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The United States and Iran narrowly avoided World War III. I was so relieved, I celebrated by kissing
a stranger in Times Square. I didn’t get his name. I just know
that he was very ticklish. So, how are both countries
dealing with the aftermath of the Soleimani assassination? Well, let’s find out
in our ongoing segment War in the Middle East:
This Time It’s Persianal. -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) Right now Iran’s supreme leader and America’s supreme tweeter are both coming under fire
for lying to their people. So, let’s start with Iran. After three days of denials, the government of Iran
has admitted that when they launched missiles
at American targets in Iraq, they also accidentally shot down
a passenger plane. And now the people of Iran
are demanding accountability. NEWSWOMAN:
Tensions flared in Tehran as anti-government
demonstrators protested the regime’s
stunning admission that it mistakenly shot down
a Ukrainian jetliner. NEWSWOMAN 2: It all started
with a candlelight vigil but quickly morphed
into crowds chanting, “The revolutionary guards
are dictators, and the enemy is not America.
It’s within.” NEWSWOMAN 3: Videos show
at least one protester attacking a poster
of Qasem Soleimani. People were also heard cheering as a picture of Soleimani
was burned. Yes. The streets of Iran
have been overrun by protesters furious
at their own government. I mean, you see them.
They’re angry, and that guy’s losing the fight
against the poster. And it’s not just them.
Everyone is mad. Canada is mad. America is mad.
Ukraine is mad. Everyone is upset
that Iran shot down that plane. Well, except for Boeing.
Yeah. ‘Cause they’re like, “Yes! This plane crash
wasn’t our fault! “For once, it wasn’t our fault! That wasn’t us this time!” (laughter) So, this weekend saw three days
of public demonstrations against the regime in Iran. And last night, President Trump decided to fan
those flames of protest. NEWSWOMAN: President Trump
offering support to the Iranian people, tweeting in Farsi
and in English, “My administration will
continue to stand with you.” And later sending a tweet
aimed at the leaders in Iran. “Do not kill your protesters.
The world is watching. More importantly,
the U.S.A. is watching.” That’s right, folks. Donald J. Trump
is sending tweets in Farsi. (laughter) Welcome to 2020. And I got to say, I got to say, it’s ballsy for Trump to tweet
in a second language when he hasn’t even mastered
his first. (cheering and applause) I also… I also like to imagine that Trump dictated
that Farsi tweet the way he does
his English ones, you know? I just like the idea that
he was there, and he’s like… (speaking Farsi) Folks. (speaking Farsi) (cheering and applause) And by the way… Oh, and just by the way,
by the way, let’s be honest.
Let’s be honest. Can you imagine
if Obama ever tweeted in Farsi? Can you imagine what would… Fox News would have exploded! Tucker Carlson
would have squinted so hard, his face would collapse
into itself like a black hole. (laughter and applause) But while Trump
is stoking unrest in Iran, back home, he’s facing
challenges of his own because his story
about why he killed Soleimani isn’t adding up. NEWSWOMAN:
The president still insisting the killing of Soleimani
stopped imminent threats, including attacks at
U.S. embassies in the region. The president making the case
on Fox News. Did he have
large-scale attacks planned for other embassies? -Wouldn’t that help your case?
-Well, I… I can reveal that I believe it
would have been four embassies. Could have been military bases. Could have been
a lot of other things, too. But it was imminent,
and then all of a sudden, he was gone. Wait, wait, wait. Wait, you can reveal
that you believe? No one’s asking
for your personal belief. This is war, not what color
you thought the dress was. I mean… And, also, what does Trump mean
it could have been embassies or bases
or a lot of other things, too? ‘Cause either Trump
is making this up or Soleimani
was the most indecisive enemy America has ever had. What, was he just
riding around like, “Let us attack an embassy. “No, no, no, no,
a military base. “Wait, what about
that McDonald’s? Yes! You know what? Let’s just
destroy the milkshake machine.” “Sir, it’s already broken.” “Excellent, they’ll never know.” (laughter and applause) So, besides Trump,
besides Trump, no one believes
that Soleimani was planning an imminent attack
on everything. And because
they don’t trust him, the House passed a resolution
limiting Trump’s war powers. And even three Republicans
signed on to it. And, really, no one knows. No one knows where Trump
is getting his information, including
his very own defense secretary. REPORTER: Defense Secretary
Mark Esper acknowledged Sunday that he saw no specific threat
against four U.S. embassies by Qasem Soleimani, contradicting President Trump. I didn’t see one
with regard to four embassies. He didn’t cite
a specific piece of evidence. What the president said
was he believed that it probably
and could have been attacks against additional embassies. You know, I feel so bad
for the defense secretary. No, ’cause he’s-he’s trying
to tell the truth while also defending
Trump’s lie. And this is why you should never
go into a lie with Donald Trump, because, at some point,
he’s gonna riff that lie out of control
and leave you in the lurch. Yeah. If you guys worked
together, you’d be at work, like, “Hey, Donald, I’m
sneaking out for some coffee. Tell ’em
I had an important call.” And then you’d walk in
ten minutes later and Trump will be giving you
a funeral, like, “Rest in peace, Mark. His fight with butt cancer
inspired us all!” But I guess that’s
the great thing about America– you can believe
whatever you want. The intelligence doesn’t point
to any imminent attacks, but Trump can reveal
that he believes there were
four imminent attacks. And I can reveal that I believe
he’s full of shit.

