi Gabbard talks breaking up big tech, immigration reform with Maria

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  1. Twitter…what a laugh…..check ypur mail bud

    appears you did not quite get it

    just FYI , what you did not get is going around the country snd the world


  2. Tulsi is fantastic, a Patriot, good looking, has superior intelligence and I believe should be allowed by the DNC to stand against Donald Trump. She is the most sensible person amongst those seeking nomination for the Democrats. I'm rooting for you, for 2020 and if that does not happen, you are a shoe in 2024. Please get back to center of what Democrats are, and well and truly kick the hard Left into touch. Richard Harrison.

  3. The DNC always lies about numbers. That's why everybody was blind-sided by Trump and the Dems on T.V. all sat there saying "DURRRRR" after they watched Florida go Trump.. They do it because its a psychological trick to get people to vote for the perceived most popular person…which in reality is the person the DNC is pushing. Nothing more.

    Showing Tulsi @ 2 percent is the DNCs way of trying to trick the public into thinking there must be something not right with her because they know the majority of voters dont check things like policy and don't understand the full implications of what's being said right in front of them and will turn to perceived popular opinion to make a decision. It's smoke and mirrors garbage from the DNC.

  4. Obama got lucky and snuck in when no one knew anything about him. Found out later he was born in another country his father was an atheist and we put him in office and it was a total disaster. And she is trying to do the same thing he did. She is married to a Hindu who believes in gods and goddesses unbelievable and she thinks she has a chance to win must be on drugs.

  5. Tulsi should consider switching parties after 2020. I don't think she as a (moderate I guess), has a chance against all of the nutty candidates in the Democrat party. It's a shame that the Democrat voter is becoming just as nutty, since they will vote for an insane person.

  6. You’re running for president , and u still have time sue is so google too? Just go sue google and stop running for something u don’t care!

  7. Really good exchange at 10:00 … re Kamala Harris… "Comes down to the type of leadership." Kamala sounds like she's running to be Dictator of the USA. Tulsi merely wants to be President, transmitting hopes & dreams of the people.

  8. The rest of the dirty Demoncratic party are slandering Tulsi Gabbard because she is for the people of the US. and they are not! That means you too CNN NBC CBS ABC. There will be hell to pay for all those complicit.

  9. Gabbart is the real deal. Very strong presence. She wont run for president this time because the Demos are not going to let her, she is already ousted from the debates, but she has a great chance next time. Just keep there and don’t give up.

  10. This is a rerun of the DNC'S 2016 "primary". They have already have chosen the winner, and these debates and ensuing primary are simply change management.

  11. I like her goes on shows with conservatives the only Dem candidate that goes on conservative networks not afraid of conversation

  12. Why is this woman a Democrat when she clearly stands against all the evils of the Democratic Party and its current leadership? She is definitely a conservative and should identify herself as such by changing her party registration.

  13. I have avoided FOX. But more Tulsi there than CNN or MSNBC. I flog myself. Tulsi kicked off the stage. It is true that the DNC would rather lose to Trump than win with Bernie or a real populist.

  14. And not one insulting question about Assad. From Colbert to the " liberal" MSM talkers, Tulsi treated badly. Not allowed to express herself.

  15. We have ruined south america with our interventions , our corporations have caused up evil and in powered dictators , we have no one to blame for the influx of immigrants but ourselves , these are decent people in search of hope and running from evil

  16. They are leftist liberal, globalist they push their own agenda, censor and take away freedom of speech with impunity. Advocates of evil, immorality and crime. (socialism in any form incl. "democratic".

  17. They are leftist liberal, globalist they push their own agenda, censor and take away freedom of speech with impunity. Advocates of evil, immorality and crime. (socialism in any form incl. "democratic".

  18. I'm a Republican but if a Democrat is going to win the next election, Tulsi would be my choice. Whenever I listen to her, I never feel like she's BSing everyone just to get votes. She is genuine and you know that what she says is what she believes.

  19. I truly believe Tulsi is doing much better then what the polls indicate
    , If the people would actually compare Tulsi to any of the other
    candidates in Policies , solving real problems and the most important
    of all the Integrity to carry out what Tulsi believes while the other
    candidates may have proposals but not a shred of Integrity or courage
    to see them thru , My only wish would be that the voters would really
    take the time to know the candidates and if they did Tulsi
    undoubtedly would be our next President , so don't allow the polls or
    not candidate hype choose your candidate !

  20. I want to go to America. I work hard and I'm smart and want to do research in brain transplants. But if she's hard with immigration laws that's okay I love her and sacrifice my dream for world peace. Just donate her.

  21. Democrats and liberal media is worried about children of illegals. Are not their parents primarily responsible for getting their children arrested ? Why is it wrong to stop illegal entry to USA ?

  22. There is a reason we call it “Googling” and that’s because no one wants to use Yahoo or Bing.

    Google is an example of what a winner looks like in capitalism.

    Interesting it doesn’t bother people like her, Warren, and Cruz when other industries have more abhorrent monopolies.

