Wesley Snipes Sounds Off On The Latest Blade News

Marvel recently dropped a bombshell when it
announced that the Blade franchise is getting a reboot, and that Oscar-winning actor Mahershala
Ali is taking the reins as the new Eric Brooks. In the few days following that news, it seemed
everyone had something to say about the reboot. There were plenty of tweets expressing excitement
over Ali’s casting, and then there were those that weren’t so thrilled – including one promise
to “riot” if original Blade actor Wesley Snipes wasn’t involved with the new movie. And now, Snipes has finally broken his silence
on the Blade reboot and Ali stepping into his shoes. It turns out, Snipes is totally cool with
the whole thing, and thinks you should be too. “No, no, no I ain’t pissed off.” ComicBook.com obtained a statement from Snipes
in which he affirms that there are no hard feelings toward Ali and he’s not disappointed
over Marvel choosing to reboot Blade without him – just complete understanding. In his statement, Snipes even used two Arabic
phrases – “salaam,” meaning “peace,” and “inshallah,” meaning “if God wills”. This is extra special, since Ali is Muslim
and Snipes practiced Islam from 1978 to 1988, according to The Hollowverse. Snipes said, in part, “To all the DAYWALKERS losing their minds
right now, chillaaxx. Although the news comes as a surprise, it’s
ALL GOOD. Such is the ‘business’ of ‘entertainment!’ Much peace to the MCU crew – always a fan. Honor and respect to the grandmaster Stan
[Lee]. Congratulations and Salaam to Mahershala Ali,
a beautiful and talented artist whose expressions I look forward to experiencing for many years
to come. Inshallah, we will someday work together. Most importantly to my loyal fans, the incredible
outpouring of love is overwhelming. I am grateful for the never-ending support.” It’s always tricky business when a studio
decides to reimagine a property with a brand-new face at the forefront – and when it comes
to Blade, a movie that changed the superhero genre forever and has continued to influence
comic book adaptations to this day, there was an even bigger risk for vicious attacks
from those opposed to the entire idea. “Why can’t you just be nice?” ‘Cause the world isn’t nice.” While the Blade reboot has already garnered
some backlash, it hasn’t been as bad as it could have been, considering the circumstances. According to Vice, Snipes has long wanted
to play the vampire-hunting Daywalker again. This is a classy response from Snipes. There’s certainly a chance that he feels a
bit upset about Ali taking over the franchise and Marvel not yet extending an offer to appear
in the reboot in some capacity, but Snipes seems genuine in his response. He’s right in saying that reboots are just
part of the entertainment business – especially these days, when studios are constantly looking
to refresh properties for new generations and draw in old fans with the irresistible
pull of nostalgia. It was really only a matter of time before
Marvel looked to what’s largely considered the grandfather of superhero movies for a
refresh as the studio maps out its post-Infinity Saga plans. The Blade franchise rests in capable hands
with Ali, and Snipes can understand that. His mention that he hopes to one day work
with Ali could spark talk of a potential Blade reboot sequel in which Snipes does actually
have a role, but considering the first flick is currently without a release date, writer,
or director, those conversations probably wouldn’t amount to anything substantial for
quite some time. With Snipes having now broken his silence
about the Blade reboot, fans can now rest easy knowing the only blood that will be spilt
is the blood that will go flying in the film itself. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. People need to chill and let Snipes pass the baton with grace. Mahershala Ali is a big fan of Blade and you can tell he's eager to play the character. He's the hottest thing in Hollywood right now and Marvel would have been crazy to turn down an offer like that. I grew up with Wesley's Blade, but we have to give other actors a chance.

  2. Snipes is a bit old to be Blade, who shouldn't age as fast as a normal human. There is speculation that he might be asked to be Whistler, which would be awesome, and a great way to honor Snipes for his huge role making driving the franchise and the industry.

  3. Yeah Snipes is gonna say that. But common. We all know he rrally wanted thay rol back. And he should have gotten it

  4. Wesley barely making it in the entertainment business now, I couldn’t imagine what would happen to his career if did anything other than praise Marvel for their decision.

  5. Pathetic to find some actor who resembles Snipes. This didn't work when the Blade Tv show attempted this and failed horribly.

  6. I'm okay with Mahershala Ali playing Blade, as long as he buffs up, has martial arts training, and the new movie is rated R. Otherwise don't even bother.

  7. Mahershala Ali sucks as an actor. His lines sound forced as if he's trying to fake an accent.
    I was happy when he was killed off of Luke Cage and he near ruined Alita Battle Angel.

  8. Wesley should play blades mentor jamal jazz player who was a father figure to blade, also Nicolas cage as whistler and Kate Beckinsale as Rachel Van helsing, horror version of tombraider

  9. So Snipes Is a black Muslim??? Makes sense now. I want they dude fro. The green book. Fuck Westley snipes

  10. Hey Wesley and new Blade movie director. If your going to do it. Do it for the fans.
    Please make the new blades, like 1-2 because 3 sucked!
    And that’s a fact. Resurrect Deacon or something. Because that Dracula reborn crap was an insult in part 3.

