Watch live: House votes on articles of impeachment against President Trump

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  1. I watched this since 9 in the morning to 9 at night and it was stressful trying to figure out if they impeach him or not

  2. Shot down in the senate….trump re-elected in 2020. Thanks dems. How about just taking care of your districts that are in squalor?

  3. Dems wanted trump out since day one
    Probably because they knew he shouldn't have been there. Dems impeachment is tearing this country apart
    This country was torn apart before he took office while he was running Republicans keep saying that so supporters believe it's true

  4. Every one who feels sorry for Trump family remember the 70,000 children in cage on our border. With no health care little food and some have died.

  5. 1. The president of Ukraine said Trump put no political pressure on him to get dirt on biden.
    2. The transcript was released and showed no criminal activity
    3. The Democrats didn't allow Trump to use witnesses
    4. The Democrats didn't allow Trump to use an attorney
    5. The dems are keeping the source of this "accusation" hidden from the public
    6. The evidence they say they have isn't even evidence because it's secondhand HEARSAY
    7. One of the witnesses speaking against Trump was fired by Trump (I'm sure their opinion isn't bias lol and they're not bitter)
    8. The day Trump was elected NY Times had an article about how it's official, the impeachment begins

  6. most of his top aides are either in jail now……………..or have resigned…………..and now …THIS….????!!!!…………………seems like the swamp is slowly draining.

  7. The fact that his party, imprisoned and tortures children held at ICE facilities, which many have died, is in itself a crime against humanity, I don't care who or where they come from, no human being should be subjugated to those cruel conditions no matter where they come from. Specially children.
    All life is sacred.

  8. I can't wait to see the look on yall faces when trump is running for 2020 yall played yourselves.if he isn't convicted he can still run 2020.

  9. Nothing could impeach lord Donald trump
    God Donald trump will destroy all the critics and cutt them into pieces
    And burn the opponent Alive just after winning the vote of confidence.

  10. Obstruction ??? … of busting their attempts to frame the president? Democrats are pathetic
    Innocent until Proven guilty
    No due process
    Do something productive for a change

    Swamp critters

  11. Greatest waste of time in my life. I thought that it would be final decision. But only senate can really impeach him. Dems need 20 “red“ votes to get Trump impeached. Absolutely impossible. So he was and he is still in office. He will be able to participate in the next elections. I think, this stupid show has only increased his chances on the second term. Dems have attained nothing but waste of budget money with this “impeachment“.

  12. Throughout the impeachment process, they've withheld and manipulated key documents, lied about witness statements, and relied on total hearsay to make their case against the president. They've even kept Republicans from calling their own witnesses and blocked them from asking hard questions of Democratic witnesses.

    This is nothing more than a political hitjob to rig the system against the man America sent to the White House to fight for them against a government run am

  13. "United we stand, divided we fall." We are ALL Americans first and foremost my friends, don't forget this. As a mighty river splits into smaller streams the water slows and loses power, just as we are losing power in this "democracy". Loyalty should be to your nation and the good of the people (not a single person). Selfishness is rampant and pride blinds even the greatest of us. Be humble and remember, the president is a public SERVANT in the highest regard. Values are true only when accepted for their worth. What do you value?

  14. The people who don't think Trump should be impeached are people who don't know anything about the issue and only know what they're told by Trump and his complicit, traitorous goons in Congress and in the media.

  15. Hey democaps…listen carefully,WE THE PEOPLE RUN THIS COUNTRY…and the President isn't going anywhere…PERIOD.WWG1..WGA

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