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  1. Trumps wasting his time going to Vietnam by the time he gets back all his kids will be apprehended by Mueller.. The "wall" is caving in.

  2. Will Donald Trump and his entourage end up being legally fried, like a bucket of KFC? Who knows? Mueller started this thing with a metaphorical 2 piece and a biscuit. Now it looks likes he and SDNY may be well on their way to a family meal deal!


  4. I have a question for all the people here that are thinking there is no way President Trump will be re-elected. (Now I respect everybody's opinion and comments. But I am just a simple minded cowboy from Central Nebraska, who raise's cattle, works hard every day, and treats people fair and honestly.) I also invest in the Stock Market. And 95% of the reports I get say, The Investors and brokers at the NYSE are today investing today, with the Idea of Donald Trump being President through 2024. So is it possible that I am being miss-lead and I will lose a bunch of money if President Trump is indicted, impeached, or not re-elected? Just looking for input on this scenario. Thanks all and have a great day.

  5. The Trump cabal is mucher smarter than the democrat congress, our party has become the party of Fools- not their’s I am going to Warn You ( check my records on face book and twitter and here some months, everything I warned our Party Came 100% and I am not saying anything mystical or anything about, I am saying I hace An OcD that

  6. An OcD that I can control as long As I have someting to obsess on that is emotional. So this has been the mist Emotional I have been in 20 years. If you check me out, you will see things in their that I should not have written Death threats to Trump… i am not a psycho terrorist I have a mental disorder that turns me into a maniac if I get to emotional

  7. Usualy I go back and erase everything I have written and I may erase this if I reread around 3 hours from now And I need to erase. Facebook easily Catche these thing or people report because I set up fights between may and some Trump people and these Are real, noone has ever taken up my offer and I dont care. They threaten our people non stop

  8. To hep him Win a d He did it in front of 100 million 500 million people and Putin gets his phone call on TV, He is told what and How to do it only thing He doesnt have the Emails but he has something just as good. The phone call was made on Tv infront of his Lunatic Fringe and Every single person down to the 7 year old, involved in this Heard it.

  9. If anyone Disagrees Show me Where I am wrong. Not any Scum Slime Stupid degenerate deplorable disgusting Bone Spur Cowards and TRAITORS. I may be a coward At time but I served and was always prepared for War. Bone Spurs Your Leader( Coward) I may even be some of these names and probably worse ( you definitely Dont go where I go)

  10. Why should anybody work?
    Just vote for the left and they will give us all housing, food and money.. thank you AOC and all you progressives

  11. 12 years of studying You have done this. I actually would not have any Compassion for you. I lobe everybody. I stole fought a l ot but when it was over it was over, I feel inside that many of you should 85% of you do some jail time Some go to Prison but the Rally nuts hanged, its not just you are TRAITORS the worst thing possible

  12. But like I saud I studid you day and Night I know the life of every stupid tea bagger and what they believe and voted for Cspan Democracy now ( killers of Hillary) Fx I listened to your insane radio people I know all your Conspiracy theories and I know the People who started them Have come forward Forced ny law in a Custody battle

  13. I originally wrote this during the past holiday season, but I got such a great response from it that I thought I might share it at this particularly appropriate time……[clears throat]:
    A Christmas Moral for Trump loyalists:

    Riddle me this,

    riddle me that.

    What will Trump do,

    without his silly red hat?

    His followers worship

    his "fake news" altar.

    With his every word,

    Donald Trump will falter.

    Trump said constantly,

    "There was no collusion".

    And all of his followers

    embraced the delusion.

    "The fake news media!",

    they're telling you lies!"

    "It's all just a witch-hunt!",

    He bellows, he cries.

    He lavishes his praise,

    on foreign dictators.

    While vilifying immigrants

    as "non-white invaders".

    Trump showed disrespect,

    for every war veteran.

    When he skipped out on Arlington,

    the cemetery for much better men.

    How can we trust Trump,

    to command and to lead?

    When he "knows it all",

    but refuses to read?

    He denies global warming,

    his conspiracies ranging.

    But all too profoundly,

    his climate is now changing.

    Trump ignored the experts,

    and every prediction.

    But Mueller's got evidence

    to secure Trump's conviction.

    Trump can't deny it,

    he's got nothing to say.
    One thing's for sure,
    Trump is going away.