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  1. Trump: We shut down The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

    News: Why?!

    Trump: It was imminent that Trevor was planning to make USA laugh all the time

  2. Trump lied about Soleimani assassination. but it is not a surprise as he is pathological lier. what is shamefull, is that the media in US fail to mention his role in defeat of ISIS and his enormous popularity in the region. just see the footage from his funeral in Iraq, Iran.

  3. He tweeted in farsi but I’m more than sure that he just had someone else type it for him and he just told them what to say in it.

  4. corporations and leaders playing with innocent/civilian lives for their personnel financial gain only because there is no recourse of their actions. every single atrocity is possible (and actually happening) because their is no accountability. the good people must start holding our leaders and corporations accountable for their actions.

  5. what does persianal mean? I dont think its a real word so im guessing its a mispelling of personal, but if so there would have to be a meaning behind it pls what is persianal?

  6. I think Iran slowed down on its revenge because they mistakenly brought down the plane.
    I believe if the mistake was made, their retaliation would’ve been more than just some missiles attack

  7. This is all US fault. They are more guilty for the death of the passengers. If US didn't kill Solaymani those passengers wouldn't have been killed.

  8. How insane would it be if iran become an democrazy by trump killing someone with a drone.
    Impeachment or elections If Trump fix iran and south korea say what you want he is a genius if that happens. What ever lie or rule he broke that is forgotten instantly.

  9. This is an inside job….not the plane thing, the protests ! That's how the US took down Libya, the old divide and conquer tactic

  10. Trumplet asside
    Dose anyone actually believe this solluminati guy should be alive?

    Apparently all the people shouting death to America are his minions. Anyone see the video of citizens from there walking around the USA flag to avoid stomping on it?

  11. Bro I am African and I am sorry you have just started shitting on everything. Even Trump does some good sometimes. Please be realistic.

  12. This mothafucka started a war in a country that wasn't a threat. Now he has the country fighting each other. Just sad man

  13. From the looks of the report their was no US citizens onboard the Ukraine plane. I wonder how different the news reports would be if it were US fatalities instead of Canadian and UK.

  14. I'm an Iranian and I like you Trevor because you are telling the truth or at least try to seek it anyway and that is why your shows go viral. But for a wider view, get rid of shits that CNN and Fox tell you and watch some independent media as well and use it in your shows. And another suggestion, do a research on real American casualties in Al Assad airbase as another lie has been told to you and my fellow innocent Americans. I and many Iranians know American people as intelligent folks.

  15. Kinda too soon to be making jokes about or around over 170 people that died in the crash….not sure there will even be a good time for that

  16. Authorizing an assassination of a foreign leader of a country we are not at war with is just murder. Anyone, any country, can decide that someone from another country is bad and kills innocents and is a high value target and have them killed. It all comes down to perspective. And we in the US are slowly being indoctrinated into believing we are always right no matter what our president does and it will have consequences for us as a people unless we put a stop to it.

  17. Man your Persian was adorable.
    The Iranians like and are happy with the decisions of President Trump by the way.
    -An Iranian

  18. Yooo I'm Persian and this part killed mee 2:44 to 2:57😂😂😂
    Mobarek mobarek divar besazimm tavalood tavalood 😂😂😂😂

  19. Watch how Ex CIA member exposed that Israel/US hacked the aircraft communication and gps system and then Iran suddenly sees that plane on radar as that is american plane.

    For More details, you can research about how ex CIA member exposed this issue

  20. 170 people died and their families are the victims of iran supreme leader and America's supereme tweeter's stupidity.

  21. It was an "eminent" attack. He never said it was imminent. (and do you really feel sorry for anyone that works in this administration?)