    Sounds like she is just salty that she was shut down.

    Last point, there is this assertion that she was the most searched candidate after the first debate. As a user of google ads, I can confirm that If this is true, this doesn’t have anything to do with The google Ads process. People would still get the result of seeing her search results and being informed on her policies.

    It’s not like a search of Tulsi Gabbard gave results completely unrelated such as those of the latest nfl score….

  23. A monopoly is when a company gets too big. These tech companies are in fact monopolies and are most definitely in need of being broken up. I hope that someone does go after them sometime because that's what they need.

  24. The Democrats have already chosen their candidates they want. The ones who bash Trump constantly and lean far left. Tulsi does not do that. She has real ideas for the American people. The rest just want to unseat Trump. That is their goal. They don't care about anything else.

  25. Tulsi 2020 gonna come out of nowhere and be our next democratic president of the United States of America. GO TULSI 2020 BABY. I / WE LOVE YOU

  26. Tulsi could if nominated would be a formidable opponent. In my mind, she is the only Democrat whose sanity I don’t question. I predict a Trump landslide in 2020.

  27. Love Tulsi !
    The president of our hearts …

  28. Google Tweeter and Facebook ALL 3 are extreme left wingers controlled groups. Now that has gone into entertainment segment also like Netflix and Amazon Play.
    Feeding on indirect Jihadi funding. These are modern avataars of Socialist / Communist / Caliphate's totalitarian indoctrination.
    No matter how strong is temptation to use these platforms, we have to consciously use and promote alternatives to these tools, in whichever nation you are.

  29. Get over yourself Tulsi your experience is no different to millions of other service personnel what makes you more qualified than any one of the others to be president. You are an inflated egotistical person who needs some other serious real life experience before the people will take you seriously. Ffs your own party isnt supporting you as a candidate let alone the people of America. You talk well but little substance get some experience and come back in 20 years.

  30. I am ashamed to call myself a Dem! Tulsi should be a slam dunk for the love of god what is not perfect about this candidate? GO TULSI!!

  31. You can see where the polling is people do care for their country thank God. She thinks that she is another Gandhi. To give to this woman campaign is just throwing your money away and paying for her road trips and vacation. One of the big mistakes she made is saying to bring back our military and putting them and their family's out of a job that's a no-win. Second mistake is marrying a Hindu who believes in false gods insane. We have one of the greatest presidents that has ever lived. No one and I mean no one has done more then the current President we have. So why in the world would we want to get rid of him regardless if you like him or not.

  32. For the record, she did not raise her hand because she was with the second group who was not asked the question. But if they did, I know she would not have raised her hand. Dems are blowing a big chance here by considering her out of the loop for 2020. She not only would have the best chance of beating Trump… she will beat him. This is a perfect example of why the Democrats are truly stupid.

  33. Whether you like Tulsi or not… Kamala Harris needs to go we can't let her the nomination (or Joe biden but different reasons).

  34. George W. Bush tried to pass a comprehensive immigration bill in his second term. He only had support from Democrats. He had no support from his own party.

  35. She has no platform only feel good talk. Her supporters should support Andrew Yang. “One job should be enough” with a freedom dividend, not with forcing employers to pay a higher wage.

  36. Tulsi needs to swing over to the tight cuz she speaks and thinks like a republican in comparison to what her dem Party has become ….she would be a great representative for the USA in the UN

  37. I though we could trust on US Elections…. But maannnnn Poling in US is riggggggggggggged as heeeelllllllllllllllllllllllll……….!!!!

  38. Google Are Evil From C e o to All Employers They Are Anti America Anti Freedom Of Speech Ands Pro Communists Party Democratic world is in Danger from High Tuck AND main Stream Media

  39. No one presidential candidate can win against Tulsi!
    She is superb in her strategy and logic for better world and better America.
    Vote Tulsi for 2020 President!

  40. DNC is behind censoring Tulsi Gabbard. We the people, should be able our own candidates. Don't allow the DNC force you to vote for a candidate that should never be on the debate stage.

  41. I voted for Trump in 2016 but I'm thinking votingTulsi 20/20 she is actually the only Democratic candidate with a brain in her head and if any Democrat could beat trump it would be her

  42. Yup, roundup the high level people at Google, march them down to the county courthouse to meet their creator with guillotine. And give the children front seats.

  43. BIDEN IS IN BED WITH CHINA he helped Obama sell the internet, and allowing china to make it more censored and
    now its spreading its Authoritarian rules across all the globe forcing
    American companies do "Censor" and take on Authoritarian policies to do
    business with China. From what I can see Obama really is to blame for
    china rising in power with the tech sectors. Obama never believed in
    Americans. this is what happens when companies grow plutocratic and
    sell our freedoms for a dollar. FREEDOM IS NOT FOR SALE!!!! COMPANIES

    DIED for our country's freedoms…PEOPLE — AMERICAN SOLDIERS DIED SO WE CAN BE FREE!!! Stand tall against companies selling our freedoms to Authoritarian countries!!!
    BERNIE 2020

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