    I know it's not quite the season for this cadence, but it would sure feel like Christmas to me to have a photo album of all the mugshots from Donald Trump Sr. and down the hierarchy of the Trump crime syndicate.

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  15. Mr. Pizzagate, they go he said he went to Sandy Hook( actually went there and it was a Holly wood liberal show. He should be dead right now. A fraud all entertainment. Have you heard him lately, millions of Followers It is you I want Hanged at the Border. Glenn the Maker of the Grand Tea Party Convinced all of you that Obama was the epitome of evil

  16. A psycho Conspiracy guy, smart enough tomslip in Clues all along. None of you caught. Since the True Evil one is here now. He has turned anti- Trump. I do not know if he is a Democrat or a liberal now. But I know he goes on some liberal tv shows and admits he was doing entertainment( not forced by the Law by the law).He has actually taken

  17. Some Resposibilty to creating Trump and is very worried Trump will start the War that will take us down. We are right on the Edge. We should Attack a Russian Outpost. To pay back the Pearl Harbor they pulled on us thru the inet. We will have to do severe sanctions and Trump gave Russia back its confidence. It would be the stupidest Putin move ever

  18. If anybody Sees this just read these 2 paragraphs, if this prosecutor woman is right the we lost Trump will Destroy us. He will Start his 2020 Witch Hunt Tour. Stop and Think about who this man is. If he is not Jailed. If there is no Collusion found( collusion is not a crime anyway) Peace time Treason or Conspiracy ag the USA.Bar gives a report

  19. That exonerates Trump, like the Hillary Comey Situation She Now He did it we dont have enough to Prove it. But He is already President and on the Ultimate Crime Spree in the Modern Age. He knows what he has done and that he has gotten away with Treason A realy realy good Lawyer could ues Trumps TV proclamations as the Smoking Gun

  20. Not possible. So then The other Things will become more difficult to prove. Cohen is a Felon Liar.The Rep Senators have eaten Alive the Democrats. Whitaker ( Waterboy) made a mockery of the House Democrats. The waterboy. So she said this BAR WILL FOLLOW THE DOJ GUIDELINES AND NOT FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES AS THE DOJ POLICY SAYS

  21. Implied that is why Trump is relaxed Barr told him that. He knows if he has no Charges filed against He slaughtered us. We proved with physical evidence Tapes, document , witness testimony, top officials Flipping. We have the Smoking Gun the Phone call was made in Public on TV( that is the Smoking gun but Noone will try it.

  22. Then he is off on his Witch hunt Tour. She then said there would Political Repurcussions( yes there will Trump will win over some Democrats ,like he already has ( dont ask me why)and take most of the Independents watching this and nothing Happening to Him. It will be A witch Hunt to them they dont care about all these details

  23. Oh, how I love that. Someone gets hyped "Ooh, the Muellerreport is coming!", then so many people jump on the wagon, a whole nation seems hyped, the internet certainly was. Then the DOJ comes and say: "Naah man, fake news!" Can't even start to grasp the irony of that.

  24. So, she finally said Impeachmet( but she said it Wrong)- it is not Impeachment it is IMPEACHMENT/CONVICTION- Impeachment is the easy part. We can do it in 5 minutes with 0 Republican and walk over the Democrats Who know. we Have 240 we only need 217! Done, now we bring it to the Senate for Trial

  25. Remember we are not the Majority in the Senate They are. McConnel may be able to stop. If he feels like Being and he does that often He will lot the Trial Go on. So in the Senate we Have 48 We need 67- the Senate is not always majority Rules they have differnt kinds of Votes Stated in the Constitution 2/3 of the Senate shall concur for Pres to be Convicted

  26. That means 19 Republican Senatore have to vot with us actually 21 an Independent And Dem Sen Mancin will with that was 1 of Mu Warnings after Collins lied We still would not have Won because Mancin Voted with Them. I watched him three x bolt thru the corrider with a mob of rep around Sweating and looking Guilty. I watched him vote Against the First Great ACA

  27. Tell me Why 19 Republicans ( who are the Majority dont forget).When Yesterday I saw that 85% of the Republicans are still with Trump and are ok with using an Emergency to build the Wall). These are there Constituents, all there Rich Donors will be on the phone threatening Trump will start telling lieas if snyone starts to move away from him

