TVJ Midday News: St. Catherine SOE May be Ineffective – Councillor – September 17 2019

good afternoon a machine masters with
the midday news special welcome if you’re watching on one spot at
least one counselor from the port small municipality is voicing his concern
about the state of public emergency SOE declared in st. Catherine recently
counselor for the Bridgeport division can order grant believes a parish SOE is
unnecessary and ineffective TV tears Prince more reports on September 5 Prime
Minister Anja Holness declared a state of emergency SOE in both st. Catherine
and Clarendon but at least one councillor is not in agreement with the
Prime Minister’s decision for parish SOE counselor for the Bridgeport division in
st. Catherine Cunard Grant says there is no need for an SOE to be declared in the
entire parish because the crime hot spot areas are already known he raised the
concern at a recent meeting held at the Portman operation mr. Grint argues that
it is unfair to law-abiding citizens in Port more poor that can be controlled by
a sorcerer our earth therefore he’s appealing to members of the security
forces to be more strategic the police force and they’re commanded
to be extremely strategic and to take heimer interests in the state of life of
law-abiding citizens in the meantime mr. grant asserts that SOE
are not effectively fighting crime but shifting it from burns more TVJ news
meanwhile National Security Minister dr. horriston is reporting that since the
imposition of the state of emergency in countenance in Catherine there has been
a significant reduction in homicides it’s expected that the latest statistics
would be provided in the House of Representatives today when the
government will seek to have the state of emergency extended for further 90
days in an interview with our NewsCenter last night dr. Chang said the reduction
in homicides is typical of the areas where a state of emergency has been
imposed he says the anti-crime measure will give
the government more time to find units long term crime crime-fighting plans
have to cover a story but I’m sorry swear that it’s working to reduce the
killing and you know we’re getting time to complete the rest of our development
in this security forces that at some point you get the magic do it with our
time it’s always there is more pushback at this afternoon against st. James
Municipal Corporation about its decision not to grant permission for gay rights
group Montego Bay pride to use a Montego Bay cultural center for sea
of events associated director at the Jamaica forum for lesbians all sexes and
gays J Flagg Glenn why Murray is asserting that more information is
needed from the Municipal Corporation about its reasons for the denial there
has been increased discussion about the issue since the corporation voiced its
denial last week head of the corporation and mayor Holman Davis as well as other
councillors said the corporation was unwilling to grant permission because it
wanted to preserve the building’s heritage and that the purpose could
infringe the Constitution but these reasons are being challenged by the
group which also indicated that it’s considering legal action the trafficking
of persons in Jamaica especially children is one of great concern to many
sectors of a society but more so to the child protection and Family Services
Agency CP FS a hence head of the agency had the head of the agency has issued a
warning to parents to provide better protection for their children speaking
at a Kiwanis function in st. James recently head of a child protection and
Family Services Agency CP FSA was league aged gray noted that the lack of proper
protection by parents and guardians have left the nation’s children in harm’s way
for one she noted that the rate of trafficking in children is high she says
based on information received by her agency most children who go missing are
found along the western end of the island resort Western belt from the
grill going up the course it’s a problem many of our youngsters migrate to these
parts and so it’s it it is becoming a problem and we have to look at it from
the perspective of how are we protecting the children and what is always an
responsibilities as to these children but that’s not the
only case mrs. gage grey cells children can become targets for perpetrators when
they are left without adult supervision also an issue to the CP FSA is a matter
of children and traveling alone almost adult my son will be 18 on the 16th
almost adult and I’m driving him to school and if I leave my degree it is a
problem after driving and lets him off but we see the little ones we understand
the economics we understand that parents have to get to work and all of that you
know even sometimes for those parents who drive as well just to spend the
extra two minutes ago in and turning to the gaiter most schools now have the
turnaround he does go and drop off and turn around they leave them to cross
four lanes and by the time you drive off the car something could happen in the
meantime mrs. gage Grace has some school rules will have to be reviewed one such
is a ban on the use of cell phones we have to know we are children hard I know
some of the schools don’t tell our cell phone students and it’s up it’s an issue
I mean we’re in the age and we might have to decide how we’re gonna manage
that as a school population because to be in touch with the children it’s gonna
be important for some of us were very busy you know I need to be in touch with
them oisin masters tbj news in news just in
affording a meeting last night the opposition people’s national party says
it has decided to vote for an extension of the states of emergency in Clarendon
and st. Catherine but only if certain conditions are met
it says extension cannot be for more than a 21 days and during that time
adjustments must be made to the nine o’clock lockdown of businesses and
events it also wants a government to do a comprehensive review of SOS during the
21-day extension and present the findings to the House by the next motion
seeking and extension the Parliament is expected to vote
on an extension of the SOE doing today is sitting we now take a break here on
the midday news but still with us more stories after these messages welcome back considering the news
questions about the security and justice systems from a father seeking justice
for his son Colin Smith is a father of a student who was hit by a taxi drivers
vehicle in Spanish tones in Catherine then beaten by the same driver with a
