Violent Shaking And Swaying Buildings Reported After Major Alaska Earthquake | NBC News

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  1. I live there- I was at school.

    So- People were screaming and running and ducking for cover in my school- and the moment the fire-alarms went on the lights went out so everyone was now screaming and CRYING- we ran out of the nearest exit, I think I inhaled dust- stood out in the freezing cold for hours until our parents got us

    bridges were collapsing, base gates were, too.

  2. Does winter (snow and frozen ground), affect how the quake reacts and possible damage – would liquefying be worse or not as bad in summer?

  3. GOD is preparing the earth , in the end of days…….
    those who continue to live on the ring of fire, receive no sorrow…….

  4. Wow ! although I regret the damage and caused I love earthquakes as they show the power of nature. I was born and live in a very seismic/volcanic active place.

  5. In Vancouver we had hail,Really hard rain almost flooded and thunder now I hear a 7.0 earthquake here hope y’all are ok there thinking of that I think we are next for a earthquake :/

  6. The Bleeding will continue! expansions from reg. from Japan of E / O will continue to infest Alaska regions, draining masses of E / O towards regions of the West Coast of the USA, Hawaii, North Central USA, West Coast of Canada.

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    Well, moderate, expansive and rising masses of E / O, forerunners of earthquakes, meteorological phenomena, volcanic activities, etc with presence in the East Coast of Honshu, Japan, Southeast of Kokkaido, with expansions in the 360 ​​degree, enough to infest depths of Kamchatka regions, Kuriles, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, Gulf of Alaska, arrivals to regions of the Philippines, Taiwan, Marianas, Guam, expansions ke would be avoiding powerful earthquake, strong Volcanic activities. We continue!

  7. OMG my house isn't very stable it shook it like a ragdoll I'm still freaked out my dog won't calm down god I hope there's no worse aftershocks like there saying.

  8. Not as if the permafrost is melting and the myth of climate change is affecting the country. If only they hadn’t raked the snow away it could have kept if frozen longer.

  9. You do realize, your "god" did this. If we're assuming your "god" is real, why then are you praying to him? He's to blame. So, what are you doing? Asking him to stop? Sounds like an abusive relationship. Seek council. You two need help.

  10. Eric Kaesberg

    19 minutes ago

    Wow big quake I live in Los Angeles fearing we are next. We haven't had a big quake since January 17th 1994. Pray for those effected by the quake pray for us that we don't ever experience anything like a earthquake rattling our nerves and lives. A lot of people here are still mentally effected by the Northridge quake took the lives of 57 people and injured over 8700.

    The quake was so crazy it took my 25 inch TV tossed it over 11 feet. My 60 gallon aquarium was thrown over 7 feet. 4 strong men wouldn't be able to do that. Lets all be minded that everyday that passes without Tornadoes, earthquakes etc… is a day to count our blessings.

  11. Lucy Jones talking about an Alaska quake, whilst running a model of the shakeout scenario for southern California in the background…to jazz it up for the cameras. How about a shameless funding plug for earthquake early warning they will never release to the public?

  12. Is New York City next? OMG my teacher told me about this at school and I was worried about Alaska and hoping the people would evacuate good thing the tsunami warning is over it’s probably going backward to hit Hawaii like in 1967

  13. Your Lucy Jones needs to go back to school and study liquefaction.  It is NOT caused by water in the soil, but by sound waves and vibration.  You can have liquefaction in a tub of dry sand.  I do agree however that some liquefaction was in play during this event.

  14. That was seven hours ago, that the earth quake hit.

    I was walking to school with my friend when a truck was there and it was rolling and I thought it was the truck but it was and earthquake. I ducked outside, probably 100 feet from the school and it shaked so much. It was really scary after. Luckily I was with my friends.

  15. If this liquid faction thing shows out in its worst potential Anchorage could be done for. The peninsula has poor soil as well as most of the lower elevations in Anchorage and Kinik Arm and the new prison oh boy

  16. My sister, mom and I were walking to the store when it hit. We thought it was a truck or a jet, then we noticed everything was shaking and started running, trying to reach our loved ones. Everyone was OK, thank god.

  17. MATTHEW 24: And there shall be EARTHQUAKES in diverse places, famines, pestilence, signs in the skies, wars and rumors of wars… People need to WAKE UP!!! We are in the LAST DAYS before the return of Jesus Christ!!!! These are some of the signs and it will get worse, the ring of fire in the pacific will bring volcanic eruptions, stronger earthquakes and a cataclysmic event destroying everything in its path.

