WATCH | House Judiciary Committee passes articles of impeachment against Trump (FULL LIVE STREAM)

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  1. Soooo … Did they forgot the upmost disrespect 44 dealt with for 8 years.!!! I never saw disrespect like that to a president before him or after!!

  2. Let the Democrats know this is how the game is going to be played if they vote to impeach President Trump, the first witness to be subpoenaed during the Senate trial should be Joe Biden, Biden has already said he's not going to show up, the Senate shouldn't even take it to court and move on without him. Now if Biden EVER becomes President we have grounds to impeach him on Obstruction of Congress. The Left didn't learn from Harry Reid's nuclear option to get Leftist judges through Congress, so the Left must once again learn, what's good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

  3. The republicans do not like the result, they talk about division and they blame democrats. In fact, republicans are inviting their followers to distant themselves from the rest of the country. This is a threat to the security of the American civil.

  4. Not surprised about Nadler running a "kangaroo court". Wasn't the original tip on Carter Page received from the Australian government? A foreign government interfering in our election, LOL

  5. If trump ran a red light, the GOP would claim that the traffic light didnt exist, accuse the cop that pulled him over of espionage, appoint a special counsel to investigate george soros's potential involvement, and then take the traffic violation all the way up to the supreme court.

  6. It really is amazing how dumb these people are. Oh yea the Washington post isn’t biased at all. Who care if your crew was there. Your a terrible media outlet anyway. How do you keep a straight face when spewing what you know is lies out of that hole in your face?

  7. Schiff, and the Congress are Real American Heroes in the making for history to remember the fight against Corporatism and greed dictating outcomes against Democracy. A threat to our Democracy is clear and unstoppable and uncompromising. It is a decisive moment to fight and use the means necessary to enforce the laws for what measures up to constitutional survival and preservation. In God We Trust!!!

  8. I'm astonished at the idiots in this thread. After no evidence no proof no crime committed no racism nothing from trump that they accuse and yet they still bash the man for crap he didn't do. What a bunch of anti American idiots.

  9. All I have to say is that Orange Face Trump should practice what he preach ( if you are innocent, do not remain silent, you look guilty as hell) isn't that what he tweeted about Bill Cosby

  10. When it gets to the Senate there will be a majority of NO votes and that will likely happen fairly quickly. Not a single Republican will vote yes. Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in a fantasy.

  11. I'm loving every minute of this! 🙂 I feel sorry for his supporters who are still blinded. We are One Day Closer to really "Draining The Swamp" 🙂

  12. 23 traitors on the House Judiciary Committee and they are all Democrats. These Democrats have declared war on the American People. We ALL better get it!!

  13. The republicans are entitled, spoiled brats. I love to see them lose! Bow down to Trump on your own time. America is always 1st! Never forget that!

  14. There is still no prove Donald Trump has committed an impeachable offense America this is tyranny perpetrated by the democrats

  15. Never really liked the Donald, but when I see a group of "journalists" prostitute themselves for a political idea, I feel FORCED to support him. The Post was once a respected publication. Now, it's just another political rag.

  16. This sham inpeachment will only make our president stronger. Fesr and hatred drives loser socialist/liberals. No chance they will remove the best president ever

  17. Trump rants" its not fair im being impeached and i have done nothing wrong" now u kno how it feels for all those u deported that were being productive

  18. good luck with the senate. if you want to impeach, you need bipartisan support. democrats committing political suicide before our very eyes

  19. Demorat socialist ideology will get crushed in the end. This joke impeachment fails — Trump will win the 2020 election in a landslide victory – it's a guarantee.

  20. Do not be naive!
    The Real war is between pro life and pro choice. Trump is pro life that is Why Democrats want him out

  21. What will be historic is when Barr and Durham get to these slimy cheating A Holes ….. EPIC in fact ! Trump 2020 by a Landslide !

  22. Right now Trump could take a dump in the middle of the House floor and slap the majority speaker and he would still have my support and vote in 2020.

  23. LoL, childish bs!!

    1. Abuse of Power charge? What Power abuse went on?!?

    2. Obstructing Congress? What has Trump Obstructed?

    Would a raging loony lefty Please stand UP and explain it to us dummies?!?