belt buckle after more than a week of seeking justice mr. Smith says he finds
that the process is frustrating for victims so it’s overwhelming being trying to be
a law-abiding citizen doing things by the book with the rush reassurance or
it’s always reiterated in it by them go by the books let the law handle it let
the police take care of it and then when you go down there and you give your all
and try to be that law abiding citizen yes sir wondering why these guys that
are on taxi why my son is in pain is out of school because he’s traumatized his
son has been out of school since the incident in addition to missing school
the teenager is also unable to function normally because of physical and
psychological injuries he’s amazing he can’t do nothing right now what he does
he sits home inside dad I can’t feel my fingers or dad when is this going to be
over and if he had done something wrong it would be where I would not be as
inferior that as I am now but he did nothing wrong and even he did something
wrong no real man or real father would take a belt buckle and reprimand a child
in public that’s madness he is insisting that the Spanish town police need to
take meaningful action counselor for the Montego Bay Northeast Division Charles
Sinclair is calling for stronger sanctions against motorists will
continue to flout the law this following yesterday’s
three vehicle collision which claimed the life of two persons and injured
several others TV J’s Giovanni Denis reports a three vehicle collision along
the elegant corridor in Montego Bay st. James on Monday has left two persons
dead and 20 others nursing injuries at hospital the accident involved a gray
Nissan bus which was transporting children from school a white sedan
operating as a taxi and a white Toyota sedan this evening is an unfortunate
situation where a car went across the median and collided with the boss which
was on its correct side of the road taking on these kids almost enter into
the community of flankers and obviously this accident is caused from speed
district officer of the Freeport fire station Anil car told TVJ news what was
seen when they arrived on location we also observed that the driver of the
minibus and one of the driver of the car was pinned in the vehicle we immediately
started to do execution we executed the driver of the minibus and he was
transported to the hospital then we executed the driver of the other car the
driver of the bus as well as the driver of the Toyota had died shortly after the
driver of the taxi along with three others from that vehicle are among those
in hospital in the meantime councillor Sinclair is calling for greater measures
to deal with motorists who continue to flout the law
he says the Road Traffic Act in its present state or the updated one does
not have enough power to deter motorists from breaking them or examiner’s after
be thorough in all the examinee vehicles and examine the persons who have applied
for driver’s license and ensure that everybody meets the strict requirements
of obtaining a driver’s license and that they are competent to drive motor
vehicles on our road just a written act it can take you so far
again this warning to motorists and what I would implore drivers especially on
this rhudi which is called elegant car it’s a nice stretch of roadway
is that persons must proceed with you here an attention there are some areas
along the roadway with which you have an uneven surface and it can cause vehicles
that are traveling at high speed flu for persons who lose control nothing is
wrong with the road because the drivers to be very very mindful of a speed limit
and the road code it is important that we we protect ourselves and protect the
others that are utilized in the road this accident this afternoon could have
been avoided since the start of the year three hundred and eight persons have
died due to road accidents Giovanna Denis TVJ news in sports with ten days
to go on to the start of I doubly of World Championships in Doha Qatar there
is discontent in some quarters over the selection of young sprinter brianna
williams to Jamaica’s team Jordan fort reports seventeen-year-old Brianna
Williams crossed the line third in the 100 meters at the j-3 is national trials
in June but a failed drug test from those trials means she will now have to
face an anti-doping hearing to try to clear her name but her selection for the
individual 100 meters at the World Championships raised questions when
announced by the j-3 is last week according to the j-3 selection policy
athletes placing first to third in all events will be selected if they have
attained the qualifying standard in the event but article 9 of the iwf
anti-doping rules says quote an anti-doping rule while a tion in
connection with an in competition test automatically leads to disqualification
of the athletes individual results obtained in that event with all
resulting consequences including forfeiture of any medals titles awards
points and prize and appearance money and quote former doping control officer
a jad Co dr. Paul Wright says this is where the controversy lies sack resort
having been disqualified she is now not able by rule to watch to run in
200-meter Ben but she could be included in the earlier pool if she’s exonerated
by the independent tribunal which is due to hear her defense
the core clear over three beers Williams is hearing is set to start on
September 23 and end on the 25th of September just three days before the
Heat’s on the women’s 100 meters at the world championships and dr. Wright says
the timeline set for Williams is hearing also raises questions now to produce a
result after the three days of deliberation and have three different
independent judges have looked at the thing I made their ruling it seems to me
to be a little odd and I think it was an honest fear
pressure is based on the anti-doping tribunal and I think that we should give
an t-top a tribunal time to look at the evidence by Jacko the evidence by her
defense team and then to make an independent judgment
I’m not hope they were rush Olympic champions Shelley and Fraser price and
Elaine Thompson are Jamaica’s other two individual entrants in the 100 meters
with Joe Neal Smith who finished fourth at the national trials entered as a
reserve Natalya white and Natasha Morrison who crossed the line 5th and
6th have been entered as part of the sprint relay pool jordan fort TVJ sports
and advance the midday news some machine masters join us at 7:00 for primetime
news on behalf of the news sports and production teams good afternoon

