Upton and Ruzek Take a Break – Chicago PD (Episode Highlight)

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  1. I love the way Adam plays his scenes. I really appreciate the way he plays the love scenes. That's good acting!

  2. i'm so angry about this….when Lindsay left the show Halstead was heartbroken and i liked them together and when this Upton and Ruzek got together i loveeedd them together…they are badass together and really care for one another…so i was super disappointed when they made them take a break and right near the season finale too. i hope they can work something out…

  3. People who are happy about this couple breaking up dissapoint me. Adam deserves happiness. So does Hailey! Kim could have had the same thing if she hadn’t listen to stupid Sean Roman about her own relationship. Why listen to a man who hasn’t had a meaningful relationship. Then she dated Sean Roman. Like seriously?!!!

  4. Okay I’ll say the same thing I said on Twitter, y’all need to chill with the hating on Upzek, Burzek is endgame but these two were so cute together

  5. Phew, now that this complete “opposites attract” relationship is over, spent mostly by Hailey yelling at Adam half the time… let’s focus more on the Upstead slowburn & get her with Jay next season… y’know, the guy “she’d follow blind,” balled her eyes out over, & stares at like he’s the best thing since sliced bread… & now it’s clear Jay is into her too… so enough of the dumb, trivial writing obstacles & let’s roll on the Upstead foundation that’s been planted since 4X21

  6. When she said I think we know the other reason why…was she saying he needs to admit to himself that he is still in love with??🤔

  7. I don't understand all the hate. I get that people love Burzek but can we be realists here? This was a good, fresh, interesting dynamic. I think they had potential. They could've grown with each other's help. He could've thought to not be so serious and to show loyalty which she was starting to learn (when she talked to voight). She would've helped him to learn how to create a strong lovely relationship and not jump on engagements in every 5 minutes.
    They had so much more to explore with this.
    Hayley deserves someone who will teach her not to be so bossy and "i know everything" type of girl.
    And Adam needs a girl who will treat him with support, love and will tell him when he is wrong.
    The decisions Hailey made in the episode were not her best but still…
    I don't get the whole taking a break thing. I find it unnecesary. It was not that big of a deal.

  8. Cop dating cop sometimes doesn't work so well but I think what Voight always says "what happens at home stays at home, not at work."

  9. I like both couples but dating and working together in intelligence is never going to work. They're going have to choose one or the other. And until both can make that decision its better to stay apart.

  10. Finally… I didn't see chemistry between them plus they didn't have any foundation for a relationship…

  11. Yes it’s about time!! I really don’t like her character! Hopefully we’ll start seeing more of Kim. She has been pushed into the background for way too long!

  12. I’ve been in a situation like this before where I loved someone that I work with. She gave me a hint that we are just friends and nothing else. Even though she no longer works where I work, I don’t want to lose her out of my life ever.

  13. Truthfully I did not hate these two together I just did not think they were all that serious if he ends up with Burgess again that would be good and if she ends up with halstead I can live with that

  14. Can someone please explain what they were saying when they broke up, I seriously didn’t get it?!? 🧐
    What does “…it’s more than that, isn’t it mean?!” Are they saying they didn’t actual care “that!” much about each other?!? 👀
    And if that’s the case, why just “we should take a break” vs let’s just break up?
    #explain 😩

  15. I love how he hugs her at the end, didnt he do that with Kim at the end of their engagement too? Its been a while now… A little part of me thinks Kevin and Kim but then I know Kevin will always protect Kim in a brotherly sense… I want more Kevin love scenes he is such an underdog..! Anyone else wishing for another SVU Law and Order cross over…? I need some Voight and Benson love tension…. (evidently I dont keep up with SVU much)

  16. Truthfully, I love these characters. Adam has been one of my favorite characters in the Chicagoverse and Upton has been growing on me. However, brutally honest they should've never been a couple. I get the staff wanted to shake things up starting when they killed off Al. However, "Upzek" never had the foundation for me. I watched this series since the beginning. And the moment when I saw Kim and Adam hooking up and how their relationship grew over the seasons felt emotional. Upton and Ruzek together just didn't click at all. I never felt the same emotion I did when they were coying Lindsey and Jay's relationship as well Kim and Adam's relationship. When I watched this scene of them breaking up, I didn't felt anything. I rather see Upton dating someone outside the police force; Adam and Kim (let's just be real) they're like Ross and Rachel, they belong together.

  17. I think that they are a nice couple but sometimes Upton is a little bossy. Retuk is a great guy but he is nice.

  18. Honest question: when she said “there’s more to it” is she implying he still has feelings for Burges?

  19. Do they mean “but it’s more than just that, isn’t it?” Because Adam still has feelings for Burgess? Or that their personalities just don’t mix. I always thought Kim understood Adam way better than Hailey does. Kim never judged him on everything and tell him what he should or shouldn’t have done. She just handled it and him because she understood and LOVED him enough to care about him unconditionally and without judgment – in the good and bad times.

  20. My hopes for cpd love:
    Upton and ruzek break up (I hate upzek)

    Burgess and Atwater get together- they have great chemistry

  21. I love the show and I think Upton is actually great replacement for Erin. I also love Jay, Burgess and Atwater. Great characters. But I don't really want Upton with Jay as a couple, I want Jay to be happy, but with someone new. It would be great if Jay met a girl, somehow related to the army or a psychologist, for example.

  22. Não gosto dela sou mais a primeira q fez a Chicago pd Pq essa se acha a bonita q pode faze tudo ele ser chá a dona da cocada Preta Ai gosto de ve ou chicago os quando ele

  23. Love Upzek, their chemistry is undeniable ♥ ♥  Good thing is, they are "on a break" so who knows….. because Paddy & Tracy's friendship behind the scenes is so adorable ♥ ♥ Thanks for Upzek ♥ ♥

  24. This relationship, along with all the others between the main characters throughout this show, was completely unnecessary. For me, anyway. It’s a really good show without all that romance stuff with the main characters

  25. I don't even care if he ends up with Upton (I do love them tho) but pls don't put him back with Kim, she is so selfish. She doesn't deserve Adam.

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