  22. Note: The Iranian supreme leader never lies, true Shia leaders never lies…
    They said it was human fault, and they have been very objective with the it, we did never see such objectivity from any government on this planet expect for iran,they also announced that they are willing to bare all the consequences, the supreme leader even had sympathy with the victims and their families, hats off for iran, I really appreciate them…

  23. Like most neo-liberals, Trevor Noah is a neoconservative on foreign policy, imagine that… The sooner you admit that the left vs right political spectrum is a false dichotomy, the sooner we can start to make actual progress and reclaim America.

  24. Bro France did the same thing and killed over a hundred and fifty Nigerian military personnel why is nobody talking about that that.

  25. I always said the Trump presidency is going to be the funniest 4 years in history unless he starts WWIII. This isn't funny anymore.

  26. this distraction tactic of creating war when u r in deepshit , i bet Trump copied it from president underwood (house of cards)

  27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=YW4CvC5IaFI&fbclid=IwAR1NuG2e-8iziwXJbtqZWckY6xbyd7K5N2u2heoAY9pFLKetoWkywCu8Lz0&app=desktop Gangsta Trump

  28. Does anyone honestly believe that Suleimani was the only one in Iran working on those imminent attacks on US institutions? If he operated alone then the imminent threat is gone, but if he actually worked with other co-conspirators the imminent threat is not removed and why haven't a US embassy been attacked yet? Try to figure that one out!

  29. Trump actually did something right. He said he believed there was an imminent threat. He had to bomb that piece of trash. Even Iran knows. They bombed a jet liner. That's what happens when Iran does dumb $#!t. Still though. We need Andrew Yang. I can't wait till Donald Trump is gone. Andrew Yang will help. What happens when giant companies like Amazon, Google and Uber evade taxes? Rich people aren't necessarily bad. These huge companies are bad. They are deflating the economy and Andrew Yang is going to fix it. What happens when you give $1000 a month to every American? They spend it and it actually goes not only back to companies like Google, Amazon and Uber but gets taxed. It isn't affecting these tech giants as badly if people just give it back. Everybody wins. Some people might spend it on drugs but what's new? That will happen anyways. That's why the feds exist, so they can ignore the benefits of weed and arrest people anyway for smoking a plant that makes them feel good. How many times have you seen someone high driving on the freeway? How was their driving? I've smelled people's weed on the freeway but it's always difficult to tell whose car it's coming from because it isn't alcohol. If $1000 a month can help even a little bit, why doesn't everyone want that? What's the matter? Are you all just stupid? THINK!!!! USE YOUR HEAD!!!!! EVERYBODY ELSE IS ACTUALLY THE WORSE OPTION FOR PRESIDENT!!! ANDREW YANG HAD ALL THE BEST PLANS FOR THIS COUNTRY AND THE MEDIA IS BEING STUPID!!!!!

  30. Hmmm, how come the MSM portrayed Soleimani as a "hero" and that people were mourning him with no mention of those who hated him? Lazy bastards

  31. Persia or Iran is NOT Middle East. Persia is an ancient nation and empire like India. It is situated between India and kaput Middle East marred by the wrath of islam.

  32. Trump is so full of shit. Just like the one before him, and the one before him , and the list goes on and on. They’re all full of shit.

  33. Trump said eminent, not imminent… Hats off to him for trying to expand his vocabulary, but he needs more practice, as to not make an ass of himself on public TV….

  34. Americans Please continue to fight your government, continue to divide your country, continue to destroy U.S.A. PLEASE!! WHILE CHINA UNITES, WHILE CHINA GROW STRONGER, WHILE CHINA BUILDS MOMENTUM And last thing you'll know China had begun its invasion of U.S.A. because Americans had destroyed itself from within.. Really sad..

  35. Trump didn't defend usa in this assassination… So what is the main reason behind it…. Only one ally is in this region…. ISREAL… Maybe solimani has plans for Palestinians freedom or war for freedom… So they moved him out of picture…

  36. Donald Trump changed completely after the election. Trump is not responsible. US administration is held hostage by ISRAEL. Whoever is elected by the people will be pushed by ISRAEL towards the war, invasion and bloodshed for Israel expansion .

  37. In your next video about Iran, please point this : "if Trump truly cares about persian people, then what's up with the sanctions against Iran? The first victims are persian people. The ones you (trump) PRETEND to care about. You don't. Stop fooling people.
    If you do care, then stop limiting persians with old and new sanctions."
    Sorry if my english is bad. I hope you get what i and so many others are saying.

  38. This tweet was a really bad idea. Imagine what Iran could think about a tweet which mean "covfefe". That is an imminent threat !!! Strong enough to make a kind of national union, a kind of alliance between the governement and the people. "OK we hate you, but we are agree: this "covfefe" , that's too much !! let's go for a nuclear war !!!!"

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