TVJ Midday News: Swift Action by Police Ends Hostage Situation on Molynes Road – September 10 2019

good afternoon I’m Herman green with the
midday news for this Tuesday September 10 a special welcome to those of you
watching online at once what mediacom swift action by the police last night
preventing what could have been a disastrous end to a hostage situation in
szentendre T V J’s Dwayne Anderson has the story
it was like a scene from a movie men armed with guns held a person’s hostage
at a lottery establishment at the corner of C would drive at 1 on his Road in
sindh Andrew last night the drama started unfolding shortly after 8 o
clock as the gunmen attempted to rob the establishment and patrons when an alarm
was raised they’ve gone and were trapped inside by a police team that was nearby
the intense standoff would last for over two hours acting head of the area for
Police Division Senior Superintendent of blueness bars Robinson pleaded with
robbers to surrender all this time a large cult gathered as
the area was cordoned off and the cops waited for the gunman to exit the
building according to a release from the gcf’s communication unit for lengthy
negotiations by Superintendent of Police Morris Robinson the robber surrendered
heavily spread and noted that the premises was breached and the hostages
rescued by the special weapons and tactical team SWAT it is still unclear
how many hostages were in the building the identities of the robbers are being
withheld pending further investigations do in Anderson TV news
the intone supermarket chain in st. Elizabeth continues to count as losses
after being robbed five times since the start of the year over 16 million
dollars have been stolen from the store in the latest robbery yesterday a
security officer was on his way to make a deposit at the bank on behalf of the
store chain and he was held up and robbed of over three million dollars the
incident took place at approximately 11:30 in the morning TVJ News
understands that a security guard was shot and injured by the robbers his gun
and money were then stolen the robbers made their escape in a waiting motorcar
and there is still no breakthrough as police investigation into a brazen
daylight robbery at a gas station in Golden Globes and Thomas continues it’s
understood that about 2:30 Sunday afternoon three gunmen alighted from a
car and enter the gas station where they held up the supervisor the man demanded
cash and the supervisor complied the robbers then escaped in a waiting motor
vehicle with over $200,000 the police are seeking the assistance of members of
the public who may have information to call one one nine or the Bourdon group
police at eight seven six nine eight two two seven three three or eight seven six
seven zero six zero eight four five we go on to news on the political scene
former campaign manager for the People’s National Party’s PNP rise United dr.
Dayton Campbell is viewing today’s meeting between party president dr.
Peter Phillips and his former challenger Peter bunting as a golden opportunity to
reunite the party dr. Phillips released a media statement yesterday announcing
his intention to meet with mr. bunting he did not give information on the
purpose of the meeting they would not have heard for the leadership of the
party over the momentum meanwhile pnp chairman Fitz Jackson is calling for dr.
Peter Phillips and his challenger Peter bunting to get in the healing process
quickly and deal with issues which are affecting the country speaking with TVJ
news yesterday mr. Jackson said there are a number of issues which need to be
dealt with such as the low economic growth and
issues within the health sector he says that can only be addressed by the two
Peters on the issue of the reshuffle mother Shadow Cabinet mr. Jackson says
it was imminent the party president didn’t on Sunday April any see the there
will be some changes in the shadow cabinet composition at the time we had
the sectoral debates in trade and indicated then after a sectoral debate
those changes from the dollar we then had a the the being challenge to the
Office of the President and that’s postponed an exercise the conference
we’re in the middle of no so indeed after the conference is over intends to
made the necessary changes meanwhile assertions are that dr. Peter Phillips
and mites have a depleted talent pool from which to choose his new shadow
cabinet dr. Phillips in our release yesterday said he will reorganize the
Shadow Cabinet after the party’s annual conference on September 22
however assistant lecturer in the Department of Government at the
University of the West Indies Moana Damien Gordon says the opposition leader
might not be able to secure the best talent from the portfolios terms of oven room to shop the cabinets
clearly he went into the presidential election witness support of the Iraqi of
the party most of the Senators supported him all EVP supported him all original
cheaper supported him in terms of the actual personal persons to be a part of
a new cabinet he definitely has sufficient purses to
choose from as as related Italian pool it is certainly I’ve been affected by
some of the persons were so popular is United undecided that they’re no longer
when it’s the offer themselves a shadow ministers dr. Philips has asked all
shadow ministers to remain in place and continue to monitor their assigned
portfolio until the reshuffle newly appointed board chairman of the Edna
Manley college for the visual & Performing Arts and st. Andrew marigold
Harding has given a terse response to the latest development at the school
tension has escalated with several members of staff right into Prime
Minister Andrew Holness declaring our loss of confidence in her as well as
other members of the board a letter signed by several staff members
including heads of department also raised questions about the validity
validity of her reappointment based on the provisions of the Education Act and
its regulations when contacted this morning mrs. Harding said she learned of
the letter through the media she says she would be discussing the matter with
the board mrs. Harding at mrs. Harding added that
she has no intention of meeting with the staff at this time and we now take a
