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look Vargas is joining us he’s the
United Nations correspondent for talk radio news service he has been all over everything going on at the UN I really for for the last couple of weeks
up in Midtown which is cause all sorts of traffic craziness getting back into new york
city but my personal complaints aside Luke I wanna talk about syria first syria has
been talked about a lot over the last few weeks and and really
cut kind of almost months at this point and there was so much media interest when
there was the possibility American military action in Syria once
that was no longer as likely interest faded quickly
although there is still a really big story out of Syria it’s just not the
typeof international story that american corporate media seem to
care about sure everyone is talking up about the OPCW a inspectors arriving in Syria today everyone’s talking about I guess I’m
glad they’re talking about the UN are talking about the Security Council
resolution on I’m handing over the chemical weapons
well i think is most amazing was something that was buried in the
speech by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister Assyria yesterday at the United Nations
in his speech he makes a reference to the refugees
that the Syrian crisis which according to the latest estimates from
the US number over two million people he said in his speech and many of them
are housed in military training camps and places
that resemble detention centers then he went on to
appeal quote to citizens a serious return to
their towns and villages where the state guarantees their safe
return in their livelihood away from the
inhuman conditions they suffer in those camps and it is not a experts on it to make
the determination that that’s probably a promise that the Assad government cannot
fulfill that there is very little capacity for you gonna be awesome government or the
UN or any other man its reactors to take up a greater load refugees or
internally displaced persons within Syria at this time right and this
really shows it won’t when the the initial serious Syrian military
action conversation was starting from all angles we were hearing the the
impetus for this the catalyst is because if the humanitarian crisis
that’s taking place in Syria whenever I hear that as the reason for
military action to me red flags go up because there are many opportunities to get involved in where humanitarian
crises and we seem not to do that unless there is more oven interest
immediately here we have the elimination have the chance
that military action but that the humanitarian crisis as you’re talking about has not gone
away at all in fact we’re now getting these absurd and completely unbelievable
statements why are we still talking about Syria the humanitarian crisis is
still there with lot a conversation will turn
towards the humanitarian part the Syrian crisis again the security council this week is
debating a possible resolution are statements
that would call on the ice and government to create humanitarian hugs with an the country
allow for border crossings that humanitarian
convoys into the country but it will take hundreds if not thousands ove those caravans Metairie it’s really
tipped the scales in the humanitarian crisis and again to have a comment a urging
people to return to the country now I just spoke to ahead
this release for group DCA just moments before coming on here he said northern Syria looks like
Kandahar and the restive Syria’s population centers are still under shelling for from the
regime for them to return back the gentleman I spoke to said it seems
only like a pretty tacky trying to get more people to come back in the country
perhaps your creates a fight on the side biaz government against a
increasingly a the test rebel factions that are
fighting but that seems a little bit lexical
settle comments from the Syrian Foreign Minister yesterday at the UN and speaking a humanitarian crises and
media coverage of international events I want to talk a little bit about sudan
it now I am often critical the fact that Americans seem to be not particularly informed about what is
going on outside the USA even often within the US the information is it can be limited and here we have an
example where ensued and their is actually an opportunity to discuss a very important things that
are happening and to inform the public however american media seem obsessed
with one particular story about sudan tell us what’s being discussed and then what is going on behind the
scenes that were not really hearing much about in all fairness the story that the media
is discussing are related president plus europe’s
Dennis is actually quite interesting involves allegations by seed and eight tonight
entry visa for the president to travel to the
General Assembly there are charters between the United States and United
Nations that safe the US’s misled anyone who’s coming to
speak on official business at the UN come here the Sudanese Foreign Minister
speaking on Friday said US turned down that request that the
media has continue to talk about this story in spite of the fact that the foreign
minister spoke yesterday with John Kerry in Washington and their his a lot more
going on in Sudan that expands beyond this issue with
these that’s right so let’s talk a little bit about that right I mean we
have popular protest we have a referendum that spending and these are
these are things which are just not really making it too the very few minutes that even exist on
most american newscast to discuss what’s going on elsewhere yeah all handmade fights what’s going on
inside and out up there were recently since
longstanding subsidies on fuel in the country were cut last
week sending thousands of people into the streets not only in the capital
Khartoum around the country five to ten thousands are the number of
protesters I’m hearings from khartoum their reports
high-ranking officials in the country leaving sending their families that’s I
C span there’s a petition signed by many of
them calling for the restoration fuel subsidies and the internet was also
set down for 24 hours last week as ever reports circulating that the president
had hired malicious to shoot at peaceful protesters in us a kid is people not to go out into the
streets newspapers are being close the coverage we’re getting from Sudan it there’s much courage at all he’s only
coming from experts say who call in to us that big television
networks they’re calling in from the Middle East and in Europe so
not a lot coming out soon and red out a time where up there could be well school starts about to happen a big movement away up from the president’s
Bashir as the International Criminal Court
wants him a held accountable for 10 counts %uh were cracks in the Sudan that
conflict in a few years ago no question at all that there are big
stories there that are just not reaching most years and Iza but the average news consumer we’ve been
speaking with Luke Vargas United Nations correspondent for talk radio news
service I know you’ve got to get back I know if
netanyahu is speaking now so we will will talk you next time look thanks as
always jewish

