VGATW Latest News – Michael B. Jordan considered for the role of Superman

Hey people, this is Gian. Host of VGATW and today’s news is that Michael
B. Jordan is considered to be the next Superman. Oh my gosh! The internet is still in an uproar about this
kind of thing. So, Michael B. Jordan has been a very interesting
character in the world of superhero movies for a while now. He was the main antagonist Erik Killmonger
in the hit superhero movie, Black Panther. Not to forget he was the Human Torch in the
ill fated Fantastic Four movie in 2015, he voiced Cyborg in the animated movie Justice
League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Pretty Boy Frizzie in the hit Adult Swim show, The
Boondocks. According to Deadline, Michael B. Jordan is
in consideration for the role of Superman. Warner Bros is reportedly “mulling a completely
different direction with its Superman canon for some time,” with Jordan a possible casting
choice “down the road.” Also this is coming from an unconfirmed report
that Henry Cavill will no longer play the role of Superman. Deadline and The Hollywood reporter also write
that the Supergirl solo movie by WB is a priority, at the expense of Cavill’s Superman. The Supergirl movie however is not related
to the Arrowverse in which Melissa Benoist plays the character, and does a pretty good
job at it. I can tell how angry a lot of people are going
to be at this. So, here’s my honest opinion. The people who are angry at this probably
never read some comics or seen DC animated movies that take place in an alternate universe. Remember the movie Justice League: Gods and
Monsters? That movie’s version of Superman was the son
of General Zod and when he arrived to Earth, he was raised by a Mexican family that emigrated
to the United States and faced the same hardships that illegal immigrants face daily. In the comics, there is a story where Superman
is president of the United States and he is black. That Superman’s name is not Clark Kent, but
Calvin Ellis. Calvin Ellis is based on former US President
Barack Obama. Prior to being elected, he once joked on TV
that he was sent to Earth from the dying planet Krypton, by his father, Jor-El. Also, if you read the comic book series of
Earth 2 (The New 52), then you see that another Kryptonian takes the mantle of Superman. That Superman was also black too, and his
name was Val-Zod. Val Zod was great friends with Kara Zor-El,
who you all know as Supergirl. I don’t know if Michael B. Jordan’s Superman
would be based on Val Zod or Calvin Ellis, but we will see soon enough. And that as they say is that folks, just comment,
share, rate and subscribe. This is Gian, host of VGATW. Stay tuned for a Season 3 preview of my webseries. Have a good one!

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