TV host Karim impresses judges in dance contest’s opening live show | Karim and Amy – BBC Strictly

Dancing the cha-cha-cha,
Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.] Oh, yes! The audience feet. Shirley
and Motsi are on their feet. Is it really only week one? Week one, what did you just do?
I don’t know. That was phenomenal. I really don’t know. It is really hard going last, second to last. It is? I’ve heard it is. It’s scary. Well, you handled it very indeed. So much content, Amy. Your boy is good isn’t he? That was simplified! Was it? He’s a star. She’s amazing, trust me. A star is born. I better I know someone
who got all revved up by that. Revved up and firing on all cylinders!
What was that? Get out of here! I mean, are you kidding me?
You threw everything at it. That was week one and already we have a tour
de force of a performance. But what I really loved is the way… You interprets the music
with the body — you don’t miss an accent. The band plays through you, so I have no idea what you are going to do next. What a night! What a night! I have missed you, Bruno. Craig I really don’t know what the National Association of teachers of dance, would say about all those steps, darling being in the cha-cha-cha, but as this is an
entertainment programme, I loved it! He loved Is this really weak one?
Motsi, did you love it? You know what, my head is spinning around.
I have a slight headache, because I’m coming here to this country and week one and there’s one fire after another and bam bam! I’m like jheeze whats happening. That was so good. Thank you so much! That was so good.
Honestly thank you. I’m happy. Thank you. Shirley. You were on your feed, Shirley. Timing, check. Musicality, check. Personality, check. Choreography, check. Technique for week one,
not bad at all, check. Goodbye! Thank you Ticked all the boxes. Thank you so much. You’ve blown the judges and all of us
away, that was just superb. Thank you Karim, thanks Amy. Cheers. Thanks guys, love you. I’m welled up, I cried and I never cry. Okay, well it’s happened, week one. Well done, what extraordinary comments. Thank you. I am literally blown away, over the moon.
All of them just, yeah. That was amazing. Jamie’s here supporting you. My brother,
where are you, I love you bro. He is texting you everyday, sends you messages, pictures, voice notes, facetiming, facetime. That’s my boy there man, I love him. Very well done. You are quite strict
with him but you quite like it. Yes, she is very strict in my personal
life as well professional, like what to eat, when to sleep, okay,
when to brush my teeth. Okay! No! Goodness! Alright, the scores are in. The judges have their scores…

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  1. The boy has got some talent! I hope even after the competition, I hope that he will keep on focusing on dancing (even, if it means travelling the world to further enhance his skill)

  2. Cold gel for cool down your beers!

  3. Len Goodman would have had a right hissy fit about “faffing abaht.” Craig doesn’t have to compensate for that, he knows it’s a different show now. Cracking opening dance!

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