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  1. We have to go to David Pakman and John Stewart and Young Turks for credible news in the USA. Television media has become nothing but pacifying fluff; shameless celebrity coverage and cutesie fluff for the brain dead. In fact the newscasters, often make themselves the story of the day (as if we care). It has become blatant hedonism in American Broadcast Television .. and NOT the good kind.

  2. Ok sure. 🙂 Liberal Viewer is difficult to watch, however, because his voice is soooo irritatingly drone and laced with smarminess. And the ultimate killer of his channel’s potential is that he uses a kid to say “Liberal viewer presents”. Gag! Its like fingernails on a chalkboard to listen to him for more than a second. But btw, did I miss Amy Goodman, too? Another problem is that news today comes with an agenda. Where is the news with facts and zero agenda attached?

  3. For those who are unaware of it , its bliss , however for people who are actually aware that there are places on the planet that matter , its frankly torturous , someone gives me a blank mannequin stare and i just go about my way , there are real problems to deal with that require real human hands to solve. For example one of the pieces of news that made my month was the discovery of that aquifer in Kenya , a HUGE success for humanity and science and something truly worth celebrating.

  4. I highly recommend checking out BBC's International news coverage if you haven't already, especially if you are a fan of David's show

  5. well, those of us who actually care about informing ourselves are quite well engaged with the news at the global level. No we have not stopped being interested in Syria or other events of global impact. You will lose sight of them if you rely on the corporate media. There is no shortage of other sources on any issue. I just read an update on the Kenya mall attack, and the Australia Indonsia dispute on the boat load of refugees. Staying dumb and stupid is actually a choice. I chose not to.

  6. You can say the same for Libya. Once the dictator was deposed and killed the corporate news delcared a free Libya and trained their cameras elsewhere. The reality is Libya is now a chaotic piss hole of instability, murder, torture, rape, militiamen, etc etc. after the "liberation". Go to BBC website RIGHT NOW, and you will see the stories. Again being uninformed is a choice we Americans make. Things are not what they seem to be because a CNN person said something.

  7. Yeah and 100 years after the US revolution we were fighting a bloody civil war with 1 million casualties…But we don't blame the French for supporting us during our revolution for the natural chaos that follows decades of a dictator! "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. "!

  8. Oh, America is exceptional. That is no myth. It just isn't the sort of exceptionalism anymore one would normally want to brag about. :'(

  9. I can't believe the psycho-propaganda being shot at all of us by the right wing banksters and owners of what used to be a representative democracy. This is a worldwide phenomenon – most of the money in world banks comes from laundered money from dealing drugs. I even had this Stephan Molyneaux crap video come into my YouTube as "recommended" and it has to be bought and paid for by some crook. DO NOT BUY THIS MOLYNEAUX CRAP!!! Our very freedom as a country is at stake!

  10. I just went to make remarks on a Molyneux video and I found I'd been BLOCKED! That is their idea of free speech, eh? Thhis all is a scary phenomenon – everybody in small towns around the country are being subjected to right wing propaganda, and very little news about the rest of the world.

  11. I only hope they can keep that water safe from the impurities that come out of the ground from natural gas. Check out Link TV – a report about the numerous toxic materials that come out of the ground along with natural gas.

  12. To be fair, amongst first world countries Americans do actually rank as one of the most ignorant populations.

  13. the main issue is keeping your head above water from the torrent of bull***t that is spewed on cable news daily. the media either wants us as uncritical partisans with utopian ideals (dem and rep) of one party rule or unthinking consumers obsessed with easy and cheap to produce gossip stories in the past journalistic pride came from what story you broke and how many lies you exposed it has now devolved into how much access to power you have exceptionalism is not a myth just turned on its head

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