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Both Ecuador and Chile have seen intense anti-government
protests. The demonstrations began after the presidents in each country made economic announcements,
which in turn sparked a massive public outcry. But there are protests with similar motives
happening all over the world as well. LEBANON, IRAN, IRAQ, COLOMBIA Many of the crises stand out for being the
most severe periods of turmoil in at least a decade. So what do these protests have in common? Experts say the answer may be inequality. People around the world are rising up against
the growing gap between the rich or political elite – and the poor.
After all, many of those protesting are people who have long felt shut out of the wealth
of their countries. In at least four cases, a rise in price for a key service had proven
the final straw. In Ecuador, that final straw was rising petrol
prices. In Iran, gas prices were also the tipping
point that got people outside and on the streets. In Lebanon, it was a tax on internet calls,
like those made via WhatsApp. In Chile, a 3.75 percent fare hike was announced
for the public transit system. Here’s what Chile’s metro stations looked
like following that announcement. A slowing global economy and a youth bulge
in many countries has produced a new generation that‘s frustrated.
According to the International Labour Organization, 44% of young people of working age are either
unemployed or working jobs that don’t pay enough to escape poverty. And an increase in youth unemployment is one
of the best predictors of social unrest. We are beginning to understand far more clearly
[with new data] how widespread feelings of social injustice are rooted in economic inequalities
and especially a failure of labour markets to generate decent work with adequate income. It is a national movement without sectarian,
political or regional labels. Our claims are clear as you can see. Why is the Iraqi industrial
sector at a standstill? And why is unemployment so widespread in Iraq, when it is a country
rich in oil, industry, agriculture and commerce? Why do people sit around doing nothing? We must not give up and we must keep going.
We must keep ralling because we have obtained absolutely nothing, and the repression is
continuing. Why are we different from other generations?
The other generations stayed for over 30 years under this regime without revolting, but we`re
fed up. When we go and yell at the people sitting in the cafes, we`re saying, `Hey you,
in the cafes, it`s enough`. Because really it`s enough. Thirty years and we can no longer
can bear it, and it`s our generation that will pay the price in the end. Many citizens continue to feel disillusioned
with unresponsive governments, while activists are sure that street action is the only way
to force change.

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  1. They have all one problem!!!! We aren’t free people!!! Germany 🇩🇪 and Europe also Need protests and Revolution 👍👍👍💥💥💥🧨🧨🧨🔥🔥🔥🔥😡😡😡

  2. Street action is the only way to force change. And not only street action, but unfortunately also, human sacrifice. Every revolution has its cost in human lives. Every population needs this Bill of Rights. And unfortunately too many in the Eastern world do not have this.

  3. Everyone is gonna ask about HK. but its been protest in the media for 6 months now while other protests haven't had the fraction of exposure of HK's exposure.

  4. Of course the underlying condition is economic inequality, but that's always been the case. The added element that might be enabling the upsurge in global-scale protest is the collective consciousness brought about by the internet–providing the catalytic function that Marx thought the cities would provide. Maybe we've just crossed a threshold of global awareness of conditions, brought about by a new communication technology. …or not, just speculating.

  5. coming to Spain, Greece, and south europe then… a lot of unemployed and everyone coming to north europe without jobs. Something will give out, its a world of competition and we are failing the world

  6. Young fighter Rise Up !
    Don't let the oligarch depress our life.
    Fight for our Future.
    Violate the Law to achieve a Noble Cause.

  7. Neoliberalism is coming to an end. Just wait until the 2020s crash happens. The working class will no longer be slaves to the capitalist elite.

  8. Elite Mafia is frightened from people's movements in Hong Kong and all around the world, people around the world want to be free and have their countries back, so it will serve people not the corrupt and criminal elite. These centers of power are using common people to oppress common people to protect their interest and control.

  9. London police just shot dead a suspect point blank who was merely holding a knife. Police’s safety was not being threatened, why did he shoot and did the police give proper warning before shooting? This could be a case of excessive and deadly use of force by the UK police. When HK rioters hurling thousands of Molotov bombs were not called terrorists, a guy merely injuring people with a knife can hardly be labeled as terrorist. He could be fighting for his freedom. UK police claims the suspect had a hoax suspect device strapped to him. Should BBC and CNN question whether this could be an excuse used to justify police shooting? And they should really question whether it was necessary to shoot to kill!

  10. They should revolt on themselves. They're the ones that voted these asshats into office in the first place based off of talking points and false promises. There should be assurances made that if they don't do the things the people have asked, they need to resign immediately and cannot use police or military to cause bloodshed.

  11. I tend to believe that bad leaders are the causes of people's sufferings, regardless of system, whether democracy, socialism, monarchy, communism, cleric, etc. The bottom 20% of ANY country is relatively poor, worse when gini coefficient is way above 0.4 but good leaders will implement plans to mitigate. Protests/strikes have very poor record of success, but those few were glorified as people power, while majority of protests/strikes just make economy worse, and add to the downward spiral.

  12. "From JFK To 911-Everything's A Rich Man's Trick" is a film that opened my eyes years ago. It's free on YouTube, but is 3 hrs long. You will need a box of tissues to cry into. We have all been SET UP.
    Much Love, Everybody
    Keep Strong & Love Each Other

  13. Inequality is only half the problem it is corruption that is the biggest problem. People are tired of being lied to and manipulated oh well working so hard and you can't even afford a home or something that you can pass down to your children such as a better education or a house

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