  24. who brings a kid to this…..a republican….Their hatred for Democrats is blinding/keeping them from seeing the truth/facts and from protecting the constitution.

  25. The Democratic party in our contemporary times, are an evil, immoral institution controlled by Satan the Devil, as is their media collaborators. The Republicans are also corrupt, but not as evil and immoral as the Democratic party. This is no surprise as the Bible fully explains the times we are living in and the judgemental consequences that lead to not living in accordance with God's laws.

  26. Nazi show trial.
    "As nightfall does not come all at once, neither
    does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of any change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."
    – Justice William O. Douglas

  27. Hey Gohmert… you want to see an abuse of power? Look how the Republicans have all whites men with the exception a two woman on your side of the party. Look how the Democratic party have people of many colors and a large percentage of women which reflects the America we really are. We are diverse and our politicians that represent us should be too.

  28. Why Democrats are so jealous and upset against the President when he is doing a great job? This is not the right Democracy i envisioned in America for freedom of speech and liberty.

  29. Collins wants to file what? What did he mumble soooo quickly at the very last? Clause 2 something 11??? 🤬 uuuuuggghhh!

  30. So afterwards, Gohmert basically accuses and blames everybody EXCEPT Trump. Wow! These guys will say anything to keep their money-train rolling!

  31. The kid was there learning all about Trump & GOP family values – hate brown/black people, hate non-Christians, hate gays/lesbians/trans and basically anyone different, affairs and divorce are just part of business, others work to keep him rich and in power, others owe him everything and he owes them nothing, any means to an end will do – lie, hide, cheat, sue, stall, make excuses, blame others – because they represent God and what God wants.

  32. Whatever happened to real "JOURNALISTS" simply just presenting the "who, what, when, and where…" to their viewers/readers, and letting them decide if the "why" is worthy enough to warrant an impeachment or censure? This single-minded agenda lunatic push by 90% of the Democrat Party controlled mainstream media is going to to come back to bite all of these WaPo-supported Democrat politicians in the butt, exactly the same way that it did to the Republicans back in the late 1990's, when they tried to make the American public care about Bill Clinton's lying to Congress perjury charges regarding what he and some intern were doing involving some "after-hours cigar play", among other extra-marital and non-work related antics. THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WAS CONVINCED TO JUST NOT CARE BACK THEN ABOUT THAT, and because that "standard", like it or not which was put in place by the Dem's and the mainstream media back 20-odd years ago is the same standard that exists in very large measure today. THE AMERICAN PUBLIC JUST DOESN'T CARE NOW about some half-"heard" phone call, or some p'o-ed mid-level paper pushing diplomatic corps employee's constantly changing their "recollections" of how President Trump bruised their precious egos by, heaven forbid, ACTUALLY ACTING LIKE THEIR BOSS. It's going to be TRUMP 2020 in a landslide, folks, since Ol' Joe Biden can't seem to keep his obvious senility-based anger in check (name-calling and trying to to intimidate random voters by challenging them to "push-up contests"? really?), and while "LieAwatha" Warren now craters in the polls due to her fantasy-funding scenarios of 50+TRILLION DOLLAR government-controlled "healthcare" programs, and while she seemingly just can't stop lying about, well, just about anything and everything regarding the tactics which have been documented that she herself used to make herself one of the very wealthy which she is constantly decrying out on the campaign trail.

  33. How can they impeach any president with no evidence or facts. I have not seen anything wrong from what Trump has done. Obama did a lot worst for Capitol gain and yet no one says anything and that is because he was the first African American president and seems no one at the time of his wrong doings, no one wanted to call Obama out. There is no color people there is good and evil we need to fight. This is ridiculous and this is a sham to gain power and control on the Dems side.

  34. Fake news. Notice how Washington Post buried the statements of Republicans AFTER showing the entire boring vote session. The Dems got their statement as stand alone video. Washington Post is deeply corrupt.

  35. The GOP expects special treatment for their treasonous acts, while they whine and complain against the smallest infraction they can dig up on our House proceedings – which have
    already been too accommodating.

