Updates to Studio Beta and Improvements to Subs Shelf, Headlines & Snapshot! | YouTube News Flash

Good hello insiders news flash time first one YouTube studio beta big improvements based on feedback from viewers like you as Well as people who use the submit feedback feature in the studio beta so what do we do? So people were asking For the ability to see the original file name in the video details page The ability to copy and paste tags my god. I’ve seen that a lot of times another one was hey, I want a player in the details page a video player so that Maybe I can write like timestamps in the description as I’m watching it And then lastly there were a lot of people asking for more real-time data Because Kurt previously the YouTube studio beta only showed like 5 rows I think 5 videos and now it can be up to 30 As a reminder classic only goes to 25. So this is not just parody This is parody and then like raised so there you go So all of those things are now available in the studio beta file name copy paste tags Player and details page more real time data another example of every month We’re making improvements to the studio beta based on customer feedback Because this year as a reminder classic studio, bye-bye no more. So I know there are a lot of folks out there who? Are still on classic and refuse to try studio beta you’re You’re gonna be able to do that for a little bit longer, but my recommendation is get used to studio beta now Learn the new information architecture pro tip just click on the video first and then the left-hand menu will change that’s the biggest mistake people make They look at the left-hand manual and menu and think everything’s there. It’s not you have to collect click on the video first Moving on ooh On the desktop home We launch that new shelf for subscribe And now there’s a seal link which will take them to the subs feed in its entirety Another way for viewers to get to your content We have made an improvement In the YouTube studio beta dashboard the snapshot card, which is not available in classic One of my favorite features about Studio beta it gives you for your last upload How it’s performing? compared to your typical video performance for the exact same time since upload so it’s like oh typically after 6 hours and 32 minutes you usually have this many views but this video now has this many Its I of this percent more or less and here’s a leaderboard for how this last video is doing super cool we’ve made a bunch of improvements to The data normalization how we compare that data? so that in the future we can do this faster and for for other types of metrics, there’s one little Caveat, which is because of this new data normalization system If you have less than 10 videos since December 7th, 2018 We’re not going to be able to offer you that normal normalized comparisons, but once you get to 10 videos after December 7th 2018 the normalization will be available. So Big improvement there for the long term a little bit of a growing pain in the meantime Latta yeah, that’s it for this week. Hope that was helpful in the meantime. Keep it real Ok still here movies Last week the quote was from first man And the person who guessed that first was Sir squidge sir, squidge does Minecraft videos so check out sir squidge there were also two people that guess the name of the watch Which was the Omega Speedmaster, which is the first watch worn on the moon. It’s a Swiss watch. Okay? This week’s movie There’s very busy. So I’m gonna do movie that I know very well And I’m gonna paraphrase it may not be word-for-word but there’s no other movie that has a has a exchange like this And the hint is it’s based on a book so the guy says Oh have Excuse me. I’d like to inquire about renting a helicopter and then the guy says They’re not for rent. They’re only for sale. Oh shit Okay, it goes something like this I’d like to inquire about the helicopter. Sure It’s 1 million dollars and the guy’s like oh is it available for rent? And he says yes, how much is that 1 million dollars and he’s like, okay Well, if I buy it, can I try it out first and then the guy says yeah You’ll have to put a deposit down and then he says 1 million dollars. Okay, so that’s the movie It’s based on a book. So awesome movie and That’s all I will tell you about it. Hopefully, you know, keep it real. We’ll see you next week All right

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  1. Can you also show how many characters we have left for tags? Original has it, but Studio Beta does not. If I go over characters, it keeps giving errors and will not save. Thank You!

  2. The Monetisation section and the counter that tells how much I have left out of the required 4000 watch hours until my channel gets reviewed is completely missing from the Studio Beta. If You get rid of this whole quota thing, I`ll be happy, of course that is unlikely. So I`m just suspicious why is this info still "hidden" in Beta?

  3. Love the improvement for Real Time data, but how do we get to it??? It's not clickable on the dashboard for me.

  4. Page Numbers PLEASE!!! I've got over 21,000 videos on my channel, it takes literally days to look up videos I published in 2017. Even for channels not as large as mine, it's still going to take people with hundreds, or thousands of videos, many hours to get through loading page after page. All the big channels on Youtube are going to be negatively affected by this.

  5. Hi, Why is there no notification bell top right of the dashboard, how do i know I've got new comments at a glance?

  6. I miss having a 100% customizable dashboard. I think there could be different widgets for us creators to have the most relevant information right in the dashboard. In the classic studio there's a widget with last comments, pretty useful to see if there's anything new. In the new one you have to load the comments section on the sidebar to know so.

  7. Thanks for the video, happy to see legacy features and upgrades incorporated in beta. I am new to beta and was wondering if there is a way to organize/customize the tabs in the dashboard view—to something that is more relevant to me as a creator. Of course I can dismiss the cards that I am not interested in, however, if I can add or modify boards based on the need, would be super cool. Thanks for listening 🙂

  8. PLEASE FIX THESE: (before you're getting rid of Classic)

    The only reason I neet to move to classic studio yet is that you still didn't fix the most important issue.
    Every time if i need to edit the tags on my video and try to save it. It shows error message and says to try next time. But i can save the same thing after a move on to classic studio.

    Sorry about my bad English, I hope that this information helps as I upload 1-2 videos daily I always ran into this same issue from my PC and my Laptop as well.

