WATCH: Historic impeachment trial of Trump begins in the Senate

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  1. HA HA HA LMFAO and I’m a lib too what a frigan joke Dems are and national embarrassment!! I’m woke thank Good almighty, I’m Woke!

  2. They look like a cult.
    House Democrats spent at least $3 million of taxpayers’ money in under three months pursuing the impeachment of President Donald Trump, counting the cost of lawyers and staff time spent readying for hearings, according to Heritage Foundation research.  

    The $3.06 million price tag for taxpayers of the formal impeachment inquiry so far includes the salaries of 106 congressional employees who largely didn’t attend to normal duties from September through December. 

    It also includes the estimated hourly fees of six lawyers of record for witnesses who appeared during hearings, whether behind closed doors or public.

    The total likely is a low estimate because it does not factor in overtime hours for U.S. Capitol Police when House hearings ran well into the late evening. The total also doesn’t include the cost of executive branch expenses, travel costs for witnesses, or supplies and materials.

  3. How many, especially Demon Rats did just lie by swearing that they are Impartial.
    One I know for sure, namely, Sen.Schumer!
    God bless America and President Donald J. Trump with his loved ones.

  4. After 3 plus years of doing nothing but trying to kick DT out of office I sincerely hope no one in the USA sees any Dem. fit for POTUS!

  5. Jeff Bezos how is your pervy texting going? To the corrupt Dem Dummies & Dem media–yes you the ENEMIES OF AMERICA! ==>IMPEACH THIS! LOL

  6. So I understand that many of you who support Trump think it is ok for him to voilate the law for personal reasons.

    The independent U.S. GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE concluded that “Faithful execution of the law does not permit the President to substitute his own policy priorities for those that Congress has enacted into law. OMB withheld funds for a policy reason, which is not permitted under the Impoundment Control Act (ICA). The withholding was not a programmatic delay. Therefore, we conclude that OMB violated the ICA.”


  7. Say goodbye to the hater errbody wave
    Now errbody wave, errbody wave
    Say goodbye to the hater errbody wave
    Errbody wave, errbody wave
    Say goodbye to the hater errbody wave

  8. There is no impeachment of President Trump. This is nothing more than the majority in the House doing something stupid. That is how history will remember this event.

  9. We must be Idiot's to allow these Shannanigans to continue in a long drawn out Clown show Drama ! With the word ( HISTORIC ) Complete with Silver tray's and Gold Pens ! Where the Hell Is Bar & Durham ? It's TIME ! What a JOKE !

  10. Looks to me like President Trump was doing job to the best of his ability despite the distractive and continuous attacks of the dems and indifference of most republicans.
    It is easy to imagine what is going through the minds of those who oppose him or seem indifferent. Sick, really sick! They seem to lack any sense of rationality excepting using it to manufacture whatever reasoning they can conjure from actions tied the the successful (specifically, because of our President's insightful enthusiasm for his job.) exercise of government.
    Mr. Schiff has amply demonstrated his ability and willingness to grossly lie to get rid of President Trump and why are all the seven hitmen democrats? Party loyalty? Why is Adam the spokesperson introducing these articles of impeachment? Aren't these words selected for their ability to administrate justice, something these "honorable people" seem unlikely to consider? "Consider," because they are unable to meaningfully articulate the supposed crimes and must include them by vague innuendo in the pomp and circumstance of oratory.
    Did they ever stop to consider that we paid for this? I know our President did. The moral and financial cost of this "defense of our nation" (buffoonery) bears only upon the democratic and leftists. Why don't they contribute some of their honorable gravy funds to the national budget?

  11. Why all this sham? This is the facts everybody . The one billion dollars that was suppose to be disburst to the democrats overseas accounts never came as promised. This is why Hunter is in hiding . Ha.ha.ha!!!!

  12. How we got to here is a disgrace on America.. Trump is a textbook psychopath, pathological liar, with an emotional and cognitive constitution of an 8 year old.. Shame on America!

  13. Republican Senators will be responsible for unraveling our Constitution if they are not impartial and open to hearing from witnesses and their evidence. The Constitution must be protected from all enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC!
    ALL Witnesses and Evidence must be heard.

  14. What a Wasting and crazy time we live here!!!! Politicians are thinking " We ruled the people." But the government should be ruled by the people. Disgusting!!!

  15. Nothing historic ere. Just a bunch of stupid motherfucking liberals thinking they got him. Trump is going to be president again. You lost motherfuckers!!