break here on the midday news but please stay with us we have more news when we
return welcome back continuing the news prime
minister Andrew Holness says he agrees that all players in the entertainment
industry must be allowed to carry on their livelihood but in an orderly
manner he says a consensus must be reached so that while persons are
enjoying themselves they cause little or no disturbance to others the Prime
Minister says his call two years ago for the establishment of special
entertainment zones to be set up was to achieve just that five o’clock by the
way five then four years persons in the entertainment industry have been calling
for a review of the 2:00 a.m. cutoff time for certain entertainment events to
be changed entertainers have been lobbying the government saying the 2:00
a.m. cutoff time is only killing the industry players in the local medical
ganja industry are unlikely to face competition from Carreras anytime soon
after the group revealed it is not interested at this time Carreras main
business is tobacco cigarettes however questions have been asked about
whether the group could look to medical ganja to diversify its offerings and
increase its profits medical ganja is one of the fastest growing sectors
globally chief executive officer of Carreras Marcus Steele addressed the
matter at the group’s annual general meeting last week we have no intention
now or on the horizon to do so because I think we do have so much more to do on
the cigarette business which is what we are doing in terms of the brands and
ensuring that we’re at the right route to market model so that is the reason
why I was able to categorically say no we are not
into that business because I don’t believe that’s our business at the
moment many others a renewed appeal from cigarette retailers couriers for the
authorities to launch a counter-offensive against the illicit
cigarette tree CEO Marcus still explained that most of the cigarettes on
the local market got there illegally and it’s costing the company and the
government billions the illicit trade percentage went up significantly and the
government lost over 1.8 billion dollars it also impacted the company as well
because the legal market went down by over 22% 53% of the consumption of
cigarettes in Kingston Basin or internal study it’s not an official study or
internal study 53 percent which is over half of the consumption of cigarette in
Kingston is illegal and that is significant and that is something that
is a monster that we need to tame and we have to do together with the authorities tickets issued is set to exceed last
year’s figures nearly 500,000 tickets traffic ticket status were issued in
2018 Police Commissioner Major General Anthony Anderson gave an update this year we’re likely to exceed that
we’re way over 300,000 going to 400,000 already and each one of those tickets if
you just apply some imagination to it you know the amount of time it takes to
write up a ticket and they do it repeatedly and repeatedly the truth is
that we actually have people who have gotten over a thousand tickets and it’s
our job to do this it’s what the law says the Lord says we do this part of it
we seized over eight thousand vehicles last year for various offenses that are
seasonal and then we turn them over to the courts and that’s where it goes
there are renewed demands from residents of montpellier housing schemings and
thomas for a rotten utility pole to be fixed immediately the test Rafi waiting
to happen it’s hosing scheme are describing this
situation everyone Richard says this poor has been a hazard for years he says
he has been reporting the matter to the Jamaica public service company for five
years and they say they do care they don’t care about anything because I
certain know a lot I was on this on this Avenue here we send letter we go itself
and everybody killed on this yes right now I’m telling the public what they
don’t come right on this poster though your peers of the responsible for
everybody property they say there are no willing to raise expressions of their
frustration to the next level considering the strength of recent
storms of this hurricane season they are fearing the worst the car this time is
near honest way now we don’t wanna sq top here you can demonstrate assure them
that they don’t care if you’re clear you’ll come no because of several
complain oh yeah no you have no excuse our news team has been trying to get a
response from the utility company but so far that has been unsuccessful we go on
to news in sports defender toriana Patterson has become the latest reggae
girl to voice her discontent at the ongoing impasse between the nationalist
senior women’s team and the Jamaica football federation as
Daniel Blake reports the defender has joined forces with her teammates in
saying she will not take the field on to the issue is fully resolved the reggae
girls made it clear that they wouldn’t play in the upcoming Olympic qualifiers
until they received all the money that was owed to them by the jmf and despite
the local football governing body paying half of what was owed to the team the
girls haven’t changed their stance defender toriana Patterson is the latest
player in saying 50% payment is not enough to take the field the girls are disgusted with relationship to have a negative
connotation there are some people who believe that the team is going above the
issue the wrong way what Patterson is asking the critic to show some sympathy
how would you feel if you didn’t receive your it wasn’t just one time it was two
times then it became three times and each time they’re like oh we’re so sorry
we don’t have the money it’s like that doesn’t make any sense because we signed
contracts President Michael Ricketts says the
Federation will try to pay the remainder of the money owed before Jamaica’s
campaign in Olympic qualifying which is scheduled to begin on September 30 but
if not then the likes of Pattinson maintained that they won’t to be taking
the field Daniel Blake TVJ sports and after midday
news I’m Herman green join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on
behalf of the new sports and production teams good afternoon

