What Elon Musk and Jamie Lee Curtis have in common – BBC

When you made this in 1978, I like this idea
that you had to figure out how to pace yourself filming the scenes. You had to gauge where
you were. Well it was my first job as an actress, really,
certainly my first large role. And, you know, in a horror movie there’s a level of intensity
that builds and after a certain thing happens basically it’s, you’re full tilt buggy
toward the end of the movie. You know, you’re just really, really intensely afraid. But
there’s a lead up. There’s a gentle time and then there’s questioning. So what I
did, and I think I was quite smart to figure this out at 19, nobody did it. I numbered
my script, so that I would know at what level I was as the script progressed so that then
when you shoot the thing out of order and they go, “OK, we’re gonna shoot this scene
now.” I would know, sorta like a scareometer if you will, where ten is the –
Where you’re just running and screaming. And one is sort of the high school girl in
her classroom. A three would be the patented Jamie Lee Curtis incredulous “Who are you?” look, which is this. Go to a seven, go to a seven. Can I go to an eleven? Oh please!
Can I tell you something about eleven? So my husband is Christopher Guest, who was in
‘This Is Spinal Tap’ and he’s Nigel. And Nigel’s amp goes to 11. And he would
be so mortified that I just did a like bad cockney accent when he is so good at it. I
drive a Tesla; I’m sorry. No, good for you.
And when I was being shown the car by the technician, the guy says to me – Chris is
in the car – he says to me, “Well, turn up the air conditioning.” And I’m like,
“OK.” And I’m turning up the air conditioning, he goes, “No keep going.” I’m like,
“OK. I’m going.” He says, “No, keep going.” And the air conditioning’s going
on. And the air conditioning goes to 11. And the volume control in the audio goes to 11.
And it’s because Elon Musk was a big fan of Spinal Tap.
Ahh. And so, in a Tesla, the air and the heat go
to 11. How funny is that?
So… Good trivia.
Really good, really good.

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  1. I haven't seen her interviewed in such a long time. I had a feeling she would be a snob but she seems quite approachable.

  2. “I drive a Tesla, sorry”. What was the sorry for Jamie? You drive the car of the century, is it sorry I have a brilliant car and I feel sorry for you without one?

  3. I love Her i just saw bbc news clip with mr bean and i saw she’s sitting beside mr bean si i search it here.voila she’s Jaime Lee.

  4. It's funny when Jamie puts a hand on Gary's knee at 1:44 , no one gives a shit but god forbid a man (Adam Sandler) puts a hand on a women's knee like he did a year ago…

  5. This episode was so cringe worthy, Jamie Lee Curtis was acting like a complete weirdo and Jeff was weird as fuk. The only normal one was Gary

  6. I'm so happy to see the videos of the interviews of Jamie Lee Curtis I am your biggest fan you are my favorite movie celebrity

  7. Jamie can rub people up the wrong way no doubt, but the fact she's been interviewed how highly she regards Graham Norton. (Who's had Jodie Foster on his show many times too, very private person)

  8. I always gave her face an 8 out of ten but then I saw her bod in True lies and I gave that a ten so 9/10 over all not bad!

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