Villager News 3 (Minecraft Animation)

(Villager News Intro
sung by the Villagers) Breaking News! A crazed lunatic has taken two of our
citizens as hostages! Armed police arrived at the building
moments ago Villager number 9 is on the scene Thank you Villager number 4.
I’m her today at a building… …where I’m told an armed man has
taken two citizens hostage The street has been cordoned off
to protect the surrounding residents Oh No!…I’m trapped! I have Villager number 43 here. What was
it like when you discovered the situation? Argh! It was horrible I was just
walking al… Oh look! They’re negotiating Citizen! Put down the weapon! Who?… Me?! Yes you! PUT! DOWN!
THE KNIFE! Erm… bu…but I’m making toast! Release the hostages! What hostages?! We are told you have two hostages
in there! But there’s only me and him in here!
– Hello That’s right two hostages! WHAT!? That doesn’t make any.. Hey Look! There’s some stuff going down
on the news! A crazed lunatic has taken
two hostages That’s us! What?…Uh…Argh!…
You’re him…NO! Please don’t hurt me! Im not hurting anyone! What are your demands?! I don’t have any demands!
I just want to make toast! Get this man some toast!
Nobody else needs to get hurt Let’s go in… Hey! Where are you going?! To get an interview! Hello! I’m Villager number 9 from
Villager News Can I ask what brought on this bout
of crazed lunacy? All I want is to make some toast He’s threatening me!
He’s threatening me! No I’m not!
If I don’t make it out alive… …please tell Villager number 4 that
I ate his sandwich! GASP! I knew it was him! It’s gone too far!
We have to move now! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Take him down! Let’s do this!…Let’s Go! What are you doing? Now you’re
all hostages too! WHAT?! NO! I had so much to live for!
I was supposed to be retiring! Wait! I’m not taking ANY hostages! He’s riddled with lies! This just in: The mayor has
been informed of the situation. So what can we do? Your in a position of power
maybe he’ll listen to you… Yes! That’s a good idea.
Let’s go talk to him. YAY! I’m a hostage too! I’ve received important news that
I have also been taken hostage! Well, that’s it for this weeks edition
of Villager News! See you next time! (VILLAGER NEWS OUTRO) Copyright © Element Animation 2015

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  1. How to threaten a Villager:
    1. Take their wheat
    2. Trade their own wheat for an Emerald
    3. Make some toast
    4. But then get taken hostage

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