Ukraine Timeline: From Giuliani’s Outreach To Trump’s Phone Call | Meet The Press | NBC News

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  1. The beginning starts with paul Manafort. 🤪🤪🎺💩🐟🧠💩🎺☎️☎️☎️
    Better yet it starts with 🍑Melania 👠👄🤪☎️👀👄🎺

  2. if the Senate don't impeach trump and others , then the Senate members should be changed . After all this coruption it would be a shame to your country even more.

  3. 4:57 We don't need a lot more details? Huh? That's what they hope for, that Americans will NOT ask too many questions. Here are few: What is "CrowdStrike"? Why would the DNC hire foreign cyber security firm instead of the FBI, Homeland Security or CIA to investigate US election fraud? Why was Joe Biden's son Hunter paid over 850,000 usd using a shell company by major Ukrainian natural gas producer, from 2014 to 2019?

  4. Since the transcript of the entire conversation between President Trump and President Zelensly has been released why is the whistle blower relative? Anyone can go online, read the report, and form their own opinion. The next elections are coming soon, so why not let the voters decide. There seems to be unanswered questions about why Biden’s son was paid $50.000 per month by a Ukrainian Gas Company, a business he knows nothing about.

    According to the New York Times Hunter Biden and his American business partners were part of a broad effort by Burisma to bring in well-connected Democrats during a period when the company was facing investigations backed not just by domestic Ukrainian forces but by officials in the Obama administration. Hunter Biden’s work for Burisma prompted concerns among State Department officials at the time that the connection could complicate Vice President Biden’s diplomacy in Ukraine, former officials said.

    The book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friend, exposes a number of get-rich-quick schemes utilized by family members of famous elected officials… including Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. In 2013, the younger Biden would be part of an official U.S. delegation to China. Ten days later, Rosemont entities inked a $1 billion deal with the Bank of China. The deal was eventually increased to $1.5 billion.

  5. To NBC News: CLOSE CAPTIONS in this transmission equals A MESS…!!! Have you ever watched pole vaulting in the Olympics? You had fun? But it isn't funny when Seniors can hardly follow the SUBTITLES the way the CC's are sprinting from one place on the screen to the other and all over the place and not lasting enough… Could it be a computer graphic moving on-screen and/or otherwise manipulated as a single entity by someone who doesn't really know what s/he is doing…? Do forgive my ignorance…!!!

  6. The president starts a BACKGROUND check on a political opponent, only this time the justification isn't a make believe dossier. No, Biden's Son was really getting money from a foreign government, $50,000/month, to show at work, do nothing, and know nothing. Dems have a zombie anger for Trump. National Security trumps collateral damage to Biden's political aspirations. The butt hurt Dems should stand down, and take their Manchurian Candidate with them.

  7. Trump tried to get the Ukraine to play ball, but the Ukraine, and it's new leader, asked for the official requests, which Trump, never did, showing his guilt, once again. Imagine someone as corrupt as Trump, telling you, that if you want 400 million in aid, that all they had to do, was come up with something, anything, and they refused. They held the line, and should get a medal, for teaching us something, when we think that we're so great, telling everyone how we are so righteous, and high and mighty. Shame on us.

  8. Ukraine & China links to Bidens …. Watch "Life, Liberty and Levin" for Sept 29 with Peter Schweizere…. " Why was China able to put military bases on the South China seas island". "Why isn't Hunter Biden registered as working for a foreign government" , "Why is Hunter Biden's investment company being paid 1 billion by China and all the Biden's company investments, for China, deal with US Military contracts."

  9. Why Trump called Putin after he released the money to Ukraine. Trump wanted to say SORRY. Trump now in trouble with his Master.

  10. Indeed, the conversations of Trump with fellow criminals buddy Vladimir Putin, with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed “Bonesaw” Salman and Trump’s North Korean lover Kim Un are THE smoking guns!! Also, the connections between Trump and pedo Jeffrey Epstein must be in full investigation. A LOT of Dirt / Skeletons are coming up.

  11. My guess is that Trump has dirt on everyone in Washington, he was a big money donor to politicians, and keeps digging for more.

  12. you are leaving out 3 steps. most important is when and why Trump actually released the funds. Trump got a call from Sen Portman to ask him why he had not released the funds on sept 11. the pres told him he had issues with being the only nation funding them. Portman told him that the senate released the funds and time was running out for the funds or they would go back into Treasury. Trump released them hours later. releasing them had nothing to do with Biden.

  13. Thump is driving corrupt dem establishment and their fake news minions nuts. They will all end up in a mental asylum by November 2020.

  14. Just as in the end of October, Democrats, Republicans who do not support Trump, and Independents will take back our country once Donald Trump will be impeached. The problem is that Donald Trump made Richard Nixon look more like a saint because American history repeats itself. We are just 47 years on from Watergate, and yet, American history repeats itself.