  11. It should've stayed with snipes and went into a new storyline but that's hollywood and with this much controversy it may not do well at theaters in fact like all other movies that went by way of new actors and screwed up story lines great its back at theaters but.bad at box office this happened with rehash of tv show V too many changes now at theaters too many changes is gonna destroy this movie but glad its back because of nothing new sometimes actors who started off franchise is the best one to bring back life to it but good actors are the ones who make a good movie not Hollywood 👍😃

  12. Well Disney picked Mahershala Ali because he pays his taxes and doesnt break the law . Kids these days need good role models .

  13. For me, Snipes=Blade and period. I've had enough of the stupid reboot of Freddie Kruger and Judge Dred, a total failure, it's the same thing that Dicaprio will play as Constantine 2

  14. The wisest thing to do is have snipes appear at the beginning and die off as the original blade, like zoro did and passing the torch to Ali, that would make more sense as Ali takes the lead now, but who said Hollywood made sense, jmo

  15. Wesley Snipes will play Blade in an alternate universe in the new Blade. After the last Avengers movie, there was split in the universe. Eventually Blade (played by M.Ali) and Blade (played by Wesley Snipes) will square off. This will be more like a Blade sequel/reboot.

  16. It’s not going to be better than the original, which you can literally put on today 7/27/2019 and enjoy. But it will be fun to see his character put into the MCU finally.

  17. Ali just doesn’t have the blade essence or voice I bet he’s going to making his voice deeper in the movie. That’s going to be annoying for sure. The way I would’ve done it was give snipes blade a final fight in the movie and he passes the torch to the new daywalker. The vampires successfully creates a blade clone and snipes blade fights him throughout the movie. That’s better then rebooting it and changing the actors like that.

  18. And that is a lie there were way more people outraged about this than happy . there is a reason why this guy isn't telling us how he really feels . and that is this is why we haven't seen Wesley snipes because he turned down a movie that these devils wanted him to play in so they black balled him and he feels that if he expressed his detest for this last second slap to his face it would only reinforce them not casting him in any movies at all .don't believe the hype and the fact that they are steadily putting out these videos trying to make us the fans who have the ultimate say in what movies are hits or flops be ok with this is evidence of just how bogus of a move this was . at the end of the day if you become a part of their money grubbing wheel you have to run at their pace and as soon as you refuse they will be done with you and if you complain to much they will kill you

  19. Not themselves because they are to much of cowards to do that because they couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag . so they will use their witch craft like guns drugs that render you at their will or they will send a clone of you to do some fucked up illegal thing and put you in prison or they will pay one of their nasty leprosy having bitches to lie and say you raped her like they did to cosby .

  20. Idgaf WHAT Snipes says, that shit is garbage they didn't bring him back, I realize he doesn't want to talk shit about dude in the public eye and I respect that, but they fucked up on this one.

  21. They better let Snipes have at least a cameo or have him be a mentor… having blade be a mantle passed down… idk

  22. Sniper knows that he's 2 old for the part. And knows its a reboot to bring blade into the MCU. Rumor is… Sniper may be Whistler. Which i am very down for.

  23. Snipes has a black belt which made some of the fight scenes from the original Blade so iconic. Maybe the reboot is a prequel between Whistler finding him as a child and Blade coming of age. They did it with xmen first class.


  25. Why did you say he was upset He did not say he was upset He wished Marvel and the new actors ALL the Best. All the extra BULL SHIT S is coming from MOTHER FUCKERS LIKE YOU. WHY IS THIS??

  26. There will never be a better guy to play as blade. Snipes is the best! Shame on you marvel for not recasting him.

  27. Why would marvel work with wesley snipes? Actors complained he was hard to work with especially on trinity

  28. Here’s hoping the new actor stays true to the character of Blade. Then again, I highly doubt it due to the direction most visual entertainment business’ are taking.

  29. @Looper The New Guy is to Good looking to be Blade, you need a ruff black Man Like Snipe's. We dont need a pretty Boy !

  30. Blade was good because of good choreographed action. Snipes knows good action from years of boxing and capoeira. This sells Blade. Not a non action type of Blade delivering better acting. ??

  31. Snipes should do the fight choreography so Ali has his unique blade fighting style and that's a great way for Snipes to be involved.

  32. You just need to want the blade franchise to be successful, Wesley Snipes has already proven himself. He knows what the fans want and he is a real life and skilled martial artist. He has upped the bar on what it means to play Blade . . . Ali, is good, but i will wait til thos one comes to DVD, unless Snipes is Blade . . . We saw this with Reeves as Superman as well . . He Was Superman. All who have come after him do not bring the needed charisma and soul to the role. I see Blade as the same , you at Marvel needed Wesley back then and you still need his soul and character today to make this hit off right . . . Anything else will fail.

  33. Why do we even need another Blade movie. Wesley did them perfectly. It's done already. Stop. You're just gonna Spiderman it all up.

  34. I want to hear words coming from Wesley himself. Not Looper. No offense, but Looper is part of the media and can EASILY shape words. No one, whether it’s Wesley or Ron Perlman (Hellboy), wants to be left out of a franchise they helped create.

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