  16. William Eiffert – you know he donate 100 percent of his salary as President right? Why don’t you hold with him lol

  17. I voted … I dont remember seeing nancy on the ticket. Coup… a coup, no matter how u spell it. I'd wear the democrats attempt to oust as a badge of honor… proof we dont subscribe to their govt first, anti freedom, communist agenda.

  18. Funny how career politicians criticize the president for doing the things that they've been doing their entire lives

  19. There is one thing they can never take away from this president, and someday history will prove it. He was always against the US involvement in Iraq, leading to Islamic terrorism in the Middle East. Our continued involvement there has increased anti-American sentiment there and elsewhere in the world. He recognized friendship with other world leaders like Russia as a step forward toward world peace. The only people who run this country is the military, who only see power from an arms perspective. Power is in peace, not war and threats, or sanctions, which cripples poorer nations. If the good Lord agrees, He may be working on dismantling our so-called democracy.

  20. No matter what, this madman will FOREVER be historically be an IMPEACHED PRESIDENT and he can’t stand it. Freakin Liar Cheat and embarrassment to human kind.

  21. The more I consider, the more the opinion of the WSJ writer rings true: the whole impeachment show is designed to protect Joe Biden from prosecution over corruption charges.

  22. What a horrible attempt to bring America down. The Leftie communists are vial and the Demonrats have all become traitors.

  23. You can tell that these idiots are Democrats the Republicans are not trying to hide anything they are the ones wanting a fair trial they are the ones wanting to call witnesses the Democrats are the ones that do not want to call witnesses and they want to try to tell the senate how to do their job you people in the private sector are so stupid there's laws that everybody has to abide by not just the Republicans the Democrats get to break the law and create some of their own so they can win a case that's not the way it works there's laws for a reason there's a constitution for a reason that's so both parties cannot abuse their Authority furthermore at dude speaking is a liar they would not allow Donald Trump to defend himself I mean that's something they're not telling the public of course they don't want to tell the truth the truth is I just don't like the man I don't like Obama and like Clinton I put up with both of them for 16 years 8 for each I want to fella at the end of the video here seems to have a good head on his shoulders even though he probably just likes Trump he saying that hey stuff wasn't done right and he'll probably remain in office and he most likely will let's just face it the Democratic Party wants him out of the house White House cuz they don't like him has nothing to do with the law they don't like him

  24. Ok. Umm. If you guys don’t like the trials, wether democrat or republican: we have the elections coming soon. So instead of having representatives doing this, why don’t we let the people decide?

  25. Trump asked a foreign country to investigate a political rival, that is illegal. Plus he instructed subpoenaed people in his administration to not follow the subpoenas from congress(this is illegal too).

  26. Trump violated the 4rth amendment right of Joe Biden/Hunter Biden by starting(asking a foreign government) an investigation into Joe Biden without reasonable suspicion that a law may had been violated. If a President can investigate any american without reasonable suspicion that a law may had been violated, the 4rth amendment of any american can be violated by the president or future president.

  27. There are at least a dozen people I'd like to see executed for treason. Does that make me a psychopath?
    There are at least a dozen people I'd like to execute for treason, if the law doesn't. Does THAT make me a psychopath?
    I believe at least a dozen people will be executed for treason. Does that make me a profit?

  28. Grown women still speaking as though they are impartial, until one listens to the words and hears the "millennial intonations".




  30. Notice how Pelosi has implemented "diversity" in regards to the house members she has slected to be the managers. Two managers are African American, one is Hispanic, and two are Jews. So five of the eight managers are members of "minority groups". Typically African Americans, Jews, and Hispanics – and women – members of these "minority groups" hate Republicans, they also don't like Catholics (many Catholics are pro-life), they don't like evangelical Protestants (all pro-life). Steps were also taken to over-represent women managers – the number of blacks and women serving as managers is not reflective of the true gender and racial make-up of the democratic delegation. So this group of house managers is NOT diverse at all, it's really a bunch of "minority group" members who hate people that are not a part of any "minority group" (white men primarily) Also notice how senority was not a factor, the Hispanic manager is a frosh Representative, so is the women from Florida. Skin color trumps experience in Nancy Pelosi's sick world – believe me, a lot of people are noticing what I am noticing – Democratics are going to pay at the polls when this is all over.

  31. Historic….this is the BIGGEST BULLSHIT SCAM that I have seen in my lifetime! HOW DO THESE GREEDY, TREASONOUS, LYING, SPITEFUL PEOPLE SLEEP?