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  1. A Biden citizens shouldn't have to suffer because of zoso, the government don't have a crime plan, and no INTELLIGENCE.

  2. We need traffic calming measures on the roads. Jamaicans are obsessed with speed. That Elagan corridor the road surface is uneven in places, we need a Jersey Barrier down the centre of the road diving the traffic, there is not enough speed limit signage, there needs to be proper road markings. There also need to be speed cameras and traffic monitoring cameras installed along this corridor all the way from Greenwood to the Airport roundabout. Every single day this corridor of road is like a Grand Prix circuit.

  3. I think the Council don't see the need to get what gun they can get wherever ,it is more unfair when one dead, when the gun use in the killing it then hide anywhere ,r you saying Clarendon don't need it ,everywhere need the state of emergency…

  4. Keep the criminals on the run, they will be caught, restrict their movements they can be got, confine them within boundaries they will be rounded up! Next step is to combine clear sweeps and precision intelligence driven raids and apprehension to enhance soe operations.


  6. Mr Grant a idiot, criminal will migrate in the area in st .Catherine where there is no S.O.E. Hey them Gay people need to have them own place ,talking about legal action,careful we might just end up like Bahamas, it may not be flood

  7. The whole blood clatt 14 parish wanted go under SOE the government need to do a house to house search around the 14 parish too much gun deh ya

  8. Jamaica have a lot of churches so its not praying is the problem you want to know what the problem no action with the words we speak

  9. We need a Crime Plan. SOE is not a crime plan. Govt don't know what they are doing and they want to extend it. Foolishness. How the masses a go live? So no business nah gwaan and Christmas a come. Recipe to lose nex election.

  10. S.o.E in St Catherine=harassing entertainers like law abiding Stylo G, joke thing from a government without a clue how to stop violent crime.

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