  15. Why was the fact that the new Ukraine President dissolved his parliment shortly after taking office. Very prudent of President to withhold aid until after the new parliment elections
    which were held July 21st. Froze assets on July 18 until after the elections makes perfect sense. Giving aid before election would have likely end in much aid in the wrong hands.
    Thank You NBC and Mike McFaul for the distortion of truth.

  16. The nation needs to know what's going on between trump and Putin going back to Helsinki to determine if trump is effectively a russian operative, and as such is liable of treason, plain and simple.

  17. Russian oligarchs, if you're listening… start calling in your loans to Trump Org. before his assets get frozen… now you can't say you weren't warned!

  18. Chuck Todd is such an incompetent imbecile. That run through didn't clarify anything for people who haven't been following this in excruciating detail. Meanwhile, lying right wing maggot (that's redundant) Hugh Hewitt comes on Meet The Press and says that the Mueller Report completely exonerated Trump, no collusion no obstruction (the opposite of what the Report says) and Chuck Todd and rest of those morons provide no pushback.

  19. Everyone above and most comments here are wrong. In July or August, the Whistleblower Forms changed from Requiring First Hand Knowledge for any submissions to allowing 2nd Hand Knowledge, interesting change, on the fact that, it never existed before, all previous Whistleblower submissions have always been 1st Hand knowledge. This shows deep state is retaliating against Trump because he again may get reelected as Schiff said on the News. No One is reporting this. The entire thing is a setup, being that the Whistleblower is 2nd hand, never was there, and the format of the Complaint was as though the Whistleblower was a whole group of people, showing different styles and input, like all of it was made to be like a fantasy story……Anyone remember Orsen Wells in the old days…saying we were under Alien Invasion……..EVERYONE BELIEVED HIS STORY ON RADIO, EVEN THOUGH NOT ONE WORD WAS TRUE! Democrat's are so good at getting people to believe lies easily, even when there is nothing there. To start Schiff tweets about this matter before anything was ever given to him or it ever existed, which means this was a complete and utter setup by the Democrat's and the deep state. The Ukraine President, stated on Live TV, he was never forced on anything, there was no pressure, and they did not even know anything about any of the Aid being on hold, which means, the entire conversation he had with Trump was legitimate, normal and 0% quid pro quo….is was a totally honest sincere communication between leaders talking about draining the swamp in both their countries. Bull….on the Prosecutor in Ukraine was not prosecuting, and that being why he was fired..this is a total lie………..1.2 Billion Dollars was threatened to withheld by U.S. by Biden, if he did not fire the Prosecutor within 6 hours, Bidens son was getting $50,000 a month from the company he was working for, which the prosecutor was investigating, and then his son's company gets 1.5 Billion from China after that….if the company was being investigated, that 1.5 Billion would have never happened. But yet this and other ridiculous fake News is saying Biden had nothing to do with it…….OMG….People you need to wake up. Trump did not do anything wrong. This issue with Ukraine is in regard to the Election Tampering of 2016, and the issue with Biden and his son, also stems from that, and all of Rudy's Investigation was from the 2016 Defense of Trump because of all of the lies against Trump, so during Giuliani defending Trump, he wound up also getting Memo's from the State Department requesting any information also from him during his investigation in Ukraine, which he then also during his investigation found all of the evidence in regard to Biden and his son's illegal Black Mail, Quid Pro Quo which did actually happen from Biden. So every one and the News above is lying to the American People. I saw not 1 shred of evidence presented above during this fake news. Not one!!!

  20. Let's ask different questions. Why is it the job of U.S. taxpayers to provide aid to Ukraine? Pick another country, say, Australia. Is Australia providing for the defense of Ukraine? Why is it always the U.S. taxpayer?

  21. YAWN ,Time to change the elected employees of We the People, because this trash makes no sense .
    I see what they mean by after eighty you become childish and stupid .
    Kinda like why are they still in Public Office ?
    For their GreatGrankids ?;).

  22. Hey chuck toad you forgot the part that shows that the CIA changed the whistleblower rules 10 days before this allegation to include people that don't have firsthand knowledge and include just heresay. That's what call "cockamammy"

  23. As if anyone else responsible for GOP suicide besides Gullible Old People!?! Republican cult dupes need to grow a pair, develop values, learn to think for themselves, and start taking some personal responsibility!

  24. Traitor Trump has been compromised–a Russian asset–since Day 1.  The biggest threat to the U.S. sits in the Oval Office! Republican cult dupe morons couldn't care less!

  25. The supreme irony is that Republican cult dupes and their leaders are ripping this nation asunder just as surely as the Confederates did, and the basis is once again racism, greed, and ignorance. Then again, that Lincoln incarnation of the GOP died not too long after him, and Republicans have been doing this for decades, if only a bit more insidiously, more subversive and subtly.