    Thanks ahead, keep up the good job! ❤️

  9. I really want the feature to sort out comments YTS. Right now it is always recent comments on top. But i want to see old to new comments so I can reply to my viewer from old comments to new comments. And I really like to filter out just in replied comments 🙏❤️

  10. Kindly keep back multi add putting out of editor and make is easy it was in classic studio. We need it quick and easy to use. While it is so hard to use in editor. Regards.

  11. I think it would really be helpful if in creator studio under "latest activity" we could see more then just 5 videos viewed in the last 48/24 hours, the old version showed a long list of the videos being viewed within that time frame and was really helpful in seeing what videos were being viewed most and what was working well. please consider this. thanks!

  12. hello outsiders My channel is in review from last 8 months please take a decision accept it or reject it now I am fed up

  13. Please don't retire classic studio as there are still some users on older OS's like I'm using 10.10.5 OS X Yosemite

  14. I don't refuse to use it, You are still missing things I need, like seeing data on my past few videos (the last 10) not my most popular videos. It is the quick glance I need. Until that comes in I am staying where I am. I'd also like to see a way to video all comments and replies in the order they are posted. This will let me edit replies that might be obscene. I run a family friendly channel, and I read every comment and reply. This function is only available under notifications on the youtube creators app.

  15. Hey YouTube, could you PLEASE focus on making Studio load faster? It literally takes 10 sec over here. A lot of us are on the go and just need a quick way to check our important stats without all the bloated fluff. Making the page load in under 2 seconds should be the primary goal of any website.

  16. OH and I can handle studio beta fine as long as all of the features in it are functioning properly. Right now for my channel all those features are not working as they should. I'm thinking most probably because of the hacking issue I mentioned below, or maybe a combination of others messing with my channel aside from the person below. Get the ghost off me and I will be fine. Thank you Tom For the information.

  17. How do you view your subscribed channels? Also how do you even seach for a video when your on the dashboard? The studio classic is way better at present.

  18. I really like the comparison card for your latest upload, super interesting and I spend far too much time looking at it along with the realtime data! lol. Keep up the good work x

  19. Can you talk about video blinking? This has been happening a lot to a lot of creators, the video seems to get a blinking bug, and my original video doesnt have it, I have to take down the video and re upload it. It was happened a lot of times past month

  20. On another note. When do you think Youtube will give channels with children it their videos their comments back? Lots of youtubers are now leaving youtube to go to twiiter, facebook, and instagram to comment and ask us questions.

  21. Honestly, without seeing a screenshot of some of these features it's sometimes hard to tell what exactly the update is.

  22. The live streaming was jittery all the times I used it. My internet is incredible, other live stream tests on the classic studio worked within the same hour. I keep giving it a chance, but it keeps cutting out.

    For me, as a streamer, I'm not finding this version useful if it cuts out on me.

  23. A question for anyone reading this: I currently podcast using Hangouts. It is a LIVE broadcast, and allows guest panelists to appear on the show. YouTube is getting rid of Hangouts in 2020. Does this mean I will no longer be able to invite guests on the show through YouTube, or will they integrate this technology into the new, finished Studio Beta? I am aware of Wirecast (using Rendezvous as a way of having guests on air), but it is cumbersome, and limited to 2 desktop browsers. I am currently testing it, and it is far from seamless integration. Any information would be greatly appreciated-Marc

  24. Is there away to save clips in the Studio Beta? I would like to be able to save clips my different videos and save as a new video is this posible?

  25. It would be nice to be able to upload as unlisted and when it is finished uploading be able to schedule it for a later time. After you decide the best time to do so.

  26. Hi Tom, you doing so good. I want YouTube to privide us good editor for content settings and enhancing its appearance.

  27. I'm still not seeing a way to check out the requirements for copyrighted music that i can find in classic. also if you could streamline the Beta more it would be nice. it's still taxing on my computer. It's looking a lot better, i think that's the only thing i had to go to classic for today.

  28. thank you for the realtime data update. im trying to force myself on beta more. im in the i don't like change category

  29. Please consider doing thumbnails and titles A/B tests. it would be really helpfully to see which thumbnail performs better

  30. Name of the Film/ Movie is "The Mountain Between Us
    " 2017, just remembered.

    The Republic Press

  31. Please don't get rid of Youtube Classic. Sometimes it's best just to leave things as they are.
    The original Youtube from 2004 was the best where you create a personal site.
    When Google/Youtube try to "Improve the Site" it just gets worse. Look at Google+…a major failure.

  32. I try to force myself to use Beta but there are a few things that I just can't do there. I want to be able to look at my audience retention graphs in more detail (subscribed, not subscribed, absolute vs relative). Other people had some great ideas, I am excited to try the new features!

  33. HELP! I'm trying to find the option that will let me see my subscriber list on Studio Beta and I'm not seeing it. Can someone tell me where this is or if this is a feature still in progress?

  34. Hello, does anyone have any info on some videos showing the publishing date as 1st January 1970? It started off with one but now I am seeing 3 of new uploads. I have already submitted screenshots as feedback…..but it's freaking me out a bit and I could not find anything about it anywhere yet. Only re phone issues, the files are being uploaded from my laptop though…..

  35. how do i go live using my stream code ? Im using a streaming Platform – I have to resort to the old way .
    Thank you !

  36. Please keep the “Last 60 minutes”  under Analytics/Realtime the color GREEN in the in the new Studio Beta like in  Creator Studio Classic. Makes the new realtime views seem fresh and new, like a small plant springing up out of the ground. It also catches my eye when I first glance at the realtime screen. Thank you for your consideration. “I don’t mind change, I just don’t want to be there when it happens”, Adrianne Monk.

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