Watch Fox News desperately try to spin breaking news in the Russia investigation

Paul Manafort we’re finding out, was involved
with shady dealings prior to the election and other breaking news, Kevin spacey is gay. Zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. Papadopoulos, what he did, Hillary did ten
times worse. Why have calls to investigate Hillary Clinton’s
connections to the Russians been ignored for months? Mueller faces growing questions over his credibility
leading the probe. Robert Mueller worked for the Obama administration. I think that’s a major conflict. Special Counsel Mueller is clearly complicit
in the Uranium One scandal The continued leaks in the story are highly
problematic. What about leaks, Judy? The Hillary Clinton emails that were deleted. President Clinton, or President Clinton wannabe. Hillary. The Uranium One deal. The Uranium One scandal. So new questions tonight about who paid what
and when for that now infamous Trump dossier. Phony, fake, salacious news dossier. This cheeseburger emoji causing a frenzy online. We’ve been talking about it all morning.

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