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Hey gamers! This is Gian, host of VGATW. Whether you were raised in the 90s like myself,
then I’m sure you’ve played the original Doom video game on PC. The game series is one of the most iconic
game series and even popularized the first-person genre long before Goldeneye, Medal of Honor,
Call of Duty and Battlefield ever existed. Despite it’s popularity, Doom was the target
of controversy by angry parents, religious groups and the infamous Jack Thompson, who
blamed the game for the incident at Columbine High School in Colorado nearly 20 years ago. The story of Doom was about a group of scientists
accidentally opening a portal to Hell on Mars, and the Space Marine, called by gamers as
the Doomguy, would shoot his way through to put an end to the demons. Doom got the Hollywood treatment releasing
a film in 2005, starring Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban. It stuck to taking place on Mars, but scrapped
the Hell thing. The movie was terrible with a poorly written
plot, but the only redeeming factor of the movie was the famous first-person scene. Of course, there are some gamers who liked
it and some who defend the movie say that it’s for non-gamers who don’t play video games. But now folks, a new Doom movie is in the
works and it stars a female lead. I wonder now, are they making Doom or Metroid? For the record, I like strong female leads
like Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, Xena, Aeon Flux, Clarke Griffin, Captain Janeway, Katniss
Everdeen, Jyn Erso, Buffy Summers, Sara Lance and so on. Doom with a female lead, when we know that
the game series, the lead is a male. It’s kind of like bringing a character that
is not even in the games like Alice from Resident Evil. So here’s the thing. As it turns out, Tony Giglio (Timber Falls,
Extraction, Chaos) will be the next filmmaker to take a crack at the bat, as he’ll be
directing a screenplay that he wrote for the upcoming reboot. Furthermore, Amy Manson (Once Upon A Time,
Being Human, The White Princess) will serve in the lead role, something normally reserved
for males when it comes to Doom. Now, I’m gonna get a lot of shitstorm for
this like James Rolfe got it when he said why he wouldn’t be watching the 2016 Ghostbusters
movie. I don’t blame him, I saw it and after ten
minutes I thought it was a piece of shit. I do not agree in some way with this, because
it’s like you’re putting Samus Aran in Doom and the Doomguy in Metroid. If it were up to me to make a movie based
on a video game, it would be better to create a brand new character whether it’s not one
from the games, but it’s best to be more faithful to the source material rather than deviating
from it. Besides, I’ve seen movies based on video games
that were very shitty. Street Fighter, piece of trash. Double Dragon, lambasted for being such too. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, terrible movie. Wing Commander, piece of shit as well. The Uwe Boll movies like House of the Dead,
Alone in the Dark, Far Cry, Bloodrayne, they all sucked. Dead or Alive, people didn’t like it. Prince of Persia, people didn’t like it. King of Fighters, nobody saw that. Tekken, people hated it. Legend of Chun-Li, people hated it. And the list goes on and on. This director might pull a Paul Feig on Doom. Most people would love it and others would
hate it. So what do you think about this? Well, just comment, like and subscribe. This is Gian, host of VGATW. Have a good one!

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