  26. Cover-up? What cover-up? The one Traitor Trump and treasonous Republicans been conducting for the last three years? Total Loser's Ukraine fiasco is merely a continuation of the debacle contained in the Mueller Report–which Republicans continue to gaslight!

  27. Russia, Saudia Arabia, Israel, UAE, Traitor Trump and his asinine administration, the GOP,  right-wing media and plutocrats, Republican cult dupes — they've all got themselves in a real pickle, strapped together over a barrel, all strung up, and tied to fits! In the final analysis, fools seeking to fool others are only fooling themselves!

  28. wall after more than two years of democratic debate 'wall-they, woodn't-they' rumors and 'he-said, she-said' stories in the US, the press, and the fight finally came toa DMC dreams maybe? al do I don't think it will happen Presiden is correct asking Ukraine to clarify the Biden

  29. Meet the press is the worst Sunday morning show. It use to be bias, haven't been in years. Chucks smirk when he thinks he has a great story, only to find out its fake, is Priceless.

  30. We are not fans of NBC( Nothing But Criminals) You all should be condemned for distorting the truth… The truth is this video only got 36k views and you all are doing a poor job getting the correct information to the Republic. We see through the desception; this station should be called NBN (Nothing But Nutz) because you all are nutz.

  31. Watching these lunatic…. rabid Democrats and their media trying to bring down President Trump….. is like watching a kitten chase a laser pointer.


  33. Why are we listening to stories from their opinion why didn’t they just air out what exactly the conversationalist on the phone calls

  34. If you want to hear Biden in his own words blackmailing Ukraine watch this. The criminal Biden is going down along with the whole OBummer WH. Anybody who watches and believes anything on the mainstream corporate media is a fool. Protect your children until these criminals are all jailed.

  35. This video is rubbish because Chuck would not allow the ambassador to give us his take on the situation based on his expertise. What a WASHOUT. American presenters are all guity of this

  36. The transcripts from the high security server will be evidence elsewhere, not in Congress. They will be used by the court martial to make the case of high treason and get Mr. Trump in front of a firing squad. As Commander-in-Chief he is subject to the Uniform Code as precedence from the past shows and as the US is still in war with North Korea, it is high treason in times of war and therefore there is only one sentence. And what is public from his first meeting with Sergey Lavrov is enough to open a trial and subpoena the transcripts.

  37. As Joe Biden and His Son are investigated for the BILLIONS he they made from "Kickbacks" from Ukraine and China, the Media and CIA have come up with a new Spin. the President is the Guilty person not Joe and Hunter! More Fake news ie Propaganda to Remove the Best American President Ever!

  38. Trump, Pompeo and Pence all have to go. They're trying to help Russia to swallow Ukraine and stopping repairs to our eastern Europe air bases so NATO can't use them to fend off Russia's European agression.

  39. Hmm. No mention of congressional Democrats writing letters or visiting Ukraine before the phone call , asking for dirt on Trump? WTF kind of reporting is that?

  40. Collusion smear campaign 2.0 DOA. This loser has destroyed Meet the Press. They should change the name to Meet the Hysterical Leftist Hack.

  41. Meet the press is the most crupt media show pushing the democrats narrative and conspiracy lies on tv! I can't wait for American people who are awakened! To rise up and get the truth out to people who have been lied to buy the government! Mainly CIA, FBI, the Democrats and Rhino Republicans. The treason against the PEOPLE needs to be dealt with swiftly and a justly. Off with there heads😁

  42. Chuck Todd has been a Russian Collusion propaganda HACK for years. Meanwhile when Obama killed Gaddafi it ended with open public slave markets in Libya, on video. No other President has ever had such horrific results. Not a word from Chuck Todd. That's pure agenda when you can look the other way on that one. Maybe Chuck was a real reporter long ago but he's been broken for a long time.

  43. If you wanna see those calls you need to run for president of the free world…trump I s talking to them cause he was chosen by the people he have all the right to do so…not one of you been helping the economy the jobs the tax cuts and all that…that what trump represent and he did also promise to drain the swamp…that include the previous Vice President…trump has keep all his promises to his voters so let see what you can offer ambassador to Russia in the Obama terms…no one of you and your department became a whisle blower when Obama tell the primer of Russia that he will get flexible after the election…so no investigation on that but so sad with what you trying to put on trump every time he is trying to put America first even taking down the ones who benefit from using government power

  44. Elected Democrats have said they want to repeal the 2nd Amendment, do away with the Electoral College, stack the Supreme Court, stop the use of fossil fuels, tax people for being successful, deny the presumption of innocence, ignore due process, and apply different standards of justice. If they attack the President enough maybe voters will forget this. Those not fooled by the 'Destroy Trump Media' support our President.

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