VGATW Latest News – Power Rangers Reboot features time travel and a 90s setting

What’s up Power Rangers fans! This is Gian, host of VGATW. 2019 is about to come to an end, and in seven
days we got The Rise of Skywalker arriving. As you all know, for 26 long years the Power
Rangers have been pop culture icons. Every show that they had was about them fighting
evil forces such as: alien invaders, time traveling criminals, interdimensional warlords,
underworld demons and masters of evil. Every episode they had life lessons to teach
to viewers and also they had conversations about the preservation of the environment,
especially seen in Power Rangers: Wild Force. The Power Rangers have spawned toys, comic
books, video games and tons of merchandise. Not to forget they had crossovers with the
Justice League of the DC Comics universe and just recently the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Issue #2 is scheduled for this January. But enough of that, let us move on. Two years ago, the Power Rangers movie was
released and starred Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things), Ludi Lin (Mortal Kombat), Naomi Scott
(Aladdin, Charlie’s Angels), RJ Cyler, Becky G, Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Elizabeth
Banks. The movie
did not receive the success it was hoping for, but I, along many other people enjoyed
it. It was supposed to have five sequels, but
unfortunately that’s never going to happen. Because when Hasbro bought the Power Rangers
franchise, any chance for a sequel was shot to oblivion. Hasbro is producing a new reboot movie with
a different cast. This time, this new movie is to be set a “time
travel element” which will take the characters back to the 1990s. Patrick Burleigh (Peter Rabbit 2) is currently
writing the script. This will mark the first film for the franchise
after being purchased by Hasbro last year. At the time, the toy giant reportedly purchased
the iconic brand for a staggering $522 million. The latest film in the franchise, Dean Israelite’s
2017 reboot, was a critical and commercial flop. Developed by Lionsgate, it was initially set
to be the first of a franchise before going on to gross just $147m worldwide, $85.36m
of which came domestically. For the record, I was disappointed that we
will not see a sequel to the 2017 movie because it did not received the support it was hoping
to achieve. Now, I am very skeptical regarding the use
of time travel in this reboot. Is this a rebooted version of Power Rangers
Time Force? Because we all know that Time Force featured
time travel. If you’re going to reboot the Power Rangers
movie then reintroduce the original rangers in a brand new storyline that can stay as
faithful to the show and make it a bit dark. As far as I know, the 2017 movie was pretty
mature for a Power Rangers movie. And that’s what a lot of old fans of the show
were hoping to see. But since this reboot is taking place in the
1990s, then at least I can hope to get some vibes from the original TV series. A little bit of fan service goes a long way,
right? Spoiler alert: I remember in the 2017 movie
when Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson, the original Tommy and Kimberly made a cameo. Boy, that was totally the surprise of a lifetime
seeing them there. Well, all I have to say to Paramount is this…don’t
screw this up. Besides, we all remember that Transformers
movies like Revenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon, Age of Extinction and The Last Knight
were pieces of dog crap. But Bumblebee was pretty awesome and remained
quite faithful to the original cartoons, which I totally enjoyed. Now, if you liked these movies, fine. So, what do you think of this move by Hasbro
and Paramount? Will it suck? Or will it rock? Comment, like and don’t forget to hit that
subscribe button and support me on Patreon and social media. This is Gian, host of VGATW. May the power protect you!

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