What Does Suspending Parliament Mean For Brexit? | NBC News Now

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  1. Boris is "abusing" the system? Didn't the Queen suspend? No one says a word about the Queen. You're right, we Americans don't get the whole monarchy thing. Ha Ha, "Anti-Democratic" you say? What is more anti-democratic than a monarchy? These are people that are who they are because they just happened to be the right sperm reaching the right egg. And Andrew? He can pedophile all he wants and he'll still be the prince, still be protected by his genetic makeup.

  2. Just like in the US, the UK has a large group of idiots who will oppose anything from a Conservative, just because their leftist owned propaganda media outlets tell them to do so.

  3. The parliament has been mulling the Brexit for almost three years, and have not been able to do or decide jack sh*t during all that time. They are useless bunch of morons, so Boris has every right do disband them.
    And that's the trouble with Brit politicians; they think issues disappear if they just stall enough time. I mean it was the same with Hitler back in the day. The Brits kept stalling, thinking the nutty german would just go away, and look what happened to Europe as a result. Yeah. Brit politicians; useless bunch of howsers.

  4. Wow. We must be over the target. Youtube is screening out nearly all decent videos and analysis of Boris Johnson's brave move to suspend Parliament. On some Youtube videos they are disallowing comments. I wonder why? Seems this one really bothers the Deep State. Also, RT news, which I used to think was fair is totally against Brexit. Makes sense though, since Brexit is a real big ticket item that the stinking un-elected Globalist in Brussels just have to squash. Well, since we don't have "Youtube News" and RT and MSM news is full of sh**, then let me give you "Legolas News". Breaking News: The EU is circling the drain, and good riddance. Cheers.

  5. Politicians in the UK believe they can deny people their decision to leave and people will just accept it and carry on as before, their wrong and they'll find out the hard way.

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