    Regardless of what stunts the Senate pulls, Trump will be appropriately impeached.

    Let's work together to finish off this most corrupt Quasi-President and GOP supporters at the polls. Voting BLUE across the board in 2020!

  36. "the Republicans want to have witnesses like Hunter Biden and have a circus". no Washington Post partisans, it's every person's right to confront accusers and have a trial with defense. Washington Post calls those civil rights "a circus".

  37. Trump and the crooked GOP have shown us where we can tighten up the US Constitution – such that no future president can jeopardize our country in this way ever again.

  38. This is why we elected trump! A campaign promise to investigate former, current members of our govt that have stolen trillions

  39. The impeachment hearings remind me of the Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner cartoons. For you left-wing Democrats, Wiley Coyote isn't a real Coyote.

  40. Here's why Trump's impeachment is not like Nixon's

    This time, democrats attempted a coup, to steal an election, using corrupt government institutions and complicit media, to overthrow the United States of America.

  41. DNC quilty of colluding with Russia, it was under investigation before Biden was running, Biden's name just came up too,
    It was a legit investigation and it was allowed, they interfered with the 2016,
    Paid for dossier, to impeach just in case he won, it was fake,
    But this investigation came up during the first week of the year in for the phone call, Hillary's name came in, as well as Adam Schiff,
    (( Adam Schiff )) rewrote what was said in hearings
    They ran with fake transcripts in hearings, isn't that ((( treason )))

  42. Within a very short time, the left is being severely damaged by everything that is currently happening, from Trump's victory with the USMCA, to the state of the China trade talks now that China is showing signs of buckling, realizing Trump is likely to be reelected, to the polls switching in Trump's favor after the failed Shiff and Nadler hearings coming up with two laughable articles of impeachment, to the devastating IG report exposing the democrats' fraudulent methods with the FISA court which lead to this entire 40 billion tax payer dollar Russia/Ukraine hoax. In all my 45 years, through voting both on the left and right at different stages in life, I have never seen a party sink so low as this democratic party has in the last 3+ years. It's astounding.

  43. Trumpturd needs to grow some balls, even if it's just girlie balls, MAN UP and admit his crimes, (You "GOT CAUGHT" asking for FAVORS from foreign leaders to meddle in our presidential elections, UKRAINE & CHINA) then REMOVE HIMSELF from office for the sake of the constitution, our laws that he doesn't abide by and for the SAKE of OUR country. ANYONE WHO AGREES SAY "AY!"👍👍

  44. well, if nothing else, DEMs have established p residence for future use, and i spose republicans will come down hard on a selected few ….. eh

  45. Of course Democrats will get the "I's", they have the overwhelming numbers in congress and the bulk of them have been very bias towards this President even before he took office. This is such a shame, I can't believe that our government has dropped to this level.

  46. To CEASER TRUMP AND ALL REPUBLICANS IN BOTH THE HOUSE AND SENATE LET ME GIVE SOMR ADVISE FROM JESUS HIMSELF BE FORE U CELEBRATE HIS Birhday Mark 8;36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?37 Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

  47. This is ridiculous. They worry about will they get re-elected or not? The bottom line, it is about the president getting to do whatever he wants or not. GOP wants a dictatorship.

  48. No weapon formed against appointed and anointed PRESIDENT TRUMP and his administration shall prosper, I reverse every curse spoken or done over him in Jesus might name! Amen!

  49. DNC quilty of colluding with Russia 😈😈😈
    Adam Schiff's name came up too
    He changed the transcripts of the Hearings but I was watching
    The fake dossier that they bought was fake and the investigation had every right to be investigated,
    These impeachment hearings I think are being treasonous,

  50. Nazi show trial.
    "As nightfall does not come all at once, neither
    does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of any change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."
    – Justice William O. Douglas

  51. Biggest Group of antiAmerican communists showing their true colors. We are not a socialist/communist country. We are a Republic and we are being awaken to the loyalty and tyranny of the Democrat party. Their Loyalty is to their staying in power and ruling over America. They talk about Russia. They are worse. They are destroying the last bastion of freedom in the world.
    They are a Joke.

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