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  1. This is what the government needs to focus on reducing the crime in jamaica and stop fighting getto youths that are out making a honest living ( like shutting down events .. Etc)

  2. Were you guys using a trainee in the control room? This is one of the lowest quality news productions I have seen from you guys!

  3. Absolutely Sir they JPS just do not care. I am very pleased that I do not used them anymore for my electricity. A very none caring company. They have no competitor that is the reason why they behave in that manner.

  4. I swear to God. Use to see this in the movies. Now in real life. By the way a lot of things shown 15 years ago to now in a movie is happening in real life

  5. 1983 gunmen attempted to rob an American Jewelry store off Constant Spring Rd,the robbery was foiled by the police and the gunmen took hostages including a 13 yrs old school girl from Merl grove high school,the police opened fire on the gunmen and hostages which resulted in the death of the student. Jamaica has definitely come along way from those barbaric days.

  6. I support the RG 💯! They need their $$! Dem av bills and responsibilities like everyone else! Big F-ry the JFF a gwaan wid. Pay di girlz dem man!

  7. If the government doesn't create jobs for the people of the country it not going to get better,Chinese supermarket work and cheap Mexico work can't help, we need to build our country cause we have the people that have big brains and can use it but the government doesn't want the people ideas PNP and JLP doesn't make one

  8. What happened to cameras on the gas station…the establishments to put cameras on there premises..boy they dont hear .glad no life dont lost inthe two incidents.shalom

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  10. Brother did you say disastrous* or disastarous*

    Is Marigold Harding newly appointed or reappointed? Which is it?

    The quality of news nowadays. Herman Green you are an embarrassment.

  11. Because the gun men are. Cowards. In America it's different. People are crazy in America. They would have shoot one of the hostage throw out to show how serious they are

  12. Not supporting robbery or murder. My point is, to how Jamaica is backwards, it takes special team and soldiers to handle these things. In America, police alone deal with it.

  13. The police force in Jamaica is weird. They only have strength for week cowardly criminals. They don't use their head, they quick to use their finger. And politicians run the security force. Madness.

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  16. What sick my stomach with the police force in Jamaica is. They carry allot of feelings for people when doing them Job. Just because the market woman trace off the police man, him get mad and turn over her stall. Them don't act professional, so that people can respect them. And allot of the especially the young police officers, them Tek up Gaza Pon Dem head, pop corn, alkaline etc

  17. Police a wear tight pants, tight shirt on the Job, in scamming, mix with the criminals Dem. Everybody want to be rich. Can't satisfy with the pay check

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  19. I have a message for the minister of security. Jamaica is in peril. The greatest threat today is the especially the police force. Some place, things, and situation I see police in and involve. Its a disgrace. I use to have respect for the police force. Now, I am afraid of them. Use to feel safe going to the station and make reports. Now, unfortunately, everybody knows what's in the books. Information not confidential again, and them use you, expose u, and leave u in u own mek the dogs Dem bite u up.

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  23. Everybody gone astray. Turn back on God. Am so disappointed of the prime minister of Jamaica, because I don't see him doing what God would have a leader do. Madness

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    Am happy none got hurt by those robbers. Get rich quick is not the way. Either you die, loose your soul, or end up in prison

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    Cigarette is the most vilified product in the modern world and proved cancer contraction because of its use will continue to destroy it's sales until zero .
    Surely now is the time to start to invest into research into the Marijuana field . What have they to lose ?

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  30. That's where need to have a state of emergency – KINGSTON/ST. ANDREWS!! Why should some parishes be singled out when crime is just as bad or even worse in Kingston/St. Andrews. But, that won't happen since it'll disrupt the life of too many influential people who the government don't want to go up against as the government won't win that battle!! As usual in Jamaica, the government has taken advantage of poor people!

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