Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (1/9) Movie CLIP – The Wedding (2011) HD

(kisses) Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here on this glorious day… …to witness the union of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Please repeat after me. I, Edward Cullen… I, Edward Cullen… …take you Bella Swan… …take you Bella Swan… …to have and to hold… …to have and to hold… …for better or for worse… ..for richer and for poorer… …in sickness and in health… …to love… …to cherish… …as long as we both shall live. I do. I do. I love you. I love you. (cheering, applause) (cheering and applause continues)

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  2. I’m sitting here watching this and my friend says “I thought you liked Harry Potter” then I say “well I like both” again she says “you have to pick one” then it say “I guess twilight it’s a hard decision” she then precedes to get up get a Harry Potter book throws it at my face then runs out of the room screaming “POTTER FOR LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

  3. I remember watching this when I was younger and hoping one day I would find love and I have ❤️ and looking back at this makes me so emotional like I can feel this on a personal level. 😭

  4. Am I the only one who cries every time I watch the whole twilight movies? I miss robsten so much! 😭

  5. I've waited a hundred years, but I'd wait a million more for you.
    Nothing prepared me for, what the privilege of being yours would do.
    If I had only felt the warmth within your touch.
    If I had only seen how you smile when you blush.
    Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough, well I would've known, what I was living for all along.
    What I was living for…
    Your love is my turning page, where only the sweetest words remain.
    Every kiss is a cursive line, every touch is a redefining phrase.
    I surrender who I've been, for who you are.
    Nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart.
    If I had only seen how it feels to be yours, well I would've known what I was living for all along.
    What I was living for…
    Though we're tethered, it's a story we must tell, when I saw you, oh I knew we'd tell it well, with a whisper, we will tame the vicious seas.
    Like a feather, bringing kingdoms to their knees…

  6. 2:51 the way she pulls him to her, I am a huge fan of Twilight I love the books and the films I could honestly say no one is.more obsessed than me in this 😂 the books and the films keep me reading and watching for hours and I never get tired, these are the first ever films I have been obsessed with all the films are amazing I wish Stephanie would write more books
    1:57 is where the romance fully starts

  7. IF you look Wien then kiss you can only ser Edward And her but all the Other people disappear. Then then teleport back

  8. Bella got her happy ending with Edward, far better than Harry and Ginny who were so dull and no connection.

  9. That dead fish stare Stewart keeps throughout the movie is one of the many reasons Twilight is the laughinstock of modern cinema

  10. Love forever Robsten Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Edward & Bella forever love forever Robsten

  11. One thing to be noted is that it's daytime and this place not covered nicely so like ………..what!

  12. I like this scene, is one of the few wedding scenes I can felt related because if someday I married someone I don't think I will look Super cheerfully on the walking the aisle, I'm super nervous and serious person sooo, this make posible picture someone with that kind of personality getting married

  13. If this was a Disney movie then Bella and Edward would be the best Disney prince and princesses. I bet they would rival Rapunzel and Eugene on the best Disney couple.

  14. This scene is beautiful but I’ll be honest I hate her dress. it’s so boring and the breast area looks like she wearing a bullet bra.

  15. their love story is the most mature, idealistic, truly passionate, dedicated romance anyone could only hope for. i always cry after watching these movies every time even though it’s been probably 5 times now, because of how ill always long for a love story better than twilight. i long to feel something as powerful as how these two fictional characters felt. even bella and edward as people are so much more mature and calm and grown up than people in romance movies now and people in real life. i hope one day i can experience a wedding like this with love this powerful.

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  17. It is 2019 and I still don't know why people hate Twilight! What they expect?! For me I'm very happy to see a good romantic movie series in my life. I have learned something and want to apply in my life.

  18. When I was 12, the kissing scene was goals but now I wonder if I would have the guts to kiss someone in front of my whole family and friends haha

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