  28. You and Me would Know go against Trump even for Honor, the Situation is Ridiculous the Party has accepted an emtirely Knew Belief System They love. If you think not – you are only seeing the 15% Never Trumpers. All of them in Tom Steyers impeachment Group with Dems 9 million already. So They see and here from 1 whole million Republicans

  29. You are standing in a Group of 200,000 people and next to you is the Anti Trump Crowd it is huge. It has to be thousands and this group realy hate Trump and you see that and they in a parallel situation are only Seeing there Own 15%, You see 1,000,000 names under The Republican part of the 9,000,000 list and it s enormous but you forget the 85% about 20 -to 25

  30. The 20-25 million Reps who love Trump. So you get 20 million signatures you flood the Capital with 1, 000,000 and on a different Day They flood the Capital with 200,000- same strategy they used last Dont look like there are tons of us let them underestimate us. Trump doesnt get it ( that dont ,matter) and says He had 2 million out there

  31. Then you flood everybidys office 100,000 of you lay down in Frint if Congress so they have to walk on The loud 1 s are screaming many are many Dem House and Senate people are out there no Republicans Anger hits you take 100 intoneach office with yoir 20 million Signatures and show them out the window some will be polite and say well I am thinking about it.

  32. For some reason he is on a mad crusade to impeach Trump. But he Never mentions the 2nd part convict personal vendetta? Only seeing 1 tree. If the Strategy us impeach him and he will retire. No Chance!Clinton Destroyed their party and He Trump knowsthe Senate is his.Impeach/ Convict- Destroyed, Retire-impossible, for his ego,only Arrest will work

  33. Got anything to say to me that is my real name I am easy to find. Dont threaten me. I have absolutely nothing to lose in this life. You will also get kicked off You tube Trick- I love death threats You will be returned one and I will have some of your personal info for you. Coded threats or you are. “ The Grave yard always is pretty, this time of year, lets visit”

  34. "Go Blue"? FWIW (Notting), imo, News should be objectively reported with objective facts, not editorialized.

    Now Trump keeps saying,"No collusion". It's not about that. It's about attacking the institutions that make up the USA through conscious effort to steal the Oval Office and infiltrate the White House. The contempt for Civil Law, Lady Liberty, the Bill of Rights etc etc by means of thuggery is obnoxiously obvious! How DARE you attempt such a thing?

    No. No, that kind of determined intent to violate and undermine our institutions cannot and will not be ignored. 😠

  35. Lol just because someone says it's def not this week doesn't mean next week. Spring doesn't start next week but sometime after

  36. Not so fast. There will never ever be a Mueller report. He has nothing to write and we all know it. So he uses time on Manafort and other in order to make it appear as if he is doing his job.

    And the Democrats now try to attack Trumps business because they have nothing on his person.

    It reminds me of the attacks on Michael Jackson. The state – controlled by Democrats – uses endless resources to bring a person down, without any proof of any wrongdoing. Let us see the basic material for this entire investigation.

    But we will not, because it is all a fraud.

  37. Democrats have shown that they are corrupt, delusional and most dangerous of all, they seem to be above the law. Bottom line is HRC colluded with the Russians to spy on Trumps campaign, paid for a fake dossier, has lied under oath multiple times. All you people who think your going to see Trump and his family indicted, your blind and thinking with your emotions rather than luv logic.

  38. Canuck – ALL of you LOONEY LEFTIES wish!! I hate to break it to you , but there will be no indictment of Our Man Trump, no IMPEACHMENT, no CRIMES of any kind!! He is WINNING and will continue to WIN. Check out these MANY Trump Victories and of course Trump victories are victories for the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

  39. Listen to this PROPAGANDA: "we keep learning that there are new crimes that are ALLEGEDLY committed by Trump". EXCUSE ME, but that is TOTAL FAKE NEWS!! Allegations are NOT proof of CRIMES!! GOOD JOB MSNBC for being so utterly FAKE!! You deserve the DISGRACED JOURNALIST award!!

  40. Has nothing to do with Russian Collusion or President Trump.. Trump just gonna Pardon him btw.. Trump gonna win 2020 too ! MAGA EFFECT !

  41. Has nothing to do with Mueller's purview of Trump collusion. Typical MSNBC. Report already delivered yesterday with NOTHING. AND you can't take away a President's right to pardon anyone. Like it or not MSNBC. LOL, you are so funny for ALL the world to see.


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