Watch Live: Nancy Pelosi speaks as pressure mounts over impeachment trial

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  1. What documentation? She's such a morin she really thinks she's the president. She truly is power hungry at her age she shld be in a Skilled Nursing facility.

  2. You've been in congress for years and have done nothing look at your state. California is a disastrous to our oceans.

  3. She has nerve damage, likely from alcoholism. She cant hold her gaze steady for more than a few seconds. She has all the signs of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, also known as wet brain. This fact, combined with her garish and skeletal visage, has ensured that nobody believes a single word oozing from her septic mouth. Her heart is full of insects.

  4. guys the reason that all going on lies on trump.trump block his aides and other white house officials from testifying in impeachment process .and sentate has already made their minds on trump by saying trump is innocents of the charges.go read listen to the things trump says check out the true facts that has been closely his tweete and come to your own judgement

  5. Nancy — Why don;t you retire to the streets of San Francisco, and live there with all the other deranged people…?

  6. “The U.S. has invaded 42 different countries since its founding in 1776. Iran? None.

    “The U.S. has nuclear bombs. Iran agreed not to make nuclear weapons.
    The U.S. is also the only country ever to use atomic weapons in war; it
    killed some 185,000 women and children in Japan with them.

    “Who’s the terrorist? Who’s the Bad Guy?”

  7. She wants to be in charge of The House, The Senate and The President.She is trying to pass stuff that says He must get her permission to do his job.WHO VOTED HER MY PRESIDENT.

  8. She could talk perfectly well once the issues about the War resolution part was over/the first part sounds and LOOKs cut and spliced to make her sound like an idiot, and then all the "people" and their remarks.

  9. It's like watching a mental patient give an address on imaginary issues. How does someone like this get where she's at and stay there as long as she has?? Nevermind…nobody answer that!!!! 😂

  10. She is medically and mentally unfit to serve as speaker of the house, or make any type of decisons, and should be removed from office Immediately to protect the citizens of the United States.

  11. Wtf is she saying, shes actually in a position in politics? That is scary stuff we have idiots like her in a place of power.

  12. Yea great things meaning killing our men and women in the military? You're not doing a great thing. Trump kept your big mouth out of the operation. Thank God. You're proud?? You have lost your mind.

  13. 💥***Some people can't stand to hear or know the truth!*** 💥
    💥💥Oooh, My Goodnessss, It is past time for Hillary Clinton to go to jail!! The Corrupt Democrats and Republicans are doomed under Trump's presidency!! The Democrat and Republican Swamp-Rats, Swamp CockRoaches are jumping ship!! No more crooked government paid to play!! It is time to go back to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights!! **President Donald Trump the Great White Hope of America!!**

    How many corrupt lying Democrats does it take to impeach a Republican president?!! 😁😂🤣

    **American Born Black Men For President Donald Trump!!**

  14. SERIOUSLY???? Nancy Pelosi, do you understand that the senate is waiting for YOU to bring the VALID impeachment charges to the the FLOOR? The reason for the hold up is…no valid charges can be found!!! ALSO…there was NO DELAY OR WITHHOLDING OF FUNDS TO THE UKRAINE! They got the funds..they have & are using the money now. …EVEN IF THERE HAD BEEN A " TRADE MENTIONED" (as suggested that president trump adked for an investigation into hunter biden in exchange for aide) THE FACTS ARE..HE NEVER ASKED, AND UKRAINE DID NOT launch an investigation!!

  15. THIS IS WHY PRESIDENT TRUMP DOES NOT HAVE TO CONSULT ANYONE TO MAKE A CRUCIAL DECISION TO TAKE OUT A TERRORIST WHO WAS IN THE PROCESS OF CARRYING OUT ATTACKS INTERNATIONALLY ON OUR COUNTRY! Thank GOD IN HEAVEN that we dont have to consult nancy or any liberal leftists about PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY FROM AN IRANIAN RADICAL TERRORIST-because many lives would be lost!! This woman represents the nasty district of california that have been laying in the streets leaving behind shopping carts full of trash and human fecal matter…heroin& meth..infectious needles covering the ground-

  16. She should be removed from office for treason. They need to vote to bring dueling back because these people are free to say whatever they want without consequence.

