Weak Jobs Report: Is A Recession On Its Way? | NBC News Now

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  1. You are nothing but FAKE NEWS, August is the slowest hiring month of the year, 20,000 jobs is a bad month, 130,000 for August is incredible. You and all the other bi-assed liberal mainstream media propagandist would like nothing more than for a recession to happen, which only goes to show everyone how anti-American you and all the other Fake News media actually are…you were very upset that the hurricane didn't make landfall aren't you, cause it blew your story about President Trump moving 155,000,000 from FEMA, and you certainly wasn't going to say a word about Obama moving 285,000,000 million from FEMA to the border crisis, cause the border crisis is just a figment of every American's imagination, that you haven't already brainwashed!!!

  2. Recording the live local newscasts on 9/11/2001, I caught the WPIX reporter asking Ron Insana what happened to him. Insana was still covered head to toe with white dust that blew over him from the World Trade Center collapse. He was not very chatty like today. His analysis is at odds with my experience today buying new tires for my old Mazda 6 on Amazon marketplace, where a reseller sold me 4 tires for $200, including tax and free delivery. Even with the $90 cost to put these tires on at the place I go to get flats fixed, I am ahead of the game, thanks to China's being a manufacturing powerhouse. My Continental tires cost more and lasted me only 30 thousand miles before wearing out and my car's OEM Michelins were okay for four years, then lost almost all traction when I drove out of a snow packed parking space, something very common in the outer boroughs during winter in New York City. That tire place I go to raised its price to fix a flat with an interior patch from $10 to $15. Parking meters in Queens (where the parasitic Democratic organization used 1,000 absentee ballots from non-residents of Queens, held in reserve, to get their DA candidate the election in the crooked recount) raised parking meter rates from $1 an hour to $1.25 an hour almost everywhere over a year ago. But Ron Insana looks about the same, and a lot more cheerful today than 18 years ago.

  3. You have said it crystal ball. Since the beginning of burps, big burps inthe econoy in the 2970's the reports of economic growth have only referred to the very wealthy while the poor and defenseless numbers havincreased dispporportionally . They made jokes about bag ladies and people livingin the cars or under bridges, buth these occurred and continue. Open your eyses, and count the economig improvement including all, and you will find it is for the very few and privileged.

  4. Some people are not qualified to report on more complicated information like this. How many times have they reported the Dow as plunging when it was down only 1%. Total ignorance as this has always been a consumer driven economy in most sectors. We can scare the consumer into a recession appears to be a possible tactic and answer. Sensationalism as well.

  5. I’m surprised the media hasn’t covered the revise job numbers for 2018 DOWN 500,000 jobs. The Labor Dept release that correction a few weeks ago. Also revise was the 2018 GDP down from 3% to 2.5%. Why in the world should I believe the likes of Kudlow? Funny the USA accuses China of fake numbers.

  6. why is NBC biased against Yang? You say 10 candidates for DEMS Sept debates–you show only 9 that excludes YANG. Are you living up to Trump's FAKE MEDIA?

  7. More fear-mongering from the far left and the media. First they try to push impeach impeach impeach. thinking that if they say it enough times Americans will believe it. and it will happen. Then it was Russian collusion Russian collusion Russian collusion. again the far left thinking if they say it enough times Americans will fall for it even if it's not true. But that didn't work either Trump is still president. Now they're trying to push the narrative recession recession recession again these people on the far left thinking if they say it enough times it will happen. Or Americans will be dumb enough to believe it is happening. And they can use it against Trump in the 2020 election. But what the Democrats and the media fail to realize is that the American people are not stupid. And anybody with half a brain can see right through them and their lies. And I say this with a heavy heart because I used to be a Democrat. But not anymore never again. Not after watching the disgusting display the Democratic Party and the far left and the media and Hollywood for that matter put on for the last two years it is disgraceful. Instead of trying to work with the president whether they like him or not instead of trying to make America a better place for Americans and for everybody else that comes here. No they'd rather play politics. And act like a bunch of angry children that didn't get their way because their candidate didn't win. The Democratic party is a disgrace. And I'm embarrassed to call people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and AOC Americans. And for that I will be voting for Trump in 2020. recession or not….. make America great again🇺🇸

  8. Let me sum this up for you: 1) A recession is two periods of negative economic growth and we're almost there. 2) The only reason the market is going up is because the Fed is buying. 3) The Fed will squeeze the dollar dry. 4) Just because we're American, doesn't mean we have to go down with the dollar. 5) It's time to buy bitcoin, gold or some other precious metal. https://www.celanbryant.com/2019/07/if-us-bans-bitcoin-it-will-1-be-threat.html

  9. Russia russia russia…..stormy daniels stormy daniels stormy daniels…impeach impeach impeach….alabama alabama alabama……china china china…..recession recession recession……racist racist racist…..guess who 2020….hahahaha

  10. It's the dems/media's only way to get any chance of winning 2020. O.o not gunna happen. Though a recession would work out great for me. I'm selling my house now and plan on renting for 2 years then buying a house 4x the value of the one I currently almost have paid off. 🙂 my only fear of this is…trump dont get elected and dems give free everything and since I make 116k a year I'll be helping all them lazy Americans and illegals with their education and healthcare. While takeing a bite out of my healthcare. Ohh btw if that happens how about giving me back the cash I spent on my student loans almost 20 years ago. After all I did pay my own off and you expect me to pay for those that are too lazy to pay theirs

  11. professional economists disagree on whether or not a trade deficit is good or bad, but they do agree that determining one based on goods and materials, like as has been done by the administration is misleading in all cases. if you don't believe me, google it and educate yourself. IOW, the trade deficit is a red herring.

  12. Apparently they're looking at implementing a floating tariff pegged to the Yuan, so no matter how their currency is manipulated, the tariff auto adjusts, based on an economic formula so they gain absolutely nothing in terms of trade advantage, by currency manipulation. It's a no win for them. As a result, the US is in a stronger position than ever. The west should stop importing crap from China and bring the jobs home. The way things are currently heading, the west is fueling its own demise and historical irrelevance. Boosting jobs locally will set the stage for the grand plan for jobs growth into 2020.

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