  18. I was in the bathroom when the earthquake happened at my school changing into my pt clothes and it hit when I had no pants on😂 girls were screaming and then the lights went out and it was crazy I held onto the sides of the stall walls and after that I ran without shoes on outside

  19. I was in gym class while my friend was about to tell me a joke. Bleachers shaking hardly, lights swaying left and right. A lot of people were screaming and crying. My friend was telling jokes him and I just laughing getting our mind off of it. I also thought of it being a normal day and yesterday I was sick come back the next day and BAM earthquake. Also we found out the art room fell to pieces and the light in the gym fell but luckly we got out of the gym by then. I would never forget this day.

  20. This was exactly how I experienced the earthquake in my home. Extremely violent and very scary. The original earthquake was followed within 5 mins by a 2nd strong quake in the 5.5 strength. We have had many after quakes in the 3-5 range all day and night. Stuff fell off shelves but my house is intact. I'm originally from S. Cali and this was by far the worst quake !

  21. one must wonder and compare sometimes .. if theres a 7.0 in pakistan or japan everyone is talking of a earthquake .. shaking off the dust and livin totally on
    if its in the US .. and some tiles are coming off and here ande there some roads get shaken to the ground .. its covered like the end of the world
    of course everyone is stressed and unease but get a grip its freakin one day later .. get the loose stuff cleaned up , secure is a lil better than before and go on as everyone before u did ..

  22. All the natural disasters will be more intense as the time goes by
    Our earth time is about up this time
    That's why Jesus, Mary giving God's messages mire frequent and in more countries, places, languages now.
    In Their messages, They talk about what the world will experience at.end time.
    They don't lie.

  23. I remember the 9.2 Good Friday earthquake back in 1964. There was also a tsunami that pushed fishing boats miles inland. There was a lot more damage than this earthquake.

  24. My husband and I were still in bed. We held each other riding it out. You could almost sense when the earth went into overdrive in the shaking.

  25. I live in Anchorage. I was in bed when it happened. It started shaking and I was waiting for it to pass cause we have a lot of little quakes all the time. But when it started getting violent I opened my window punched the screen out and jumped out my window. I didn’t even second guess it I just did it. I was bare naked only had boxer briefs on. I landed in the snow and all I remember was looking up at the silhouette of the trees shaking violently and it just didn’t stop. It was one of the longest minute or 2 minutes ever of my life. Follow me on Instagram @travis_mathes

  26. mirror lake middle school got messed up. dust everywhere, stuff flying off shelves, ceiling tiles falling on our desks. OUR MATH TEACHER JUST WANTED TO TEACH US NEGATIVE EXPONENTS😧😯

  27. Earthquakes, fires, tornadoes are at there worst. God's judgement is upon us. We have to change.
    Whats happening to our country. Everyone who gets stopped is either a fuc… n liar or has a huge drug problem. Has of meth or crack. Wake up before God judges us in the most terrible way.

  28. In 2001, we had a significant earthquake of 6.8. There were a few deaths and a lot of damaged property. Some buildings downtown in Seattle were condemned. Numbers don't mean a while lot at the end of the day. It's about the damage, not numbers. There are so many variables, depth of the quake, terrain, population, time of day, type of soil… Saying "Oh a 7.0 isn't so bad doesn't mean a thing to people who lose their homes, loved ones, jobs, etc. One of the most popular restaruants in downtown Seattel folded as their building was condemned and they couldn't make a start in another loction, but "it wasn't that bad." The news people love to generate speculations about "when the big one comes and where will it strike?" They say this stuff every time. They finish with the same line, "We don't know when it will happen. It simply will."
    Any 2nd grader knows that. We have a violent one here about every fifty years,

  29. Moved to Texas during the summer to be with extended family. I still have lots of friends plus my parents and siblings in Alaska who suffered through the earthquake.

  30. I was making breakfast and I felt slightly off kilter, as if I was dizzy for a second, but then everything began to vibrate all around me. I knew it was the start of a quake. I immediately ran to the front door and opened it, to keep the shifting of the house from jamming the door shut. The power went out and I was standing in pitch darkness as everything was being violently shaken. It was complete sensory overload. The sound of a violent quake is indescribable. Some say it sounds like a freight train, but I disagree. A freight train gives you a sense of direction from where it is coming from, but a quake is an all-surrounded sound that sounds like pure destruction. After the shaking ceased, I checked the gas and water lines, but fortunately, there was no damage.
    All throughout the day, countless aftershocks struck the area and there was no sleep the next few nights. It's been over 3 months now, but I find myself still on edge anytime a large truck drives by and vibrate the ground. I've been through many quakes here in Alaska, but the 7.2 quake really frazzled my nerves.

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