  17. You're breaking up my sleep. If you so much as breathe, I'll tear your tonsils out and I'll tie it around your neck for a bowtie!

  18. We the people want Nancy removed for lying to the American people ! and endangering American lives here and abroad!
    You not for the American people!
    Your nothing but democrat trash!

  19. Ever notice Fox network
    Doesn't Cover this stuff
    Why because they dont want you to know this
    Stuff about their best pall
    Thankfully we have Real
    not those pandering brown nose people running everything
    and thankfully we have
    we would be in big

  20. This push for "peace" started right after Iran threatened to release the names of US politicians who took bribes to accept the sweetheart Iranian nuclear arms deal. FYI, it had to have the backing of a few people. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Pelosi were among them. Listen to Pelosi divert attention with her babble about the battle of the bulge. Oh, before you guess wrong, im an independent. This is about corruption, not party.

  21. 15:23 She is not really sure of anything except THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE AND PRAY FOR PEACE😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Why doesn't the poor woman retire. She's past retirement age. Give the younger generation a time to climb the ladder. Far too many politicians are over retirement age. Let go of the power.

  23. How do you consult congress on military action when their are know moles in their midst? Has Nancy never watched an action flick? The moles tell the Iranians and the terrorist leader would have escaped.

  24. Is it me or does she have dimensia??? Please can we vote her out already she is rambling on and on this is scary, can you do nothing democrats get her out!!!

  25. Well she admitted it's not a fair process. She controlled the house, wants to control the Senate and wants to be in the oval office. She can take her obstruction(by not allowing proceedings to go on) her quid pro quo (she wouldn't pass articles till she got what she wanted) and her abuse of power( by wanting to control the senate)

  26. Maybe we need a younger speaker and a young president. She has done this too long. She is experience but seems to have some health problem. She is shaky and has a hard time speaking and expressing herself.

  27. How old is she? A country run by very old demented people, not good. She can’t be the speaker if she can’t speak coherently. We need at the least a president and speaker that has some verbal skills. I am 60 and know the the things get harder as we get older. Biden, sanders, pelosi maybe just too old.

  28. Under Nancy''s logic the House should have to get approval from the Supreme Court for approval to be allowed to move forward with any impeachment.

  29. It's over for Trump! It is written in the book of our Lord. Trump had a chance to make good but has failed all the humans of the great U.S.A! It is unsafe to keep someone like him in office… He must be removed. U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! 🇺🇸✊ If Trump remains in office the Trump brand will fold 60% and grow in less then 3 years. All involved with this brand will feel that shake of a fallen business… I'll tell you this American will Never fail! We will not allow a sinner of any kind to run our country and the humans of earth deserve better at heart. God Bless you all.. ❤🙏

  30. Watch the new video on how all congress Democrats have taken our tax dollars and how they did it they tell you they hate the rich and stole millions from us

  31. Presser of precise perfection!Power w/words and emotion will rule the day.Reign in the crazy commander.Can't be trusted driving a gold cart.

  32. Does anyone notice that there are more negative comments than positive? Isn't it a sign that the majority of Americans does not like Nancy Pelosi, because of her corrupt ways, lies and deceit? Hope you Democrats see this, because all she did during Trump's presidency was trying to impeach him, wasting OUR tax payers dollars. #VotePelosiOut!!

  33. According to Qualified Internet Chatter:


    Adam Schiff's "Whistle-Blower" is allegedly NOT a physical person. Qualified online chatter indicates that a collection of primarily Ukraine related Illegal Wiretaps along with statements from 2nd & 3rd hand comments from Never-Trumpers and others either in the State Dept. or peripheral to it – were assembled by unknown individual(s) and delivered to Schiff via CIA personnel.

    THIS is allegedly the reason Schiff Has been and will be unable to present any one person as the so called "Whistle-Blower."

    What do YOU think about this new, potential revelation?

  34. When the proper people are in place and who will actually treat this professionally and honestly, then the impeachment trail can start. The fact DT lawyers got caught doing crime and are in jail hence the reason why the Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi has every right to take her time and make sure things get done professionally. Those who were helping trying to cover up the crimes have no rights to be speaking let alone conducting an impeachment trail!

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