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I realize that many South Koreans or many foreigners they don’t even know what’s going on in North Korea you know, they’re always concerned about political issues. For example, Kim regime or nuclear bombs so I really want people to know about the ordinary people in North Korea And one of the most radical things you did with your 1st video was to blindfold yourself -Yes and stand in the middle of the street and what did you ask people to do? -I had a blindfold and the free hug made people think different ways for Northern refugees Northern defectors and it was really a nice time. And today actually, I’m going to do the free hug in front of ___. There are so many discrimination actually I want to just tell other Northern defectors we have to take pride in ourselves, because it’s not shame where we were born, right? Even if we were born in North Korea, that’s not our fault. -So what is your dream now? -My dream is, I want to be like other people. Just being normal and maybe someday, South and North Korea got unification and I want to educate North Koreans. -And you are on a tour of Europe now, is that correct? -Yes, I met so many people here and they are all nice. -What do you think of the food? -Food? *laugh* Sorry it’s- *laughs* it’s terrible, sorry. *both laugh* -Yea, I can imagine it must take a bit of getting used to.

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  1. Your dream will come true as ur thoughts are honest & true..☺️Thanks for sharing ur own story and others for giving close look at people living in N.K.💙💙

  2. Keep on dreaming, Jun. So far, I think you're living a phenomenal life….making the most of your freedom. You are an inspiration!

  3. EXCUSE YOU you are in EUROPE?
    When do you come to Paris?
    Please visit Paris

    Édit : aaaaah you already came in Paris too bad I really wanted to have the opportunity to talk with you even 30 sec

    How was your trip in Paris (and Berlin too btw?)?

  4. This might seem strange but watching the other videos from you this morning gave me strength. And the honest answer about the food on this interview was great to hear.

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