  32. Watching Nacy Pelosi and Adam Schiff take down President Trump is like watching two snakes trying to take down a Buffalo any way you look at it it's a horror show.


  34. A censure resolution of PELOSI'S  misconduct, especially if it is supported by lawmakers in her  own party, won't  put a dent in the president’s reelection .

  35. What a 5hit show these Democrats are! All trying to avoid being brought to justice for their own crimes, they’ve made up “crimes” like “obstruction of Congress”. Why don’t you act like REAL journalists and investigate Adam Schiff’s antics at the Standard Hotel involving an 11 year old Black boy or how much taxpayer $ have been paid out for him and Al Green(the biggest utilizers) from the Congressional Hush Money Fund President Trump ended. Pelosi’s enriching herself while in office to the tune of well over $100Million of corrupt kickbacks, Pelosi’s son making $Millions being on the board of a Ukraine gas company(much like Biden’s, Romney’s and Kerry’s). Maybe look at Nadler’s inappropriate relationships with children or even just look into the obviously horrible state of health he’s in and if he’s mentally capable to be holding office, much less being a committee chairman. He’s as yellow as a Simpsons’ character! Tell me you can’t see that! No, you won’t cover the real crimes or condition of these Demoncrats. The press is the Enemy if the People except for a few with integrity. These two reporters are not giving an unbiased reporting of the story. Watching Amber worshipping Pelosi, the drunk House Speaker who cannot speak, is disgusting as well as them talking about the Lev Parnes story without having vetted it, first. They should feel stupid and retract their statements now that we know President Trump doesn’t even know him and Parnes is walking back his statements, but they won’t. The Fake News Media is a joke.

  36. Donald Trump, has left behind a Trail of Bankruptcies, Thousands of Lawsuits, Contractors who feel cheated,
    Military who feel cheated, the poor Working class man who feels cheated.
    And he's going to make America great again.
    Be careful what you wish for, or you might just get it.
    First comes pride, then comes the Downfall. God

  37. What’s going to be MORE Historic is when these Cngressman Mgrs ! Walk back to Congress with their Tails between their Legs after Trump get’s exonoted ! Because those idiots had NO proof of any wrong doing ! … oh the other Historic walk comes when Trump walks back into the Whitehouse in November !

  38. For the good of the world, I hope he gets impeached. America has a psychologically sick man as their president. He is not fit mentally to make a rational decision. Pretty scary to have him as a president of a supper power.

  39. Pure entertainment and distraction so we do notvfocuse on the real criminals. Total disrespect to us the people. That is should be given to our veterans housing in California. Poor people aid in Chicago. You all make us sick.😠😠😠. Instead you trying to destroy the president gave us jobs.
    Also Virginia is taking gun rights from citizens,

  40. Trump is doing exactly what he promised – to ' Drain The Swamp ', I.e. rein in the rampant political corruption so obvious in DC. Joe is only the first, which is exactly why the Dems are running scared.

  41. More dollars Americans people have to pay for…sad. Americans people should only pay for crime impeachment, political impeachment should trigger an immediate election which decided by Americans people.

  42. Washington post, you must be so proud of the readers and followers you have. Half of them cannot spell, the other half wouldn't know the contents of the Constitution if it emblazoned itself on their tiny tiny gray matter sitting in their giant vacuous skulls. Time to watch on an enlightened and educated channel. Good luck, maybe you should play the banjo during this , make them feel more at home you know?

  43. It was high time for this to happen. And to all the Trump fans out there: if the whole thing was perfect from the get-go, why are Senate Republicans so keen on not letting anyone talk about it? I'm honestly curious about what you think.
    Also, please keep any flames to yourself. If you have something relevant to say, do it, if not, do kindly shut up, would you.

  44. Okay Just wondering why all u people do not want to hear see or witness all the witnesses let them speak and we all will know and judge for our own self, hiding or not allowing people to produce anything should not be accepted. put it all out there for all Americans to see be transparent and not clandestine. The president said he wants people to testify at 1st now he's changing his tune why? We the people want to see and hear what all has to be said, these senate people are putting their fate in a bad way if they don't allow this process. I am not of either party and I want to be able to just hear all the evidence. Simple as that!! Why not hear it then we all will know for our selves!!

  45. Lol what a clown show and these dumb dumb girls acting like it’s so serious!? Are you kidding me…are economy is in free fall snd THIS IS an obvious diversion masking TRUTH!

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