What Breaking News Would Wolf Blitzer Leave Vacation Early For?

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  2. He’s the most unflappable person on CNN. Therefore, when I see him smile it laugh, I giggle like a schoolgirl. 🙂

  3. lmao we all know if the peepee hooker tape came out, wolf would be right there reporting it as BREAKING NEWS, lol it would be breaking news

  4. This helps reinforce the point that these late night shows support the narrative of the corporate pro-war media and the elite. Screw Wolf Blitzer, CNN, and the never ending wars for profit they help perpetuate!

  5. another crook that makes a living on misleading the public, the fake news media is ultimate enemy of the people

  6. Wolf is my Favorite, he always has the perfect emotional reactions to all situations. I LOVE seeing his smile. He’s even more handsome

  7. You are doing GREAT SERVICE ! for TRUMP every time you make it big news any of his controversies.

  8. Wolf shows a sign of early dementia as seen on CNN: his questions quite often with repetitive phrases that he doesn't recognize what to say next.

  9. In europe mostly news is delivered dry, news shouldnt be entertainment, reporters should give facts , no smiles or other smirks to influence you. Boring is good with some things…

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